20 Positive Affirmations For A Beautiful Smile

20 Positive Affirmations For A Beautiful Smile

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Always wanted to be the one who gets all the compliments for looking gorgeous? Then these 20 positive affirmations for a beautiful smile are perfect for you!

If you want other people to notice your smile and see you as attractive, this is how you should see yourself first. A pretty woman who hates her own appearance will get less attention than a normal-looking woman who radiates confidence.

If you can’t easily say “I love myself” and mean it, check out these free affirmations first: 50 Most Beautiful Affirmations For Self Love.

When you are ready to accept compliments, they start coming your way. When you are ready to feel beautiful, others will suddenly start seeing you as such.

When someone says you are beautiful, don’t question it. Believe them, and affirm that you indeed are! Each compliment you get is a confirmation that affirmations work for your smile, and you’ll definitely start getting more of them as you grow your confidence and start smiling more.

In fact, you don’t need external acceptance to know that you are gorgeous, but it’s still nice to hear when people say it out loud. As humans, we are social beings and recognition is important for our brains since ancient times. So be open to hearing it and accept all the positive things that are flowing your way.

On this page, you’ll find a list of 20 affirmations for a beautiful smile that will make you feel more confident when you smile. They are meant to transform how you see yourself in case you don’t feel good enough. You may even notice that your smile actually changes to be more attractive as you start practicing self-love and acceptance!

You can repeat these affirmations in your head every day or say them in the mirror for even better effect. Don’t forget to smile in the process: this way you’ll get used to feeling good about yourself when smiling and won’t overthink it as much anymore.

Here are 20 positive affirmations for your beautiful smile:

1. I have a radiant smile that captivates everyone’s heart.

When you smile without hesitation and feel beautiful, good positive people will be naturally attracted to you. Radiate positivity, feel like you are on top of the world, visualize that everyone adores you and loves you, and they definitely will!

2. My teeth are perfectly aligned and healthy.

According to dentists, a healthy smile can change your life for the better in many different ways! Take care of your teeth and gums regularly, have good hygiene habits, and enjoy living with a beautiful smile.

Also, remember that your smile is just a part of your appearance. While focusing on making it more attractive, don’t neglect other parts of your body, and do all the necessary things to stay healthy overall.

You can only look your best when you feel your best, and you need to be healthy for that!

3. My smile is flawless.

Forget about all the imperfections and visualize yourself as a flawless goddess!

Remember that what you constantly think about, you attract more of. That’s why, for example, when you focus on the blemishes and hate your face, more pimples may appear even though you have a crazy multi-level skincare routine with all the expensive stuff.

Most of the health problems that materialize on your face or body are in your head, so you have to cleanse your mindset as a first step to get rid of any of them. Shift your focus from the flaws to the positive sides you have, and you’ll have clear skin, a flawless smile, and everything else you can think of!

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4. I can feel my beautiful smile appearing on my mouth.

I can feel my beautiful smile appearing on my mouth.

Our feelings and emotions are super important for manifesting a perfect life, including appearance. Associate your smile with a wonderful warm feeling, imagine yourself happy and attractive every time you smile! Get used to feeling beautiful when your lips widen in a smile. Let it become so natural that you never think about it twice or doubt your attractiveness anymore!

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5. I have the prettiest smile, and people notice it regularly.

Just repeat this affirmation to yourself enough times so that if someone asks “Who has the prettiest smile?”, you’ll know the answer without a tiny bit of hesitation! You, of course.

It may feel unnatural at first, and it’s okay. Most affirmations do when you are transforming or attracting something in your life that wasn’t like that before, especially because we have so many damaging thoughts and limiting beliefs thanks to the beauty industry.

Ignore the resistance and keep affirming that the prettiest smile is yours, and soon people around you will be surprised to notice it too.

6. I have a healthy and positive attitude that glows through my smile.

Research shows that people with positive attitudes naturally appear more attractive. When you spread positive vibes and smile at people, they tend to like you more. This affirmation will give you more confidence to show up as a bright optimistic person and show off your beautiful smile!

I mean, if you don’t have any friends, take a closer look at your attitude. Can it be that you are too negative sometimes and that turns everyone off?

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7. I love how charming I look when I smile.

Here is a little bit of healthy self-image! There is no need to be shy when you know you are gorgeous! Repeat this until it’s so carved into your subconscious that it feels natural to smile and be charming!

8. My genuine smile is special and unique.

This is true about everyone’s smile, and your lovely face is not an exception!

Accept yourself as a beautiful human being, as there is no one like you! Think about your face, your smile, and all the features as unique and special. Don’t listen to what anyone says, including your hater inner critic that may show up sometimes and say all kinds of untrue hurtful things to you.

Accept yourself as you are, and smile genuinely as you realize how amazing it is to be you and look like you!

9. I get compliments about my beautiful smile all the time.

Even if it’s not your reality at the moment, repeat this over and over every day until it comes true. The moment it becomes your natural way of thinking, there will be a slight change in your appearance that others will surely start noticing and complimenting. Try it for yourself!

10. It feels natural for me to smile confidently.

It feels natural for me to smile confidently.

Having a beautiful smile is not about being born with it. It’s about showing up every day feeling confident and glowing! And your confidence doesn’t have to have anything to do with your appearance.

In fact, I think your inner beauty comes first and as soon as you start to love yourself and see yourself as a beautiful soul, you’ll shine from the inside and it will make your smile even more beautiful. I hope it makes sense!

11. My lips are exactly the shape I want them to be.

I’ve heard a lot of stories from people who change their appearance with the power of affirmations alone. This tells me that you can use your imagination to project any of your desires into reality, even if it seems impossible! Use this lip affirmation for a better smile every day and you’ll soon see the difference.

If you want a specific look for your smile and lips, visualize yourself looking in the mirror and seeing it exactly like that. Imagine how it would feel if that dream came true, and remember that feeling. Go back to the same emotions (maybe it’s happiness, joy, or gratitude) every time your repeat this affirmation. And keep visualizing!

12. I always wake up with a big smile on my face.

This is one of my favorite affirmations for a beautiful smile! It’s not really about appearance but about a positive mindset that you incorporate as your regular attitude.

Every day, as you wake up, find a reason to smile right away. If it’s difficult at first, maybe prepare in advance something to look forward to during the day, which will make you smile as soon as you open your eyes and think about it. Learn to enjoy the little things!

Welcome each day with a smile because the fact that you woke up and got another day to live is already a reason enough to be grateful for! And I’m sure there are more reasons, if only you pay attention and try being more thankful.

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13. I smile more now because I feel confident about my smile.

When you feel good about your smile, there is no reason to hide it!

To become more self-confident in general, check out my selection of confidence affirmations. There are 80 statements to choose from that will boost your self-esteem in various different circumstances.

14. I feel more attractive when I smile.

I feel more attractive when I smile

I mentioned above that it’s a scientifically proven fact that people see you more attractive when you smile. Pay attention to your resting face and make sure you don’t appear frowning or grumpy by default (it happens!).

Practice looking more positive, and think positive thoughts that will naturally make you smile more. After you accept that smiling makes you more attractive, why wouldn’t you want to smile?

15. I am grateful for my white and healthy teeth.

As someone who had enough teeth problems in my lifetime, I learned to appreciate having healthy teeth. As you take care of your mouth daily, remember to feel grateful and thank your lovely white teeth for serving you so well!

If gratitude doesn’t come easily to you, here is a fun 7-day free challenge I created to introduce you to the concept of thankfulness!

16. My smile is sexy and magnetic.

How would you like to see the room light up when you walk in and prospective partners notice your charm as you smile at them? This affirmation is not just for a beautiful smile, it’s for your overall sexy appearance.

See all affirmations for sexual confidence here

17. Whenever I smile, others smile back at me.

This statement is just here to support your confidence while smiling. Generally, it shouldn’t bring any resistance to the surface as it naturally happens like this. But if you expect people to smile back, your own smile will be much more genuine and infectious.

By the way, if people don’t smile back 100% of the time, don’t take it personally. It’s never about you, they probably are just stuck in their own negative mindset. Encouraging smiling is the least you can do to make their day a tiny bit better!

18. I find more and more reasons to smile every day.

I find more and more reasons to smile every day.

This one might already be a norm for you, especially if you practice gratitude journaling.

The more you pay attention to the wonderful world around you, the more reasons to be happy and smile you’ll find. It’s not even about the law of attraction, it comes from simply being open to see all the good that already exists in your peaceful world.

Most people are so focused on their routine tasks and repeating thoughts that they never notice lots of positive things that are worth being grateful for. Don’t be like them! Open your heart to the infinite possibilities and allow all the good things to happen to you.

The world deserves to see your beautiful smile every day!

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19. When I see myself in the mirror, I smile because I look stunning.

I mean, why wouldn’t you smile and be happy every time you see your beautiful reflection?

Don’t just have a quick look in the mirror and go away. Take a moment to appreciate all the nice things about you: from your charming smile to your healthy nourished hair.

You deserve to be loved so be the first one to love you!

20. Everything about me is beautiful.

The final smile affirmation for today is more general. Your smile is just one of the many things you have in you that are beautiful! Don’t focus on one thing too much, love all of your features, both external and internal.

You might not realize it but you are a combination of a thousand little beautiful things, please remember that!

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Always wear your beautiful smile!

I hope these 20 free positive affirmations for a beautiful smile will make you smile more!

Repeat them enough times per day so they stick and give you daily confidence.

According to Marilyn Monroe, “a smile is the best makeup a girl can wear”.

I agree with this statement 100% because your smile is something you always have with you. So wear it often to look even more beautiful and attractive every single day!