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Personal development is a lifelong game. Happily, there are tools that make it easier and more fun!

As long as you keep the growth mindset and positive attitude, you’ll always be evolving into a better version of yourself.

Every time you face challenges or deal with something new, you grow.

Even when you fail, you learn.

Every goal you set for yourself brings you closer to reaching your potential.

Below you’ll find lots of interesting tools and resources for your personal development:

  • worksheets and journals for tracking your progress
  • books, courses and podcasts to gain wisdom from
  • useful services for daily self-improvement
  • …and fun supplies to stay positive along the way!

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Handy Daily Supplies For Personal Growth

These are some basic things that simplify your personal development journey. They are handy for tracking habits, journaling about your feelings and ideas, and organizing your tasks and projects.

If you are a well-organized person like me, you’ll find all of these extremely useful! If you aren’t, these tools will help you be more disciplined and productive!

Positive Monthly Planner

Using a daily planner makes your life so much easier!

Even a classical dated one with one page for each day helps you clear your head and see all your tasks and events in front of you.

But a modern productivity planner gives you much more than that! From setting yearly goals to tracking progress to having weekly or monthly reviews, there are lots of features such a planner may have.

Some monthly planners also give you journaling prompts and inspirational quotes to keep you motivated. Choose the one that feels inspiring to you and makes you wanna write and plan ASAP!

Fun Planner Stickers

Okay, these aren’t exactly for personal development. But they make your planner cute and more personalized so why not have some fun with them? Especially those productivity icons and encouraging words!

Here is more fun stuff to buy to smile more

Best Self-Development Books

There are more good books out there than one person can ever read. And even more are published every year! You can literally never be out of things to read.

Here are some great books I’d say every person should read for self-improvement!

See all my book recommendations here

Best Courses For Personal Development

It wasn’t that long ago that we only had books to learn from.

In this era of the Internet and complete availability, there is no lack of amazing online classes one can attend from home. Platforms like Skillshare and CreativeLive have tons of courses on all kinds of topics for personal and professional growth.

Thanks to all these courses platforms, there is literally no limit to things and skills you can learn!

Here are some classes you may find useful for your personal growth journey:

Good Daily Journals For Self-Discovery

From setting goals to analyzing your life, one of these journals can be your friend for daily reflections!

Interesting in journaling? I have prompts and useful supplies listed here

Useful Services For Self-Improvement

Personal development is different for everyone – that’s why it’s called personal.

There is no right or wrong way to improve yourself, as long as you are moving in some direction and growing in the process.

Here are some useful tools and services I recommend checking out:

audiobooks for self improvement

Audible: Listen to all kinds of audiobooks

blinkist book summaries

Blinkist: Short summaries for all bestsellers


Trello: Easy project management tool

skillshare courses

Skillshare: Best online learning platform (subscription-based)

udemy classes

Udemy: Tons of courses on every subject

creativelive classes for growth

CreativeLive: Coolest courses for creatives

italki language learning

italki: Language learning with natives

stickK productivity app

StickK: Goal setting commitment platform

calm app for self development

Calm: Self-improvement and meditation app

Best Podcasts For Personal Growth

Podcasts are like audiobooks but are much more engaging! It’s like listening to a friendly conversation between people who know something that you don’t and are happy to share it.

They give you food for thought, discuss ideas, and usually motivate you in one way or another. It’s also a semi-passive way to learn new things and become more open-minded while walking or doing your daily chores.

Here are some good podcasts worth listening to!