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7 Affirmations For Beating Procrastination

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Do you often find yourself doing everything but that one thing that is actually important? There are a lot of psychological reasons why people are putting things off for too long instead of just getting it done. In this post, I give you seven powerful affirmations for when procrastination strikes again.

You are the only one to decide whether today is gonna be awesome or meh.

There are ways to get productive when you feel lazy but it’s what you tell yourself that makes the most difference! Positive self-talk is proven to be beneficial to both your work performance and general well-being.

So take full charge of your life and do what you can to build it into your dream life!

With that said, here are 7 positive affirmations you can use whenever you want to overcome procrastination!

1. I’m gonna make today amazing

Such a nice line to start your day with! You can train your mind to wake up with this thought every morning and it will instantly set up your mood for the whole day.

By setting an intention right away, you basically tell yourself that you need to get something done to make this day really amazing and not like any other day!

And as soon as you start with a small task and finish it, you’ll get a feeling of accomplishment that will motivate you to continue working.

This is how big things get done: one small step at a time.

You can also use more specific productivity affirmations whenever you need an extra push to be effective.

2. I make time to do what I need to do

stop procrastination and make time to do what you need to do

It’s very easy to get busy with seemingly important tasks that always pile up on your to-do list but don’t bring you closer to any goal. Remember that busy and productive are two completely different things!

Be intentional with everything you do, set priorities for the day, and choose one to three things that you absolutely have to get done today. Make time for what’s really important and make the effort to get rid of everything that doesn’t support your dreams.

For each item you have on your today’s to-do list, ask yourself:

  • Will doing this bring me closer to my dream life?
  • Will my life improve a year from now if I get this done today?
  • Will it matter a month from now if I didn’t do this today?

Your answers will give you a clear picture of what your priorities for the day should be. Always plan with the big picture in mind!

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3. I love taking action to achieve my goals

Your brain has millions of neural connections around things it knows and your every subconscious decision is made according to those.

If you convince your brain that you love working on your tasks and that thinking about future accomplishments brings you joy, there will be much less resistance to start working.

Say “I love taking action” as often as you need until it feels natural and you believe it!

By consciously creating links between working on your goals and positive feelings, you influence your subconscious to get more effective by default. And as long as you have the right mindset, nothing can stop you from achieving your goals!

4. I will concentrate on my number one priority today

If you could only do one important thing today, what would you want it to be?

Think about one task that will immediately mark this day as productive and not wasted in your mind. Now go and do a tiny little thing that’ll help to get that task done!

I mean it, you can finish reading this later, just go and do one little step towards your goal. You deserve to see the results soon! So don’t think about possible excuses, just do it.

The thing is, we tend to overwhelm ourselves with a huge number of things we put on a to-do list every day. This heavy load of responsibilities literally stops us from moving anywhere, that’s one of the reasons why we procrastinate and keep wasting time.

Earlier I talked about recognizing that you have too many goals and different ways to combine various affirmations in one strong message for your brain. Read it if you haven’t yet!

For today, find that one thing you can do today that will impact your future in a good way.

What’s stopping you from doing it now?

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5. I’m strong enough to overcome procrastination

believe in yourself and be strong for overcoming procrastination

You are strong. You are powerful. You are capable.

Don’t let anything convince you otherwise and distract you from achieving your goals!

Why would you give in to laziness and let negativity and subconscious signals decide who you are? You are stronger than that! You can totally talk yourself into a productive mood, stop procrastinating, and overturn this day into something you’ll be proud of tomorrow!

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6. I’m excited to get this done and see the results

Be sure to replace <this> with the task you should be doing or at least keep it in mind while saying it. You can even extend this affirmation by defining the specific results you expect to see from it!

Reward anticipation is one of the most powerful behavioral triggers. Since ancient times both people and animals were led by neurotransmitters like dopamine (also known as “happy hormone”) when making decisions based on how good the outcome would feel.

Simply put, the promise of something you desire in the end generates motivational signals in your brain in order to keep you working for it.

Why wouldn’t you use this knowledge to your advantage? All you need to do is to clearly define the desired outcome and your brain will organize all the necessary systems into the most effective process of achieving it!

Get excited to see the results and you’ll find yourself getting things done sooner than you think!

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7. I’m getting closer to my dream life one day at a time

A good friend of mine once told me that each morning when you wake up, think about winning the day. Don’t worry about a week from now or a month from now – just think about one day at a time. If you are worried about the mountain in the distance, you might trip over the molehill right in front of you. Win the day!

Drew Brees
i will not procrastinate and will work on my dreams without distractions

It only takes a small step every day to reach any goal, even if it’s beyond the horizon!

All motivational “gurus” repeat how consistency is the key to success.

As soon as you stick to your goal and make one step in a chosen direction every day, you’ll get to your destination. There is nothing that could stop you from reaching it unless you yourself stop!

If you work today, you’ll already be closer to your dream tomorrow. If you don’t work, you’ll be in the same place.

This may not seem like much but it sums up!

Your life six months from now completely depends on your today’s decisions:

  • either everything in your life can change
  • or nothing can change

Six months is about 180 days, which means if you don’t procrastinate, you’ll be 180 steps closer to your goal or maybe you’ll have achieved it by then. A lot can be done in these many steps!

Every day you make a decision: either you move towards a better version of your life, or you stay where you are. Unless your life is perfect, is this even a question?

Do your best one day at a time.