best journaling resources for beginners

Journaling Resources

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The process of daily journaling allows you to let go of negative thoughts and emotions while focusing more on the positive things.

It helps you understand yourself better, list your desires, find things that are holding you back, and rebuild the areas of your life that are less than satisfying.

Whether you prefer freewriting or a more guided approach, here you’ll find all the necessary resources and supplies for journaling.

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Journaling Prompts

These are my prompts and specific questions to help you reflect on your life in a more structured way. I’ll be updating this section with new prompts from time to time!

45 Positivity Prompts To Become Happier
20 Mindful Monday Questions

Guided Journals

If you want to never stare uncomfortably at a blank page anymore, get a guided journal!

They have prompts on every page with areas to fill so you’ll never need to come up with topics to write about.

Find a journal that brings you joy and it’ll make the whole process of journaling so much easier for you!

Best Empty Journals

You may be someone who doesn’t want to be limited while writing, whether in space or in topics. If that’s the case, I suggest getting an empty journal and using external prompts (like the ones above).

Happily, there is no lack of inspiring empty journals and notebooks to choose from!

Journaling Supplies

This section is for creative people who like to express themselves in journaling.

Personally, I’m a minimalist when in comes to writing. Give me a cute little notebook and a pen and I’m good to go. But I know many people who enjoy making things beautiful and decorating every page of their journal!

Whether you prefer to just highlight the date with color or enjoy putting fun motivational stickers everywhere, these supplies may be useful for you!

Fun & Creative Journals

My final section is about unusual journals. These are also guided journals but with a creative touch!

If traditional journaling seems a bit boring to you, maybe that’s something you could enjoy?