88 Powerful Thursday Affirmations To Give Your Week A Fresh Start

88 Powerful Thursday Affirmations To Give Your Week A Fresh Start

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Thursday is not a popular day to talk about. It is as far from the productive Monday and Tuesday as it is from the fun and so-much-anticipated weekend. It seems not important enough to even think about it. But as we spend one-seventh of our life on Thursdays, why not try and make the most of every single one, right? Here is a collection of positive Thursday affirmations that will help you make your Thursday matter.

How to make the most of Thursday affirmation quotes

Positive affirmations are self-encouraging statements that can support you every day of your life, whether it’s Thursday or not. The affirmations below are focused on a Thursday because it’s usually the day when your motivation starts to wear off, and it’s important to keep yourself on track.

Feeding your mind with empowering thoughts on a regular basis is proven to make you more productive and help you manage stress better.

3 tips for making the most of positive affirmations this Thursday:

  • Define your goals for the day. Figure out what you want to achieve today and, more importantly, how you want to feel today. You can write a list or just go through the headers below and see what gets the best emotional response from inside. I divided all Thursday’s affirmations into easy-to-digest sections, so you can quickly find a few positive thoughts for productivity, gratitude, energy boost, and more.
  • Choose several affirmations from the list below and form your own affirmation message for Thursday. You know better than anyone what you need to make the best of your Thursday. Choose several affirmations that make you feel good, write them down as one message to yourself, and keep repeating it to invite positive change.
  • Repeat your affirmations in the morning and during the day. To make positive affirmations have an actual positive effect on your life, you need to repeat them enough times for them to be impressed on your subconscious. Every statement has a different meaning for you and everyone’s brain is different, so you’ll figure out what works for you over time if you stick to the affirmations.
  • Keep an eye on negative thoughts throughout the whole Thursday. Reciting positive affirmations can be very powerful but not if you slide back into the same negative thinking patterns the moment you stop. Look out for negative thoughts, acknowledge them when they appear, and gently replace them with an opposite positive thought right away. It’s time to take the reigns and not allow negativity to control the direction of your life anymore!

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Now, let’s go straight to the positive Thursday affirmations to keep this week alive.

Best Thursday affirmations to give your week a fresh start

Best Thursday affirmations to give your week a fresh start

1. I am at the perfect point to start fresh.

2. Thursday is a good day to get a second wind and work hard.

3. I release all the stress I accumulated this week.

4. I know several ways to have a great rest of the week.

5. No matter what happens today, I’ll stay positive.

6. I am letting go of all my past mistakes.

7. I always get what I ask for.

8. I allow myself to have a clean slate starting today.

9. Wherever I am right now, things will get better soon.

10. I have a fresh mind to make good decisions today.

11. I am prepared to make the most of this Thursday.

12. I am open for new incredible opportunities to come my way.

13. I can make any day my best day if I decide to.

14. I remember that I promised myself to have a good year.

15. I welcome all kinds of positive events into my Thursday.

16. People always recognize me as trustworthy and reliable.

17. I am excited about all the wonderful adventures that I’m yet to experience.

18. I am ready to learn new things and improve myself today.

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Thursday morning affirmations for an instant energy boost

19. I have the power to bring all my dreams into reality.

20. I am full of energy to live this Thursday to the fullest.

21. I smile because I know it’s gonna be a fun Thursday.

22. I choose to think positively on Thursday morning, so I can have a good day.

23. There is no better day than today to be happy.

24. Why wait for Friday, if I can have a wonderful day today?

25. I bring peace and harmony with me everywhere I go.

26. I wonder how much fun I can have on Thursday.

27. I won’t waste my energy on unnecessary worries today.

28. It’s easy for me to find joy in every day.

29. I draw inspiration from all my surroundings.

30. Thursday morning is as good as any other morning to feel inspired.

31. I let go of everything that no longer serves me.

32. Everything I see around me makes my creative juices start flowing.

33. I trust the Universe to figure out a nice safe journey for me.

34. I am filling my head with positive Thursday thoughts.

35. I am excited for the new beginnings that await me.

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Powerful Thursday affirmations to become more productive at work

Powerful Thursday affirmations to become more productive at work

36. I am focused and result-oriented.

37. I feel amazing and inspired when I am productive.

38. I know how I can spend my time most effectively today.

39. I am smart and more than capable to be productive at work.

40. I am exactly where I am supposed to be at this point of the week.

41. I love my job and always do my best.

42. I have enough energy to tackle all tasks I have planned for this Thursday.

43. I will be my most productive self today.

44. I choose the most effective approach to every task.

45. Even though the weekend is approaching, I’m still on top of my work.

46. I am motivated and productive every day of the week.

47. I am excited to cross everything off my to-do list today.

48. I expect to see great results of my work at the end of the day.

49. I am efficient with my time.

50. I can be productive without working overtime.

51. I am inspired to do great things this Thursday!

52. I am fueled for the whole day of productive work.

53. I am consistent in my work and I can see the progress.

Positive Thursday affirmations to feel more thankful

54. I feel grateful for the abundance of positive things in my life.

55. I am thankful for another Thursday I get to live.

56. I am grateful for my confidence and courage that always push me forward.

57. I have every reason to be grateful today.

58. I am grateful for all the positive energy that surrounds me.

59. I feel grateful every day because I have so many wonderful things in my life.

60. I am glad that my mind and body are healthy.

61. I find it easy to feel gratitude every day.

62. I deserve the best, and I receive the best.

63. I am thankful for all the great people that are part of my life.

64. Every Thursday might be a Thanksgiving day, as I’m giving thanks anyway.

65. I am thankful for each moment of joy I stumble upon this Thursday.

66. I am not taking anything in my life for granted.

67. I don’t underestimate myself, I know what I’m capable of.

68. I appreciate myself and other people.

69. I’m going to find ways to express gratitude to others today.

70. I am incredibly blessed.

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Funny Thursday affirmations to improve your mood in an instant

Funny Thursday affirmations to improve your mood in an instant

71. I am pretty awesome.

72. I seek joy everywhere I go.

73. I am worthy of all the wonderful things that are out there.

74. I am allowed to have a great Thursday.

75. I’m gonna be a badass today and every day!

76. I am laser-focused on things I can control.

77. I am thankful for all the awful people I met who showed me who I don’t wanna be!

78. I choose to be happy this Thursday.

79. I think I’m adorable.

80. I am telling my inner critic to shut up today.

81. I am determined to make this Thursday no less than awesome.

82. I am a lovely ball of sunshine today.

83. I am allowed to dream big and pursue my dreams.

84. I am gently reminding myself that I’m the best.

85. I am the smartest and most talented me I know!

86. I am taking the reigns of my life now, and kicking out whoever was in control before.

87. I deserve to have a perfect day, full of awesomeness.

88. I am determined to find at least three reasons to laugh today.

Positive morning quotes for Thursday motivation

1. One small positive thought on this Thursday morning can change your whole day.

Tahnni Dupre

2. Make it your goal to make someone smile on this Thursday by a small act of kindness, you could change a person’s life in a way you may not even realize. – Catherine Pulsifer

3. On this Thursday take nothing for granted. Look around and show gratitude for your work, your family, and your friends. – Theodore W. Higginsworth

4. Let this Thursday be filled with possibilities – be aware of the opportunities around you, don’t just go through the day, live the day with your eyes and your mind open. – Catherine Pulsifer

5. Thursday is one day closer to my expectation that everything I have done through the week culminates in progress. – Byron Pulsifer

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Final thoughts on boosting Thursday mood

These were 88 positive affirmations and a few bonus quotes to help you make the best of this Thursday. I hope they improve your mood, give you a sense of joy and motivation, and boost your Thursday productivity to unprecedented heights!

Don’t worry if you didn’t start repeating affirmations as soon as you woke up this Thursday morning. It doesn’t matter when you do it, as soon as you actually do it and stick to it! Even if the day doesn’t go exactly as planned, there will always be another Thursday, and the one after that, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to make this day meaningful.

Focus on your goals, seek joy every day, and let’s make it a happy Thursday!

Not every day is a Thursday, so here are affirmations for the rest of the week: