90+ Positive Saturday Affirmations To Have An Awesome Weekend

90+ Positive Saturday Affirmations To Have An Awesome Weekend

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What do you love to do on Saturday? Let go of all worries and have a stress-free lazy day of self-pampering? Or meet up with your best friend and have some fun together? Or maybe you prefer to catch up on everything you didn’t have time for on weekdays, so you fill your Saturday up with productive activities at home?

Whichever it is for you, these positive Saturday affirmations will make sure you have the right attitude for an amazing weekend!

Why Saturday is the best day of the week

Saturday is this wonderful day free of responsibilities and full of endless possibilities. There is no better day in the week than Saturday because you can have fun all day, pamper yourself with self-care activities, and totally postpone all chores for tomorrow without feeling guilty or overwhelmed.

Here are three main reasons why Saturday is considered the best day of the week:

1) There is no work on Saturday. And also tomorrow!

It depends on what you do, but for most people, Saturday is a rest day, which means no work or school. And even better than that, the next day (Sunday) is like that too! So you can let your hair down, stay up late, go on a night city tour and have cocktails with your bestie, or just watch Netflix all night, and there’s still another day to rest before going back to work on Monday. Alternatively, you can choose to cross off all tasks that piled up on your to-do list and then have a complete rest day on Sunday. You have all the options, what’s not to love?

2) All your friends are available.

As a self-employed person, I don’t belong to the Monday haters tribe. But most of the people in my circle still work “normal” jobs and are only available in the evenings and weekends. That’s why Saturday is so great! I can easily meet with a friend for brunch and not eat my favorite smoked salmon avocado toast with poached eggs all by myself.

3) You can do everything you want. Including nothing!

Saturday is a day when you are not limited by anybody else. There are no defined working hours, no waking up early to get kids to school, and no rush to catch a bus. You can relax and come up with your own plan for the day. Or don’t!

Positive Saturday affirmations to disconnect and relax

Positive Saturday affirmations to disconnect and relax

These Saturday affirmations are here to help you relax, let go of all the stress you stored, and enjoy the weekend as it deserves. They might even inspire you to take a short break from devices and fully disconnect into nature or self-care activities.

1. I am ready to enjoy this Saturday!

2. I did my best this week and deserve to relax now.

3. I release all stress that I accumulated over the week.

4. All the tension is melting away from my body.

5. I am letting go of all my troubles from this week.

6. I am taking a pause to stop worrying and enjoy life today.

7. I am breathing peacefully knowing that I did enough this week.

8. My mind is at peace and I feel harmony inside.

9. I am determined to relax and rest without feeling guilty.

10. I allow myself to detach from everything that holds me back.

11. I decided to feel amazing the whole day today.

12. I am actively looking for relaxing things to do this Saturday.

13. I make a decision to unplug from my phone today and enjoy real life.

14. I have the time to take care of myself today.

15. I am grateful for everything I have and optimistic about the future.

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Saturday morning affirmations to get inspired

There is no better feeling than waking up and realizing it’s Saturday! Make every Saturday morning an inspiring and exciting one with these positive morning affirmations.

16. All is well in my life this Saturday.

17. I choose to be a happy person today and every day from now on.

18. My happiness is in my hands.

19. There are plenty of ways for me to enjoy whatever this day brings me.

20. I am determined to find lots of joy this Saturday!

21. I find positive things and events everywhere I go.

22. There is no limit to what I can achieve.

23. I’m gonna have a ton of reasons to smile this Saturday!

24. I am open for inspiration to come to me from unexpected sources.

25. I am filling my weekend with positive happy vibes.

26. I am bringing my incredible self with me everywhere I go.

27. Everything will work out in my favor today.

28. I have a bunch of creative ideas in my head that I can’t wait to implement today.

29. I channel inspiration easily from everything and everyone around me.

30. I’m going to have an amazing Saturday because I deserve it!

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Feel good affirmations for a lazy Saturday

Feel good affirmations for a lazy Saturday

Sometimes you just wanna stay in bed all day wearing pajamas not because you feel sick or anything but just because it’s warm and comfy and you like it. Guess which day totally allows you to have this lazy attitude? Saturday, of course!

Here are positive affirmations for a calm lazy Saturday:

31. This is a perfect Saturday to do nothing all day.

32. There is nothing wrong with a full day of rest.

33. It’s okay to just relax and do nothing if I want to.

34. I am allowed to rest and disconnect whenever I feel the need.

35. It’s a good day to find peace of mind.

36. I will spend a whole Saturday doing things I enjoy doing.

37. I’m gonna be a lazy couch potato this Saturday, and I’m gonna feel good about it!

38. I accept myself as a normal human being who needs rest to recharge the batteries.

39. I will feel calm, relaxed, and peaceful no matter what happens during the day.

40. A lazy Saturday doesn’t make me a lazy person.

41. I was productive all week and I’m allowed to procrastinate on Saturday however much I want.

42. I can be productive on any other day, but today is my lazy day.

43. I have the power to be extremely productive today, and I’m saving it for tomorrow.

44. I don’t care if I’m being judged by anyone. I know I’m a nice person, and that’s enough.

45. I am actively attracting my dreams no matter what I do.

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Beautiful Saturday affirmation quotes for self-love

As Saturday is the least stressful day of all, it’s a great day to dedicate to self-love and finding balance. Make the time to rest in any way you enjoy, do something mindfully, and repeat these loving affirmations to yourself whenever you have a spare second.

46. Saturday is my self-care day!

47. I bring love and light with me everywhere I go.

48. I am full of fun ideas for pampering myself this Saturday.

49. I am a lovely person who deserves to be happy.

50. Saturday or not, I choose to be happy every day of the week.

51. Nothing can distract me today from my self-time.

52. I know exactly how to take care of myself.

53. I have the time to love and appreciate myself today.

54. I am beautiful inside and out. Like, really, really beautiful!

55. I give myself permission to embrace everything I am.

56. I choose to love myself and believe in myself no matter what.

57. I am releasing all the thoughts about myself that are less than loving.

58. I will only compare myself to my past self, and recognize the progress.

59. I don’t allow myself to doubt myself anymore.

60. I just love this awesome person inside me who chooses the right path for me to follow!

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Fun affirmations to let your hair down this Saturday

Fun affirmations to let your hair down this Saturday

There is no lack of fun activities you can do on Saturday. Take a cool new-style dancing class online, wander around your beautiful town, or even grab a friend for a short spontaneous road trip. Saturday is not for worrying and overthinking everything, it’s exclusively for fun!

61. I have the power to make every day great, including this Saturday.

62. I am surrounded by lots of fun things that bring me joy.

63. I wonder how many fun activities I can fit in one Saturday!

64. Each cell in my body vibrates with excitement for a great day.

65. I find opportunities to have fun whenever I go.

66. I can turn everything I do this Saturday into a fun activity.

67. There are plenty of productive things I can do today without actually working.

68. I am not afraid of change. I am ready to receive whatever the future brings me.

69. I am always attracting fun events and people into my life.

70. I embrace uncertainty and open my heart to new opportunities.

71. I am overflowing with positive energy I can’t wait to spread around.

72. I stop overthinking everything and choose to go with the flow starting this Saturday.

73. I know that I am meant to have fun every day and live my life to the fullest.

74. I trust the Universe to arrange something fun for me to do today.

75. I am thankful for such a good Saturday and everything that happens today.

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Encouraging affirmations if you want a productive Saturday

For many people, Sunday is actually a fun day, whereas Saturday is for chores, grocery shopping, cleaning, meal prepping, and things like that. Or maybe you have an interesting hobby or a side hustle that you are channeling your creativity into all day. In any case, if you wanna have a productive Saturday, and not a lazy one, make sure to prep yourself with these positive affirmations to boost motivation enough for the whole day.

76. I am up for a productive Saturday.

77. I am determined to avoid distractions and be effective today.

78. I am going to make this Saturday count.

79. I am not wasting another Saturday on doing nothing!

80. I can absolutely be productive on a weekend!

81. I feel motivated enough to start right this moment.

82. It’s a good day to do the next step toward my dream life.

83. I have a prioritized list of things I want to do today, and I’m gonna do it all gladly.

84. I am excited to cross everything off my list today and then enjoy my Sunday.

85. I will not procrastinate all day just because it’s Saturday.

86. The more smart things I do today, the closer I get to my goals.

87. I am disciplined enough to get myself to work today.

88. I promise to stay consistent with my work, as well as my positive affirmations.

89. I am prepared to feel proud of myself at the end of this productive Saturday.

90. I will put every spare moment to good use today.

Inspiring Saturday quotes for a good weekend

Inspiring Saturday quotes for a good weekend

To finish this up, I’d like to share with you a few of my favorite Saturday quotes that might give you a fresh perspective on this wonderful day!

1. It’s not that we spend five days looking forward to just two. It’s that most people do what they enjoy most on those two days. Imagine living a life where everyday are your Saturdays and Sundays. Make everyday your weekend. Make everyday a play-day. – James A. Murphy

2. I told myself that I was going to live the rest of my life as if it were Saturday. – Chip Gaines

3. Saturday – a day to sleep in past my normal waking hour. A day to relish, enjoy and celebrate the goodness that I have been blessed with.

Byron Pulsifer

4. A kind of joyous hysteria moved into the room, everything flying before the wind, vehicles outside getting dented to hell, the crowd sweaty and the smells of aftershave, manure, clothes dried on the line, your money’s worth of perfume, smoke, booze; the music subdued by the shout and babble through the bass hammer could be felt through the soles of the feet, shooting up the channels of legs to the body fork, center of everything. It is the kind of Saturday night that torches your life for a few hours, makes it seem like something is happening. – Annie Proulx

5. I can never remember a time when I thought that I’d rather wish it wasn’t Saturday. – Byron Pulsifer

Final thoughts on boosting Saturday mood with affirmations

That’s all I have for you today! I hope you enjoyed all these 90 affirmations and your Saturday appears to be amazing! Feel free to share with us in the comments what kind of Saturday you wanna have today and which affirmation is your favorite on this list.

Not a Saturday? Enjoy these positive affirmations for every day of the week: