80 Positive Affirmations For Confidence And Self Esteem

80 Positive Affirmations For Confidence And Self Esteem

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Self-esteem goes hand in hand with any kind of success in life.

If you don’t believe you are capable of anything, you won’t achieve anything. But when you do believe in yourself, the sky is literally your only limit! Positive affirmations for confidence help you build that self-belief that is crucial for living the happy life that you’ve always dreamt about.

A confident person goes through life much easier, flowing from one accomplishment to another and reaching for dreams without constantly doubting oneself.

Everyone secretly envies this person’s success and wants to be more like him or her. Strong-minded, confident, not scared of risks and other people’s opinions, abundant and successful, and, of course, happy.

But various fears and negative thinking patterns usually sit in our heads so tight that we can’t even imagine changing who we are and ever being as confident as those successful people! So we accept being miserable and continue to hide from our dream lives and doubt ourselves.

Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.

Henry Ford

Self-doubt is not natural for us humans. When a baby comes to this world, it doesn’t doubt its ability to breathe or walk. It may have a fear to fall down, but it does the next step anyway. Have you ever met adults who can’t walk because they were too scared to learn? Yeah, me neither.

The more we experience life, the more doubts and fears we pick up. Especially in our younger years, when we mainly learn about the world from other people and are quite vulnerable, we let a ton of negativity to enter our minds and stay there.

Then, when you are all grown-up, you already carry the baggage of imposed limitations that you accepted as your only reality.

Getting rid of that mindset is absolutely possible, but requires some continuous effort and dedication. One of the easiest ways for beginners to grow self-esteem is by using special affirmations for confidence.

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Do confidence affirmations work?

Do confidence affirmations really work?

The idea of positive affirmations is surrounded by a lot of skepticism. Some people see it as a magical solution to all their problems, others think it’s an unrealistic scam. Needless to say, neither is correct.

All positive affirmations, including specific ones for building confidence, work for strengthening your self-esteem. By practicing them regularly, you shift from negative self-perception to a more positive one and start to believe in yourself and your abilities. This leads to achieving more goals and saying yes to great opportunities that arise.

But in order for affirmations to work for you, you need to allow for it to happen. This means turning off any limiting beliefs and blocking thoughts and accepting the possibility of actual improvement.

Here are some inspirational quotes to help you keep a growth mindset.

Basically, you get exactly what you give here. If you don’t believe in affirmations and try them with this negative mindset, you’ll prove yourself right. But if you give them a chance and use them with the intention to see positive changes, you’ll get what you want. Yes, it’s this simple.

The negative mindset is your first enemy when it comes to self-improvement. Thinking something is impossible for you will rarely surprise you with a positive outcome out of nowhere. When you really believe that something is possible, set the intention to reach it and work for it, this is when things start to change and the doors start to “miraculously” open in front of you.

If you still see positive affirmations as woo-woo, looking into some scientific research may be helpful to beat those limiting beliefs. There aren’t many ways to physically track the power of affirmations or measure a positive mindset but there are some studies around this already. For example, here is one that proves the positive impact of motivational self-talk on improving task performance and reducing anxiety.

What to say to yourself to boost confidence?

Different things work for different people. There aren’t two identical minds: even twins raised in the same environment each have their own opinions and subconscious perceptions based on all kinds of different interactions they face in life.

You probably know yourself enough to understand where are your weaknesses when it comes to confidence. Maybe you are afraid to speak up at work, doubt your relationship, or can’t imagine yourself a successful and abundant person. Maybe you get anxious in front of a crowd or when faced with an important decision. Whatever it is for you, use the confidence affirmations listed below to get rid of those fears.

With that said, here are 50 positive affirmations for boosting confidence and increasing self-esteem!

Best positive affirmations to build confidence

Best positive affirmations to build confidence
  1. I radiate confidence and good vibes. People love being around me.
  2. I am the creator of my happiness.
  3. I know I have everything I need to become successful and accomplished.
  4. I deserve great things to happen to me every day.
  5. I am capable of building whatever life I want and finishing any project I choose to start.
  6. I am consistent in my hard work as it brings me closer to fulfilling my dreams.
  7. I feel confident in any situation because I am strong enough to solve it.
  8. I know a positive attitude will bring me happiness and success.
  9. I am proud of myself and I always celebrate my achievements.
  10. I have everything required for making today a great day.

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Empowering affirmations for confidence at work

Empowering affirmations for confidence at work

11. I am the perfect person for this job.

12. I am a skilled and experienced professional.

13. I am a strong, powerful woman/man. (Here are some adjectives to better describe yourself as a strong woman)

14. I can make today and every day productive with the right mindset. (Here is a bunch of productivity affirmations that may help.)

15. I am focused on achieving goals and getting results.

16. The effort I put into my work will be recognized and appreciated.

17. I am a responsible and well-organized person who is able to make a positive change.

18. Difficult tasks and situations allow me to showcase my skills and abilities.

19. I am a badass!

20. I love my work and enjoy every day of it.

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Positive affirmations for confidence and self-love

Positive affirmations for confidence and self-love

21. I love myself unconditionally.

22. I am worthy and deserving of all good things in life.

23. Being my authentic self is what makes me especially beautiful and attracts love and success to me.

24. I am happy to be me and I love the person I am and becoming.

25. I radiate positivity and confidence and good people are naturally drawn to me.

26. All I need is already within me.

27. I am special and unique: there is no one like me.

28. I love and appreciate myself for the beautiful person I am.

29. I love seeing my self-esteem grow every day as I develop myself more and more. (Here are some inspirational quotes for growth mindset)

30. I am an incredible human being who does incredible things.

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Affirmations for confidence and courage

Affirmations for confidence and courage

31. I am stronger and braver than I think.

32. I have the power to do whatever I want and be who I wanna be.

33. I am showing up for myself every day no matter what.

34. I love change and welcome it into my life.

35. I am doing small steps one day at a time.

36. I can achieve everything I want, nothing can stop me from getting there.

37. I am constantly coming up with creative ideas and excited to see where they take me.

38. I adjust easily to anything unusual that happens in my life.

39. I am open to every opportunity that comes my way.

40. I am more capable than anyone can ever imagine.

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Positive affirmations for confidence in relationships

Positive affirmations for confidence in relationships

41. I am happy and content with my love life.

42. I enjoy being in a healthy relationship with my husband/wife.

43. I am grateful for the beautiful relationship I am blessed to have.

44. I deserve to be loved and feel in love every day.

45. I trust my partner completely and he/she trusts me.

46. I feel amazing knowing that I found my soulmate and we are together forever.

47. I can always rely on my boyfriend’s/girlfriend’s support.

48. I am letting my loved one take care of me.

49. I deserve to be in a happy relationship and I am.

50. We love and support each other no matter what.

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Confidence affirmations for public speaking

Confidence affirmations for public speaking

51. I am relaxed and calm because I know why I am doing this.

52. I have the information worth sharing with others to make their lives better.

53. I believe in myself and in the topic that I’m talking about and people feel this confidence.

54. I feel natural talking to a big crowd as if it was my good friend.

55. The more I talk in front of people, the more confident I feel.

56. People love listening to me and find me inspiring.

57. I know I’m making a difference in people’s lives when I’m talking to the audience.

58. Whenever I’m in front of a big group of people, I am excited to share my knowledge and feel calm knowing that they are going to enjoy it.

59. There is nothing to stress about: this is just me talking about something I believe in.

60. My public speaking confidence is increasing with every speech I give.

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Affirmations for confidence and success

Affirmations for confidence and success

61. I know that my decisions and projects I start will eventually bring success to me.

62. I am optimistic about my future life as I visualize various successes in it.

63. I am a magnet for success and prosperity.

64. I trust in my abilities and intuition to make me successful.

65. I have faith in my projects and my future success.

66. Every day I am working hard on becoming a more successful person.

67. I am in charge of my personal and professional success and I’m going for it!

68. I am confident in every decision I make and I take full responsibility for my success.

69. I wake up every morning excited to work for my goals.

70. I am worthy of achieving great success in every area of my life.

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More positive affirmations to boost confidence and self-esteem

positive affirmations to boost confidence and self-esteem

71. I am sure that I am capable of achieving amazing results.

72. I am grateful for my life every day and I am confident I will make it even better.

73. Challenges only make me stronger and more experienced.

74. I know what I want and go for it. I don’t need external motivation as my internal fire always keeps me going.

75. I am fully aware of my potential and I’m using it every day to reach my goals.

76. I accept compliments easily because I know I deserve them.

77. Each of my decisions takes me further on the path to my dream life.

78. I attract miracles into my life and welcome them with open arms.

79. I am becoming a better version of myself every single day.

80. I am taking responsibility for making my life freaking amazing!

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Use these confidence affirmations every day to boost your self-esteem!

These were my 80 positive affirmations for confidence in the most common life situations. They should help you believe in yourself more, raise self-acceptance and replace the negative thoughts you may have about yourself.

You can repeat them in the morning, before bed, a few times during the day, or whenever you feel the need for an extra boost of self-confidence. Let them bring your mindset onto the positive side and change your life for the better!