love affirmations for attracting your soulmate

10 Powerful Affirmations For Attracting Your Soulmate

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If you ever felt like you need a special person to complete you, positive affirmations for soulmate might be just what you need to attract that person!

Some people are perfectly fine being forever alone, but some of us feel happier with a life partner to go hand in hand through all the falls and rises.

Attracting love and positive relationships into your life requires some mental work, and self-affirmation is one of the easiest ways to achieve it. In this post, we’ll go through 10 important statements that will help you find your perfect partner.

Isn’t it amazing when you have someone who understands you, who shares your dreams and ideals, who can support you when you struggle and gets excited about your wins as if they were their own?

A soulmate is more than just a partner, it’s someone who challenges you and makes your life better! Someone who makes you wanna be the best version of yourself and live up to your potential. It’s a familiar soul that you recognize and are inexplicably drawn to.

I believe that there is a person like that for everyone!

I found mine and I’m gonna help you attract yours with the positive mindset and specific affirmations for finding a soulmate!

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How is attracting your soulmate with affirmations possible?

Attracting anything positive into your life, including a soulmate, is possible if you believe in it with all your heart and follow some simple rules. Affirmations are just a useful tool for setting your mindset for success and opening your mind to the possibility of happiness.

attracting your soulmate with affirmations

Actively manifesting your soulmate can be life-changing for you, especially if:

  • you keep attracting the wrong type of person
  • you feel desperate and don’t think you will ever find a good partner
  • or you are fixated on a specific person who may not be good for you

By using all the positive affirmations for soulmate listed below, you will rewrite the negative beliefs you may be carrying regarding finding love. By doing this, you will open the door to your heart for a soulmate who may be just behind the corner!

So, are you ready to finally find your perfect partner?

If so, here are 10 important affirmations for attracting your soulmate into your life!

1. I open my heart to love and know that I deserve it.

This is the first affirmation and arguably the most important one.

Instead of completely focusing on another person, you should first focus on yourself and make sure you are genuinely ready for a new healthy relationship.

If you have a negative perception of yourself and don’t believe anyone can truly love you, you might need to fix that first. Otherwise, even if you find your soulmate, you can subconsciously sabotage this relationship later and lose it. That’s not what we want!

You are a beautiful human being and you deserve love and happiness!

Read it again!

If you have any objections, these affirmations may help you see yourself in a more positive light:

2. I’m letting go of all past mistakes and negative feelings.

If you’ve had failed relationships in the past, you likely have the baggage of negative feelings towards being in love. It’s not easy to get rid of them but you have to understand that you don’t need that in your future soulmate union.

Also, no matter if you’ve been in a serious relationship before, you may also have some subconscious negative beliefs about love and partnership. You may have picked them up along the way while observing love misfortunes your friends had, or you may have brought them all the way from your childhood if your parent’s relationship was far from perfect.

If any of that is the case, that’s ok. We all have life experiences, and a person completely without negative beliefs is very rare. But you’ll be fine! Repeat this affirmation as often as you need and let go of any bad feelings that no longer serve you.

3. I truly know my soulmate comes to me effortlessly.

I truly know my soulmate comes to me effortlessly.

Building a strong loving relationship with your soulmate will require some work if you want it to last long years. And that’s worth it anyway!

But finding your special person doesn’t need to be hard or exhausting.

As soon as your let yourself be loved and stop fixating on looking for your soulmate, he or she will find a way to you. Let go of all the struggle and allow the Universe to bring you two together!

I welcome a loving and affectionate relationship into my life.

4. I am making room for an amazing partner in my life!

This affirmation is really necessary for attracting a soulmate but its meaning is different for everyone.

Being in a relationship means finding time for each other every day. You can’t just add a few extra hours to your day to be with your soulmate. Are you actually ready to compromise and maybe cut down some other activities or relationships to make room for a new one?

  • Do you work too much and not have time for anything else?
  • Do you sit at home and never go out to give a chance for your soulmate to find you?
  • Do you allow yourself to rest regularly so you can show up every day for building your relationship?

Answer these questions honestly, repeat this affirmation, and make room in your life and mind for someone new and exciting!

5. I know that my other half is out there waiting for me.

You truly believe that your soulmate is out there, right?

If not, why are you even reading this?

Repeat this positive affirmation as much as you need until you convince yourself. Especially reach for it mentally the moment you start doubting your ability to find someone!

I know that for some people wording “my other half” has a somewhat negative connotation as it makes you feel like you aren’t enough by yourself. If that’s the case, simply replace it with “my soulmate” and keep working on your self-esteem so things like this stop bothering you.

Look at these matching necklaces, for example: there are two pieces, each of them is a full-fledged necklace by itself, complete and beautiful as it is, but when put together they create something even more beautiful and meaningful! This is how I see the notion of being my husband’s “half”.

6. The Universe wants the most fulfilling, wonderful love for me.

The Universe wants the most fulfilling, wonderful love for me.

Each of our souls is just a tiny part of the Universe.

Putting two soulmates together likely feels hugely important to you when you are one of the soulmates. But in terms of the infinite Universe, it’s less than a particle of dust.

Actually, I just came up with a fun analogy, so hear me out!

So you have this beautiful body filled with a bunch of vital organs and parts. But do you actively care about each and every cell? Not really, you just want everything to be well, right? As you can only be happy when your body is healthy, i.e. when every part of it, every cell “feels” the best. And your cells have no idea when you eat healthy or exercise or do anything for them, but you still do.

This is similar with the Universe. You are part of it, just like your every cell is a part of you. Trust it to do the work necessary to make you happy!

I see myself in a joyous intimate relationship with one who truly loves me.

7. I am proactively attracting my soulmate at this very moment.

Think of this statement as giving your affirmations the power it needs to manifest a soulmate for you.

If you just repeat the words without meaning it, this is what they’ll be: just words.

By allowing yourself to believe that everything is possible and your affirmations are already working, you are giving them the powerful energy for making things happen the best possible way.

Another important thing is saying “at this very moment”. This means that the process of attracting your soulmate is already in place, the “magic” of manifesting your love is continuously working for you every second now, and the moment of you two meeting is getting closer to you.

I trust in my capacity to manifest whoever I desire right into my life.

8. My soulmate is entering my life.

This affirmation supports the previous one.

Say it in the present moment and don’t take it literally: you probably aren’t gonna see your soulmate walking in as soon as you say it.

This means that one way or another the Universe is making it happen for you, and that’s all you need to know. Don’t sit and wait for it to happen, live your life to the fullest and let it surprise you!

On some level, it’s already happening.

The love of my life is on his (her) way.

9. I allow the Universe to help me find love.

With some of the previous affirmations, you allowed yourself to love and be loved. This is a big step, but you also need to let go of the need to control the process.

It’s very important to allow things to happen for you the best way they can!

By saying this, you surrender to the loving energy of the Universe and let it all “work out”.

You don’t need to know or control how your soulmate comes to you, where you’ll meet, or when exactly it will happen. Believe that it will happen at the right time and don’t generate negativity by overthinking it or worrying!

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10. I am attracting the perfect person for me.

affirmation to find soulmate: I am attracting the perfect person for me.

Now, this affirmation for soulmate I love the most because you can support it with visualization and make it even more powerful!

When repeating it, whether out loud or in your head (you can read about my view of different ways including listening to affirmations here), create a specific image of your perfect partner in your head as detailed as possible.

Don’t put a face on it, but you can incorporate all the desired features into this mental image. It can include both appearance and behavior, basically everything you can imagine your soulmate would be.

If imagining a personality trait is hard for you, try picturing a situation in which that characteristic will be prominent. Visualize yourself at that moment, looking at this person and realizing this is your soulmate. Or imagine yourself spending time happily together.

Most importantly, be creative and try to live that positive feeling of incredible love!

Final thoughts on using affirmations for attracting your soulmate

These were my ten affirmations for attracting your soulmate!

Manifesting a soulmate is the kind of task where you don’t need a ton of different statements. Instead, you need to align your energy with your desires and live on a higher frequency to attract a genuine positive relationship.

That’s why I only give you these 10 specific affirmations.

Work through each statement, allow these positive thoughts to fill you, and don’t let any negative ideas in. Repeat these affirmations regularly until you feel that they truly became part of your mindset. Then you can gradually decrease the number of repeats, so it’s just enough to keep you on track.

Don’t rush anything, and don’t obsess about finding your soulmate! Trust the Universe and your soulmate will enter your life exactly in the perfect moment when it’s best for both of you.