positive affirmations for hair growth

55 Positive Affirmations For Hair Growth And Health

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Beautiful and healthy hair makes a big difference in everyone’s look. As your head is usually the first thing people see, the state of it can easily influence the first impression you make, either in a good or a bad way. Long shiny locks will always make you look good, no matter how you decide to style it that day. Below you’ll find a bunch of positive affirmations for hair growth that will help you build the right mindset to treat your hair with love and achieve your desired length!

You may be a bit skeptical about this whole law of attraction thing. A positive hair attitude is great and all, but can you really manifest hair growth by saying affirmations, you might wonder. Let’s find out!

Can you manifest hair growth?

With the power of your mind, you can make your hair grow back quickly, as well as manifest the desired length and quality. Practicing daily affirmations for hair growth is extremely helpful for growing beautiful shiny hair.

To make manifestation work faster, combine it with the right products for your hair type and stop damaging your hair with heat.

Positive affirmations give you the mental strength to grow beautiful long hair and care about it.

Make sure to keep a positive mindset in the process to only feed your hair with loving energy!

If your self-esteem is not particularly high, consider picking up an inspiring deck of affirmation cards and draw one beautiful card daily to raise your mood and improve your confidence.

My favorite decks are I AM Everything and Affirmators!.

How to manifest fast hair growth

how to manifest hair growth

1. Stop negative thoughts about your hair

First of all, stop hating your hair situation.

Whether your hair is thinning, not growing, falling out, or tangling a lot, accept it for what it is and focus on possible solutions, not the problem itself. The more you tell yourself and others how bad your hair is, the longer you are gonna be stuck in this state.

Shift your mindset toward loving your hair as it is and allowing it to get healthier every day. Surround it with positive feelings to create a favorable environment for it to grow fast!

Here are some self-love affirmations that may help you come in peace with yourself and let negative feelings about your body go so it can start the healing process.

2. Use positive affirmations for hair growth regularly

You don’t need to remember all the affirmations from the list below. Choose a handful of positive sentences that:

a) apply to your hair and

b) make you feel good when you say them out loud.

Repeat them every day a few times and don’t overdo it.

Positive affirmations help you overcome the negative feelings you have about your hair issues and instead concentrate on your hair’s potential to grow long and beautiful.

It’s actually a very easy concept. Your brain brings whatever you believe into your life. If you are constantly affirming how bad your hair looks or how short it is and all the other issues, that’s what you’ll continue to be getting.

On the other hand, if you use positive affirmations and make yourself believe in healthy hair growth, your brain will make sure to allocate enough resources to ensure cell regeneration and everything else needed from inside for your hair to be able to grow.

3. Visualize hair growth for best results

Sometimes just saying the right words may not be enough to convince the brain to believe in a good outcome. We feel resistance because this whole hair growth process has already been such a struggle. This is why you should practice a visualization technique to help manifest hair growth.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself with beautiful hair, exactly as you wish it to be. Notice all the details: how it looks, how it shines, how you feel when you touch it with your hands. Remember the feeling of loving what you see and being proud of your amazing hair.

Stick to this feeling and try to dig in it every time you interact with your hair. Whether it’s brushing or washing or applying oils, do it with love and keep the picture of your soon beautiful long hair close in your head.

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4. Use good products to stimulate hair growth

Using positive affirmations won’t heal your hair by itself. But it will keep you in a positive mindset about your hair so it’s easy for you to take care of it, stop neglecting it, and put in the love it needs. Think of it as preparing your hair from the inside for a positive transformation.

However, you’ll still need to use external care to help it grow from the outside. Specific products are very different according to hair type and there is no one solution that fits everyone’s hair. But there are some things that are proven to work for growing hair for generations of people, like applying castor oil to roots or massaging the scalp, so why not give them a try?

Positive affirmations for hair growth

positive affirmations for hair growth

1. I love my natural hair.

2. My hair is naturally beautiful and strong.

3. I take good care of my hair.

4. My hair enhances my beauty.

5. My hair is healthy, shiny, and strong.

6. Growing my hair is easy and natural.

7. I have realistic expectations for my hair growth process.

8. My hair is well nourished.

9. I deserve to have beautiful healthy hair.

10. My hair is one of my favorite parts of my body.

11. I’m learning to take good care of my hair.

12. My hair grows effortlessly.

13. I have exactly the hair that I need and I’m not comparing it to anyone else’s.

14. People are wondering what I am doing to get such great hair.

15. My hair has all the nutrients for healthy growth.

16. My hair looks perfect on me.

17. Taking care of my hair is easy and rewarding.

18. My hair is growing faster than ever before.

19. I accept the gift of fast-growing hair on my head.

affirmations for hair growth Growing my hair is easy and natural.
hair growth affirmations My hair is growing faster than ever before.

Affirmations for hair loss problem

positive affirmations for hair loss

1. I have healthy hair.

2. My clean eating strategy provides my hair with everything it needs to be healthy.

3. I’m doing everything in my power to have nice healthy hair.

4. I have enough hair to look beautiful.

5. I pay attention to my hair and only use good-quality hair products.

6. I protect my hair from damage and heat.

7. My hair looks great in every hairstyle I choose.

8. My hair is strongly rooted in my scalp.

9. My hair looks and feels healthier every day.

affirmations for beautiful hair My hair looks great in every hairstyle I choose.
health hair growth affirmation My hair looks and feels healthier every day.

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Affirmations for hair regrowth

positive affirmations for hair regrowth

1. My hair cells are strong and rejuvenating.

2. My hair is growing fast and beautiful.

3. I have all the nutrients for healthy and fast hair regrowth.

4. My scalp feels good and calm.

5. I’m excited to see my hair beautiful and healthy again!

6. I nourish my hair and provide it with everything it needs for growth.

7. I am grateful for every bit of new hair I’m getting.

hair regrowth affirmations My hair is growing fast and beautiful.
gratitude for hair growth I am grateful for every bit of new hair I'm getting.

Powerful affirmations for long hair

subliminal affirmations for long hair

1. My hair is long and healthy.

2. My beautiful hair reminds me of Princess Rapunzel.

3. My scalp only knows long healthy hair.

4. I am happy to have my hair this long.

5. Everyone compliments my long hair.

6. I can grow my hair to whatever length I want.

7. I’m going to reach my goal length very soon.

8. I am grateful for every inch of the hair I have on my head.

long aesthetic hair affirmations Everyone compliments my long hair.
affirmations for long hair My hair is long and healthy.

Affirmations for curly hair

Affirmations for curly hair

1. I often hear compliments about my beautiful curly hair.

2. My curl pattern is gorgeous.

3. I am so pleased that my hair is curly.

4. I love my naturally curly hair!

5. My curl pattern is easy to manage.

6. I am blessed to have curly hair.

curly hair affirmations My curl pattern is gorgeous.
curly hair affirmations I am blessed to have curly hair.

Affirmations for straight hair

affirmations for straight hair

1. I am pleased that my natural hair is straight.

2. I often hear compliments about my beautiful straight hair.

3. My hair always looks straight and shiny.

4. I am blessed to have straight hair.

5. My straight hair is easy to manage and style.

6. I love that I’ve got this beautiful straight hair type.

beautiful straight hair affirmations My hair always looks straight and shiny.
straight hair affirmations My straight hair is easy to manage and style.

Write your own hair affirmations

If none of the listed affirmations for hair growth seem good enough, create your own!

write your own affirmations for hair growth

You can even write one statement but personalize it with as many details about your own hair as you want. This way it may feel more natural to say the affirmation as it will apply to your hair 100%!

Imagine your hair how you want it to look and describe everything you see in one or a few affirmation sentences. Don’t be short on details: repeat the process you did in the visualizing exercise above, and write it all down.

An important tip for writing hair affirmations

Even if you mean well, avoid using negative words in your affirmations. Don’t ever say things like:

  • My hair loss is going to stop.
  • I’m not losing hair anymore!
  • My hair is not falling out anymore.

This wording only reminds you about the problem and grows your frustration.

Instead, say the same in a positive way, like these examples:

  • My straight black hair is shiny, long, and gets healthier every day.
  • I love how healthy my hair is starting to look!
  • I get compliments for my beautiful curly hair all the time.

See the difference? These will make you smile and be happy about your hair as opposed to sad and desperate. It also shifts your focus from the specific problem so you don’t think about it as much and don’t give it your time and energy anymore.

Read more tips for writing your own affirmations here.

Final thoughts on using positive affirmations for hair growth

These were all my affirmations for growing your hair fast! Hope you found a few that will work for your hair type and are ready to put in the work to grow nice and healthy locks!

Now, it’s time to choose your hair growth mantra and stick with it until you have that long beautiful hair you always wanted! Nourish your hair, give it the love it deserves, and let the law of attraction support your hair regrowth as fast as possible!

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