111 Positive Affirmations For Peace, Calmness, And Harmony

111 Positive Affirmations For Peace, Calmness, And Harmony

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Living in the 21st century, we can all benefit from a few positive affirmations for peace to bring more harmony into our lives. With all the things we have to take care of on a daily basis, from work and family to running errands and navigating social relationships, being constantly on edge is terribly common.

Imagine telling a neanderthal person from the early years of civilization how much you have on your plate right now! Maybe they were running from tigers and hunting mammoths, but other than that their life was pretty boring and stress-free. I’m sure even the idea of your today’s to-do list would be overwhelming for them.

But enough about ancient people. Let’s focus on you now and on the calming positive affirmations that can bring you peace of mind!

Why do we need peace of mind?

Peace of mind is a tranquil state that grounds you and gives you the strength to deal with stressful situations. When you practice mindfulness regularly and find inner peace, you are less susceptible to anxiety and can handle everyday stress more easily.

It’s common knowledge these days that most common diseases are caused by stress. Feeling on edge every day, juggling between numerous responsibilities, and neglecting good habits, is not good for your health and wellbeing.

By taking time regularly to calm down and connect with your inner self, you can release stress and avoid facing the most common ugly symptoms like insomnia, migraines, or gut issues.

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Top 5 reasons you need more peace in your life

There are many ways to tell that a person is stressed. If you notice these things in your behavior, you definitely need to relax and pay more attention to self-care.

So here are a few typical reasons you’ll benefit from the peace of mind:

1. You are overthinking everything and worrying about things too much.

Unnecessary worrying is the easiest way to get sick from stress. If you notice that all possible scenarios are going through your thoughts on repeat, with more and more scary details coming up on each round, you might need peace of mind more than anybody else.

Taking into consideration how our brains are built, and all the neural connections we inherit from earlier generations (when the world was a much less safe place), it’s only natural for us to imagine negative outcomes. The role of peace affirmations is to calm down your anxiety and not allow negativity and fears to take over.

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2. You are easily irritated and overreacting to little things.

Take a step back and look at your behavior from the outside, without emotion. Do you notice your relationships get worse because of how you react to things? Do you get irritated by every little thing and pay too much attention to tiny negatives that aren’t worth it? Are you realistically overreacting to each daily mishap as if it was the end of the world?

If even one of your answers is Yes, you surely need to focus more on your mental peace. Use the affirmations for calm and harmony you find below to bring comfort and ease into your thoughts and feelings.

3. You get defensive when someone asks you to calm down.

Sometimes people in your life can see you being stressed and try to help in their own way. If each innocent comment about your behavior triggers your defensive state and makes you respond aggressively, chances are it’s you, not them. Realize that people who love you simply want to make you happy, and try to not view their suggestions as attempts to hurt you.

Taking things personally that hardly have anything to do with you can also be a good indication that you don’t have peace of mind. That’s where positive affirmations for inner harmony come in handy!

4. You are always in a rush and make impulsive decisions that you regret later.

It might be something you said to your partner or something you did at work, doesn’t matter. If you feel like you don’t have enough time to make the right decision and tend to make mistakes a lot, you might need to pause and reevaluate your priorities.

When your mind is peaceful and calm, when you are aligned with the Universe and trust the process, things tend to come into place to make your life easier and more pleasant.

5. You procrastinate a lot and aren’t productive.

There are plenty of reasons why people procrastinate, and in most cases, it’s related to their mental state being not in the right place. Whether you are a perfectionist who can’t finish any task or you doubt yourself too much, finding peace of mind can do amazing things for your daily productivity!

Can affirmations bring you peace of mind?

Can affirmations bring you peace of mind?

Positive affirmations can rewire your brain to be more peaceful, overreact less, and calm down faster after a stressful event. By saying affirmations for peace and harmony, you are introducing new neural pathways and strengthening them with each repetition. Peace of mind becomes a natural state for you, making your life happier and more joyful.

Best affirmations for peace and harmony

1. I am at peace with myself at all times.

2. I welcome peace and harmony into my life every day.

3. I only allow peaceful and kind people into my life, with no exceptions.

4. Literally nothing can hurt me or ruin my day when I have inner peace.

5. I have a healthy mindset which is always in harmony with my healthy body.

6. When I have harmony in my thoughts, I have harmony in all areas of my life.

7. I find peace and joy everywhere I go.

8. My inner power is limitless, I can make peace in any situation.

9. When my thoughts are peaceful and positive, I find myself extremely productive.

10. Today is a gift, and I welcome it with a peaceful mind.

11. I always radiate positive peaceful energy that attracts like-minded people.

I AM peace and love affirmations

I AM peace and love affirmations

12. I am love. I am light. I am peace.

13. I am a beautiful human being, inside and out.

14. I am filled with positive energy that I happily share with the world.

15. I can relax because everything is under control.

16. The Universe always has my back. I am aligned with the Universe to bring peace and happiness into my life.

17. I attract love and peace into my life from every direction.

18. I am filled with bright positive loving energy that brings peace to me and everyone around me.

19. I am loved. People care about me.

20. I deserve to be loved. I am worthy of love just as I am.

21. I am at peace with myself. I love myself unconditionally.

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Calming affirmations for the peace of mind

22. I allow myself to stay peaceful in any situation.

23. I am free of worry and anxiety.

24. I let go of my fears and intrusive thoughts easily.

25. I feel light, calm, peaceful. Harmony is in my thoughts and in my day-to-day life.

26. I have a creative and passionate personality and get inspired easily.

27. I am strong and I can handle anything.

28. I am in charge of my actions and my reactions.

29. I keep a peaceful state of mind no matter what. Nobody can disrupt my inner peace.

30. I am safe, protected, and taken care of.

31. I can completely relax now.

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Positive affirmations for peace and happiness

32. I live a happy life filled with harmony and joy.

33. I bring peace with me wherever I go.

34. The peace and happiness in my life are created from within.

35. Negative people are not welcome in my life.

36. I do positive things every day that make me happy.

37. I avoid conflict and aim to solve everything peacefully.

38. I have a limitless source of happiness and joy inside me.

39. I deserve a life filled with peace and happiness.

40. I easily get rid of things that make me unhappy.

41. I have my own ways to stay happy and peaceful.

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Peaceful affirmations for anxiety relief

Peaceful affirmations for anxiety relief

42. My anxiety does not have control over me.

43. I am not my thoughts. I am not my feelings.

44. I am able to control the direction of my thoughts and let go of negative ones.

45. It’s just a thought, and a thought can be changed.

46. Everything works out perfectly for me when I relax and let it happen.

47. I choose to be peaceful and observe how things unravel.

48. I’m more powerful than I think.

49. I am good enough.

50. I release all the stress that I was holding on to.

51. With each breath, I inhale peace, I exhale worry.

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Daily affirmations for confidence and inner peace

52. I am the master of my mind.

53. I am confident in my ability to stay calm and peaceful in every situation.

54. Everything will be ok, one way or another.

55. Achieving and keeping inner peace is always at the top of my priorities.

56. I believe in myself. I trust myself completely.

57. I am worthy of everything I dream of.

58. I am aligned with my goals and doing small steps every day to achieve them.

59. I know deep inside that I will be successful with everything I set myself up to.

60. I am reaching for my dreams with calmness and unshakable confidence.

61. I am blessed with higher guidance and it brings me peace.

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Self-affirmations for comfort and ease

62. I am comfortable being by myself.

63. I let myself make mistakes and learn from them.

64. I feel comfortable trying new things and exploring opportunities.

65. I feel safe and at ease even when I leave my comfort zone.

66. I don’t blame myself for doing something wrong. I forgive myself and I keep going.

67. I am my own best friend and I’m always supporting myself.

68. I allow myself to be imperfect and accept myself as I am.

69. I listen to my intuition and remove myself from situations that make me uncomfortable.

70. I go easy on myself and let myself rest.

71. It’s easy for me to find peace wherever I am.

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Peaceful morning affirmations

Peaceful morning affirmations

72. I am full of love and light this morning.

73. I am glad to wake up and see this beautiful morning in front of me.

74. As I open my eyes, I’m excited to live another day with purpose.

75. I am in charge of my mood today, and I’m choosing joy and peace.

76. I won’t rush anything today, I’ll surround myself with warm loving energy.

77. As the first rays of the sun touch my face, I open my eyes smiling, ready to start a new day.

78. I choose to be happy, this day and every day.

79. I treat each day as a new beginning, as a new opportunity to work towards my dream life.

80. I let go of the past and allow myself to start from a clean slate today.

81. I welcome all the opportunities that come up today to peacefully flow my way.

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Peaceful night affirmations to sleep well

82. I let myself postpone all worries and slip into a deep sleep.

83. I feel relaxed, calm, and ready to fall asleep.

84. I am ready to recharge and rejuvenate for a new day.

85. It’s easy for me to fall asleep fast.

86. I can let go of all my obsessive thoughts now, and sleep peacefully.

87. I stop overthinking things that don’t need that much attention.

88. Everything is good in the end. If it’s not good, it’s not the end.

89. I close my eyes and welcome magical dreams into my mind.

90. I treat every roadblock as a building block in the stairway to my dream.

91. I rest peacefully knowing that everything is well in my world.

Positive affirmations to calm the mind

92. I’m in a safe place surrounded by good people.

93. I can calm down now.

94. I am deeply at peace.

95. I quiet my mind and stop overthinking everything.

96. The world is a nice peaceful place for me to live in.

97. I channel peace and well-being from the Universe.

98. I am calm, centered, and relaxed right now.

99. I am gentle with myself in moments of uncertainty.

100. I have a beautiful smile and I show it to the world often.

101. It’s always easy for me to return to a peaceful state of mind.

Affirmations for serenity and calmness

Affirmations for serenity and calmness

102. Each breath I take fills me with peace and serenity.

103. Calmness is my natural state.

104. I can handle absolutely everything life brings me.

105. I don’t overreact to daily situations that aren’t worth my energy.

106. My day is built on healthy habits that keep me alive and happy.

107. I only allow positive things into my life.

108. I give myself space and time to learn and grow.

109. I see struggles and challenges as opportunities to grow and evolve.

110. I can see beauty in everything around me.

111. All the peace I need is already within me, and I can channel it whenever I need it.

Did these affirmations for peace help you calm down?

I hope they did, and you’ll continue using them on a daily basis.

Did you recognize yourself as someone who needs more peace of mind? I know it’s hard sometimes to see things clearly without letting emotions blind you, but I’m sure you can handle it!

If you feel like you can’t or just don’t want to go through this page of your life alone, talk to an online therapist. For example, as a Talkspace user, you can send a quick message to a therapist of your choice whenever you feel like you can benefit from some kindness and advice.

If you are still reading, this means you care enough about your mental health, which is great news! Please share your favorite peace affirmations with me in the comments!

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