22 Positive Affirmations For Times Of Uncertainty

22 Positive Affirmations For Times Of Uncertainty

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Recent years weren’t particularly calm and promising a bright future in a peaceful world, were they? First, the pandemic and now the horrible Russian invasion of Ukraine, tell us that there are always things we can’t predict or avoid. If you need help grounding and reawakening your hope, here are some calming positive affirmations for times of uncertainty!

Even without big events like these that affect the whole world, everyone’s life can be uncertain and unpredictable at times.

Maybe you are in-between jobs and afraid you aren’t good enough to find one, or you are growing your business and can’t guarantee that it will be profitable and able to support your family. Or maybe someone close to you is in pain and you don’t know how to help. Or you are expecting a baby and wondering if you can be a good parent and whether this new person will change your life forever.

There are lots of situations in life when you might need some gentle reassurance that everything will be okay, and that’s where these affirmations for uncertainty will come in handy.

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How positive affirmations can help at times of uncertainty

Positive affirmations are always on guard, keeping your mental health in a good place and helping you feel grounded in uncertain times. They are meant to reawaken your positive beliefs, strengthen your confidence, calm you down at moments of anxiety, and brush away each intrusive negative thought.

Calming affirmations like the ones below can help you overcome the fear of the future and uncertainty by reaffirming the simple truths focused on your inner balance and courage. They make you play the role of your own loving friend who cares to make you feel better and feel safe.

That’s basically the main idea of how positive affirmations are helpful during uncertain times, so let’s take a look at the affirmations themselves now!

List of positive affirmations for uncertainty

List of positive affirmations for uncertainty

Memorizing a few short positive affirmations can be very beneficial for your daily well-being, especially if you are facing a challenging time in your life. Make positive self-talk a part of your self-care routine to keep a healthy mindset and peace of mind at all times!

These are 22 lovely positive affirmations for times of uncertainty:

1. All is well in my world.

If you just want one short affirmation to solve all the problems, try this one.

It really helps me defeat all the unnecessary worries and get rid of obsessive thoughts when something does not go as planned. Just remind yourself that everything is well in your personal world, and you won’t have it any other way.

Remember that you actually have the power to make decisions like this and build your own little world without asking anyone!

2. Whatever makes me feel like this, is temporary.

Bad things are never permanent, and a rough patch is just that, a patch, that can’t cover your whole life or even a big enough surface of it.

Every bad situation is temporary and is soon going to end in your favor unless you keep focusing on negative outcomes and reaffirming your destructive beliefs. Take a deep breath and let it all go. Accept that whatever this is, it will come to an end soon, and shift your focus to the good things, which are surely plenty around you.

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3. Everything will be okay.

Well, this is a phrase of comfort that is always nice to hear, even from yourself.

Sometimes it might be hard to believe when you find yourself in the middle of an unpleasant situation, but why wouldn’t you believe it? Was there ever anything bad that didn’t go away at some point?

Everything will be okay! Reaffirm this every time you feel less than sure about it, and don’t accept any other outcome.

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4. I am safe. I am protected.

4. I am safe. I am protected.

One of the best mantras for uncertainty is about being safe. Behind every shred of worry about the future lies a simple desire to be protected and taken care of.

Say it now: “I am safe, I am protected”. How does it feel? It makes you smile and relaxes your body a bit, doesn’t it? Imagine how you’ll feel when you fully believe in it!

By integrating this thought into your usual thinking routine, you convince yourself that there is nothing to worry about, the Universe has your back, so you can focus on solving the problem now instead of being all anxious about it.

5. I can handle this.

I strongly believe that we are not given any challenges we can’t conquer.

The feeling of uncertainty makes us question our ability to handle the circumstances and overcome all the obstacles that happen to appear our way. This affirmation helps balance that sense of unpredictability and eliminate self-doubt by growing your self-confidence enough to rely on it completely.

6. I am powerful and strong.

You can use these or any other adjectives to describe a strong personality to assure yourself that you are indeed powerful enough to deal with any undesirable event that comes your way.

Choose the words that really mean something to you when you apply them to a person. For example, if there are famous personalities who inspire you, which adjectives would you use to describe them?

Use those exact words in your “I am…” affirmations and they’ll be the strongest out of all affirmations you’ll ever find online or hear from someone. Why? Because they are words that already inspire you and trigger the right emotions when you use them. And a strong personal emotion bound to the affirmation makes it a hundred times more powerful!

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7. I deserve to be happy in every way.

This is just your birthright and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

Every human being on Earth deserves to be happy and enjoy life.

If you aren’t exactly in a place right now when you can call yourself happy, keep repeating this affirmation while working on your goals, as it will keep you going when you happen to lose motivation.

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8. I smile because I know it will get better soon.

Smile, beautiful soul! Smile through the pain, if needed. When it all ends, you’ll be left alive and well, because you were strong and kept producing happiness hormones with your beautiful smile!

One of my favorite quotes to reach out for at times of uncertainty is this one:

Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.

John Lennon

Breathe deeply, knowing that there’s light at the end of the tunnel and you’ll inevitably see it as long as you keep going!

9. Worrying doesn’t help me in any way.

Worrying doesn't help me in any way.

Experiencing uncertainty doesn’t come without constant worrying. As humans, we are naturally looking for a sense of security. We need to know what happens next so that we can make plans and expect them to realize as desired.

And even though in some rare cases worrying helps us prepare for the negative outcomes and avoid the disappointment, in general, it does more harm than good for our well-being.

According to Sandra Llera, an expert psychologist from Towson University, you should “trust your ability to handle negative events if and when they happen”, and you are more likely to solve issues when you aren’t lost in anxiety. She also confirms that research proves that “unbridled worry can wreak havoc in our lives, leading to relationship problems, impaired work and school performance, and even long-term medical consequences from carrying around all that stress”.

Try to release your accumulated stress in any way you can so that it doesn’t harm your health. And stop worrying about things you can’t control!

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10. I am calm. I am confident.

This uncertainty affirmation can certainly make you feel better at once!

Whenever you feel shortness of breath or other symptoms of anxiety related to the fear of the future and uncertainty, repeat this as your mantra. It will help you calm down and release unnecessary worrying. You can also combine this affirmation with some simple breathing exercises for a better effect.

11. I remember to breathe.

It often happens that in challenging situations we are so immersed in worrying and so busy reiterating all the “what ifs” that may happen, that we almost forgot to breathe. If you take a moment to observe your breathing, you might notice that it’s very shallow.

To calm down your sudden anxiety attack, shift your focus to your breath and try to turn off the rest of the thoughts. Start with a 3-3-3 breathing (inhale on a count of 3, hold for 3, and exhale for another 3), and gradually prolong each breath until you can get to 6-6-6. It may take you a few minutes, but you’ll notice that you suddenly feel much calmer and more relaxed.

Just don’t immediately go back to those destructive thoughts that caused the attack! Think about something positive instead. And remember to breathe, because your life literally depends on it.

12. It’s just a thought, and a thought can be changed.

This is one of my favorite positive affirmations of all time. It’s not specifically for the feeling of uncertainty but it can be applied in absolutely every context!

We aren’t robots and can’t program our brains to think only positive thoughts 100% of the time. It’s natural for negative thoughts to appear in front of your attention from time to time. Your power is in recognizing them as unnecessary negativity and not letting them overwhelm you.

Instead of blaming yourself for negative thinking, remind yourself that you are not your thoughts, and you can reframe a particular unwanted thought at any time!

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13. I have the power to release negative thoughts.

I have the power to release negative thoughts.

I know it’s hard sometimes to think clearly during tough times. But I also know that you have the power to control your thoughts and not let negative ones take the reins.

Make an effort to release every negative thought that crosses your mind the moment you notice it. It does not deserve your attention, not a tiny bit of it! Replace it with an opposite positive thought and keep reaffirming your mind power until removing negatives doesn’t even take effort anymore.

14. I allow myself to let go of fear and feel good no matter what.

Our various fears tend to paralyze our decisions, leading to the inability to move on and take the important next step to happiness.

Letting go of the fear of the uncertain future is a process. You need to convince yourself that you are prepared for any possible outcome, but also focus on the desired one to attract it with the power of your positive thinking!

Allow yourself to release all the fears that are haunting you. Decide to not give them power over your life any longer! They are just fears, most of which are not really as scary as they are in your mind.

15. Sources of joy and happiness are all around me.

Studies show that the process of looking for the good in your life brings a ton of positive benefits, other than just making you feel good.

One of the positive journaling exercises I tend to recommend the most is to write down three good things that happen to you every day. The best time for doing it is before you go to bed, to summarize everything that the day brought you and appreciate the little good parts that would otherwise go unnoticed.

To be able to find joy all around you, you need to look for it first. If you incorporate this practice into your daily routine, it will become your second nature and then you won’t need to actively look anymore. Your brain will automatically notice everything that’s worth paying attention to and make a mental note to add it to that day’s list.

It’s like starting to listen to a specific radio station. First, you need to find the right frequency and connect to it, but as soon as you are connected, it just flows and it’s all around you. So why not connect to a positive frequency that fills your life with joy?

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16. I notice the little good things all the time, and feel gratitude.

This affirmation adds to the previous point, as it always helps to reaffirm things that are important.

If gratitude is a new concept for you and you struggle to find the initial good to get this habit started, I have a free gratitude challenge with lots of my personal examples to put you on the right path!

17. I inhale confidence, I exhale anxiety.

I inhale confidence, I exhale anxiety.

Bad things usually happen when you least expect them, and oftentimes there is no way to stop them. When something is outside of your area of control, there is no logical reason to keep worrying about it. Instead, you can do everything in your power to make the situation better, or let it go if there is nothing you can do.

Concentrate on the things you actually can control. Stick to your daily routines and positive habits to make sure your body is strong and healthy. Grow your confidence and release anxiety because it doesn’t serve you.

18. Nothing can hurt me. Nothing can affect me in a negative way.

You might have heard (maybe even from me!) the idea that you should never ever use negativity as a source for building your affirmations. And generally, it’s good advice that pushes you to focus on the positive wording.

Unfortunately, there are cases when it’s not exactly possible to rebuild the sentence to a positive root in a way that the meaning doesn’t change. This is one of those cases. Saying the opposite statement in a positive way will not make you feel the right emotion and feel as safe. Thus, I don’t think it is a bad affirmation to use, unless you start focusing on all the things that could hurt you.

19. I focus on the things I have, not on the things I lack.

Positive affirmations for uncertainty can help you see a clear picture of your life. Step back and evaluate all the things you already have in your life. Many of them are worth being thankful for, sometimes they are so little that you take them for granted.

Don’t fix on the things you are lacking, unless you can actually do something about it. No positive feelings are ever produced in your mind out of the scarcity mindset. Focus on all the beautiful things you already achieved and all the dreams you can still work on. Keep a growth mindset, keep yourself busy and motivated, so that you don’t have too much spare time to worry about things you don’t have.

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20. I can easily imagine a positive outcome.

I can easily imagine a positive outcome.

Uncertainty is not necessarily a bad thing. At the very least, it’s better than being certain of a bad outcome. Uncertainty means that there is a chance of things working out perfectly in your favor, exactly as you wanted it!

Imagine that the current uncertain situation is on scales in front of you. You can choose to either repeatedly pour negative thoughts on the “bad” side, or flow your positive attitude into the “good” cup to make it so strong and heavy that it inevitably wins!

Visualize your desired outcome in all detail so that it’s super easy for it to come to life.

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21. I trust the Universe to find a way to solve this.

The Universe has your back! This affirmation is perfect for times of uncertainty because it lifts the pressure off your shoulders and you can stop focusing on the things you can’t directly control.

Tell yourself that there is nothing to worry about as you live in a beautiful Universe that cares about every living being. Keep your energy high up so that it’s easy for positive events to come to you. Release your worries, and trust the process.

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22. Everything will work out the best for me.

Out of all the powerful daily affirmations for uncertainty I listed here, this might be the most important one.

The key to letting go of worrying about the future is to replace uncertainty with inner confidence. Tell yourself that everything will work out the best for you, even though it might not be exactly as you expect. If something goes wrong, it’s because there is something better prepared for you, which you aren’t aware of just yet.

Trust that everything will be ok, and get all excited to see what the best outcome for you actually looks like!

Final thoughts on using affirmations for times of uncertainty

These were 22 positive affirmations for uncertainty! If there is one in particular that gave you reassurance and made you feel safer, let me know in the comments which one!

All of these affirmations are great for calming down your nervous system when you feel on edge or confused. They put you in a peaceful state of mind and reinvent your internal self-belief so that you can stop worrying and start living your life to the fullest, no matter what.

Repeat these positive affirmations when you feel uncertain about anything that is happening in your life. Whether it’s a little thing, or a big potentially life-changing event, trust the Universe to work it out and let yourself be calm in the meantime.

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