100 Positive Affirmations For Beauty To Feel More Attractive

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Positive affirmations for beauty help you accept your appearance as it is, recognize your own unique qualities that make you special, learn to genuinely love every part of yourself, and let yourself be loved by others.

Things change, and fitting into a set of beauty standards defined by society is not the only way to feel attractive anymore. Natural beauty and unique features get more positive recognition and healthy self-perception is being promoted all over media.

Everyone is born beautiful!

Instead of beating yourself up for not being perfect or looking exactly as you’d like, grow your confidence and appreciate what you have. By being confident in your own body, you also affect how other people see you. Whether you think you are beautiful or you think you are ugly, it shows.

Beauty affirmations can completely change your self-perception and make you feel much more attractive, which will also bring you more attention and compliments from others.

Do beauty affirmations work?

Do beauty affirmations work?

The power of beauty affirmations lies in creating a positive image of yourself in your own head. They work by gradually helping you accept your appearance and feel more attractive every day, regardless of beauty standards, makeup, or anyone’s opinion.

By practicing positive affirmations for beauty regularly, you put a strong message of being attractive in your subconscious mind, which affects how you act and present yourself in the future. It also motivates you to invest more time into self-care, which in turn helps you look naturally beautiful every day.

How to use beauty affirmations the right way

To be completely honest, you can make beauty affirmations work without any rules.

Just smiling at yourself in the mirror every day and saying “You are so beautiful!” with the same love and confidence as you would say it to your best friend, can be enough to set your good mood for the day and raise your self-esteem in the process.

When it comes to specific affirmations for beauty and feeling attractive, you probably already have an idea of what you don’t like in your appearance. In this post, I created a big collection of 100 positive affirmations for every part of your face and body that you might need to work on!

Whether you have issues with your skin, nails, hair, overall health, or want to get more confidence in your inner beauty, you’ll find all of it and more below!

I suggest you choose a couple of general beauty affirmations from the first sections and add a few more specific statements about the most painful parts of you. Combine them into one strong affirmation message and say it to yourself every single day. You’ll likely notice the changes very soon!

10 powerful beauty affirmations to say every day

10 powerful beauty affirmations to say every day

1. I am beautiful inside and out.

2. Being beautiful comes naturally to me.

3. I choose to be pretty, to be attractive, to be beautiful, to be gorgeous.

4. I have a beautiful personality shining from an attractive body.

5. The happier I am, the more beautiful I become.

6. I love taking care of my beautiful body.

7. My positive life outlook makes me look even more beautiful every day.

8. People find me extremely attractive.

9. I look fantastic in every outfit that I wear.

10. I am elegant. I am radiant. I enjoy the beauty of life.

Best I AM Beautiful affirmations

11. I am beautiful just the way I am.

12. When I look in the mirror I see nothing but pure beauty.

13. I am such a beautiful human being!

14. Every day in every way I am getting more and more beautiful.

15. I am beautiful in all ways.

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Affirmations for self-love and acceptance

Affirmations for self-love and acceptance

16. I love the person I am as well as the one I am becoming.

17. I love and accept my body and my height, my weight, and all my curves.

18. I let go of all baggage — emotional, mental, and physical that no longer serves me.

19. I have complete faith in my decisions and trust in all my actions.

20. I am enough.

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Positive affirmations for inner beauty

21. I am a beautiful person, in my own unique way.

22. I am free of negative thoughts and replace them with positive beliefs.

23. People are amazed by my beautiful personality.

24. I always radiate good vibes and people enjoy being around me.

25. Everyone wants to be a part of my life because of my beautiful soul.

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Affirmations for beauty and confidence

Affirmations for beauty and confidence

26. I love and appreciate myself for the beautiful person I am.

27. I accept compliments easily because I know I deserve them.

28. I am the creator of my happiness.

29. Being my authentic self is what makes me especially beautiful and attracts love and success to me.

30. All I need is already within me.

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Healing affirmations for a healthy body

31. I am full of vitality and health and others enjoy being around me.

32. I deserve to have a healthy body and a healthy mind.

33. I am grateful for my healthy body.

34. I believe in my body’s ability to heal itself and I stop my mind from interfering.

35. My body is healthy. My mind is brilliant. My soul is tranquil.

Positive affirmations for weight loss

Positive affirmations for weight loss

36. I easily and effortlessly lose weight.

37. I move my body regularly and stay active willingly.

38. Any extra weight naturally leaves my body.

39. I am happily achieving my weight loss goals.

40. I am motivated to get into my healthy weight.

Affirmations for hair growth

41. My hair is growing faster than ever before.

42. Growing my hair is easy and natural.

43. My hair is smooth and silky and very attractive.

44. I nourish my hair and provide it with everything it needs for growth.

45. My hair is healthy, shiny, and strong.

Effective affirmations for a beautiful face

Effective affirmations for a beautiful face

Our face is usually the first thing people pay attention to.

It literally defines how everyone sees you! If one person is glowing and smiling and the other is frowning and looks unkempt, who do you think people will be more drawn to? 100% of the time people will be more likely to approach the first one, regardless of how much traditional beauty standards apply to both.

Use these positive affirmations for a beautiful face to get rid of any negative beliefs you may have about your facial features. With regular practice, you’ll soon notice that you started to naturally smile more, keep yourself well-maintained, and attract positive people with the mere glance of your beautiful eyes!

Positive affirmations for clear skin

46. I take care of my skin regularly and it thanks me for it.

47. I love my skin and I am grateful for its clarity.

48. I am always thinking positively and this glowing shows on my skin.

49. I am happy that my skin cleanses itself so quickly.

50. My skin is smooth and radiant and adds to my attractiveness.

Affirmations for a beautiful smile

51. I feel happy and smile a lot.

52. I have a radiant smile that captivates everyone’s heart.

53. I smile to people often and get compliments for my beautiful smile.

54. I find a reason to smile and laugh every day.

55. My genuine beautiful smile warms even cold hearts.

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Affirmations for attractive eyes

Affirmations for attractive eyes

56. My eyes are healthy and hypnotizing.

57. I take care of my eyes by taking breaks from the screens.

58. I have unique beautiful eyes.

59. I get a lot of compliments for my eyes.

60. My eyes look gorgeous.

Positive affirmations for eyebrows

61. My brows always look good and well-maintained.

62. I have beautifully shaped eyebrows.

63. My eyebrows complement my overall beauty.

64. My brows have the perfect thickness.

65. My eyebrows make my eyes shine with their beautiful natural color.

Affirmations for a beautiful nose

66. My beautiful nose adds to my natural charm.

67. My nose is pretty and lovely.

68. My nose is perfectly placed on my attractive face.

69. My nose has a good natural shape and deserves to be loved.

70. My nose is elegant and it brings me the pleasure of smelling nice things.

Affirmations for beautiful lips

Affirmations for beautiful lips

71. My lips are beautifully shaped and look gorgeous.

72. I take good care of my lips.

73. I stop all the bad habits that hurt my lips.

74. I see my lips getting more and more beautiful.

75. My lips are soft, smooth, and make an attractive smile.

Affirmations for healthy nails

76. My nails are healthy and long.

77. My nails naturally grow quickly and strong.

78. I quit all the bad habits that hurt my nails.

79. I have nice well-maintained nails that add to my beautiful image.

80. My fingernails have a beautiful natural shape.

Affirmations to rid of stress and anxiety

Affirmations to rid of stress and anxiety

When talking about appearances, it’s important to dedicate some time to the prevention of some negative visual problems too.

You probably heard that stress causes early wrinkles, attributes to bad anxious posture, and generally destroys your health on so many levels! All of this makes us look less attractive and lowers our self-esteem as a result.

That’s why I included a few affirmations for reducing stress and relaxing into this list. Add them to your affirmation message, especially if you have a lot on your plate!

81. I breathe in relaxation, I breathe out tension.

82. I am in the process of positive change.

83. With every breath I take, I release the anxiety and fear from within me.

84. I will breathe, I will be patient and I will figure things out.

85. It’s going to be okay.

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Happy affirmations that make you feel better

86. I choose to be happy every day.

87. I am seeing myself positive, joyful, and peaceful now.

88. I welcome positive and healthy energy with open arms.

89. I am a positive being, aware of my potential.

90. My natural state is happiness and joy. I live there.

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Male beauty affirmations

Male beauty affirmations

For some reason, men seem to be less likely to repeat positive affirmations when it comes to appearance. Maybe it’s because there are fewer society-imposed norms for male beauty compared to female. In any case, a confident man is typically considered more attractive, which is why I included a few affirmations for male beauty in this guide as well!

91. I am handsome and attractive.

92. I radiate confidence and enthusiasm.

93. People are naturally attracted to me.

94. I am naturally masculine, graceful, and handsome.

95. I am totally confident in myself.

Positive affirmations for women

Positive affirmations for women

96. I am a strong, confident woman, and will only continue to become stronger.

97. I have a sweet and melodious voice which everyone loves.

98. I walk gracefully and carry myself elegantly.

99. I combine femininity and intelligence beautifully.

100. I am meant to live a happy life.

Final thoughts on using affirmations for beauty

These were my 100 affirmations for beauty that will help you feel more attractive!

For some sections, I’ve included the links for more affirmations I have on specific topics, in case you need to work deeper on one area or another.

If I missed some area you care about and you need more specific affirmations about some aspect of the beauty, let me know and I’ll maybe update the post!

Use these affirmations everyday to grow your self-esteem and remember that you are beautiful and special since the day you were born, and nothing can change that!