Best Gratitude Journals With Prompts

10 Best Gratitude Journals With Prompts To Feel Grateful Everyday

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Do you practice gratitude every day or only on Thanksgiving? Are you saying thanks for every little thing in your life to allow for more to come? To build a habit of daily thankfulness easier, buy one of these 10 best gratitude journals with prompts and stick to it until it feels natural!

Any of these gratitude diaries will make it easier to stick to your new habit of expressing gratitude on a daily basis. Some of them have similar gratitude prompts for every day, while others might have different questions for every day of the week or even separate prompts for morning gratitude and evening reflection.

I hope this guide will help you find a perfect gratitude journal for you, that you’ll be glad to keep close and reach for every morning!

If you already have a journal and are looking for gratitude journal prompts for adults, I’ll soon post my own collection of prompts! In the meantime, take a look at Thanksgiving affirmations, positivity prompts, or these self-reflection questions for journaling.

Top-3 Gratitude Journals With Prompts

  1. Good Days Start With Gratitude
  2. The Five-Minute Journal
  3. A Year Of Gratitude by Promptly Journals

What are the benefits of a gratitude journal with prompts?

A gratitude journal with prompts makes expressing daily gratitude easier for you as it asks you specific questions to write about. It helps you build a positive mindset and see the world in brighter colors. It also helps you create a habit of feeling grateful every single day which is scientifically proven to be good for happiness and well-being.

Sometimes a good guided gratitude journal will even motivate you to change your life for the better while appreciating everything you already have. With the right questions to ask and the deeper prompts to think about, it can change your mindset to a growth one which will make you a more successful and fulfilled person!

Daily reminders to be grateful

While gratitude journaling is a very effective process to start feeling grateful every day, it’s nice to have some reminders outside your journal. Decorate your home in a way that helps you be in a positive mood most of the time, and use special accessories to drive your gratitude flow.

For example, you can keep a blessings jar and put one piece of paper with a thing you are grateful for in it every day. It’s also a good idea if you have kids or family members who would also benefit from being more thankful.

Put a gratitude calendar on your work desk, hang a thankful sign on a wall that makes you smile every time you go by, or buy a bunch of gratitude stickers to make your journal more personal. Whatever it might be for you, make sure to always surround yourself with things that bring you joy and make you feel grateful!

What makes a good gratitude journal?

Of course, the idea of a good gratitude journal is different for everyone depending on your personality, time constraints, and even the reason behind keeping it.

Let’s take a look at some factors you might need to take into consideration while hunting for the best gratitude journal with prompts:

  • Daily prompts. What differentiates a gratitude journal from a simple notebook? Right, gratitude prompts. Define the level of guidance you need (if any): maybe you just want to write 3 things you are grateful for every day? Or maybe you are looking for deeper questions to reflect on? Will you be willing to fill a whole page of answers every day or prefer to quickly jot down several things you appreciate and be done with it?
  • Time aspect. Some gratitude journals will make you come back twice a day: first for morning ritual and then for evening reflections. Some will suggest you write plans for the day and relevant affirmations to keep the right mindset. On the other hand, there are simple ones like The Five-Minute Journal or even The One-Minute Gratitude Journal that will hardly take any time off your day. Decide in advance how much commitment you are ready for so you don’t get frustrated and quit after a couple of weeks.
  • Limitations. Are you a person of a few words or someone who likes sharing long thoughts? Some guided gratitude journals will only give you space to write three things you are thankful for, with one line for each. Others will not limit the quantity and give you much more space to fill if you want to elaborate. There are also mixed versions out there. Choose carefully in order to not feel limited in your gratitude expression!
  • Variety of topics. Are you okay with answering the same question every day or you’d rather fill some creative prompts, different for each day? Do you want to necessarily list things you are grateful for or just reflecting on your feelings of gratitude in some specific way is fine? Look through the images to make sure you understand the structure of a journal you choose, and it’s one you would enjoy daily.
  • Religious aspect. Who are you saying thanks to? Is it God? Is it Universe? Is it nobody, just pure appreciation? This is also an important factor to consider so you don’t end up with a gratitude journal that doesn’t fit in your belief system and turns you off.
  • Aesthetic. Lastly, choose a beautiful journal that you will love looking at every day. There are literally journals for every taste these days, so you can choose an exciting cover for you instead of going with the most popular one.

With all the important aspects discussed, let’s take a look at the best gratitude journals with prompts in 2022!

10 Best Gratitude Journals With Prompts

Click on an image to go to a store or click on a journal name to see the detailed info:

1. Good Days Start With Gratitude


“Good Days Start With Gratitude” is a 52-week guide to cultivate an attitude of gratitude. With more than 18 thousand 5-star reviews, it’s definitely a winner among all the daily gratitude journals available in 2022!

It’s relatively simple with only 3 lines to write per day, which makes it not time-consuming at all and a good option for your first gratitude journal. There are also a few pages for longer journaling entities that are available once in a few weeks.

Pros: Weekly view, easy and quick to fill, helps you create a habit of daily gratitude, has an inspirational quote for each week.

Cons: You are limited by three things to be grateful for per day, and only one line per item. No space for explaining your “why” and writing down related thoughts.

2. The Five-Minute Journal

5 minute journal for daily gratitude

Beautiful in its simplicity, The Five-Minute Journal is widely endorsed by world-known productivity gurus like Tim Ferris.

This is more than just a gratitude journal. With a whole page dedicated to each day, you have several reflection questions to think about.

It implies that you dedicate a few minutes in the morning to set the intention for the day and then again before bed to review your day.

5 minute journal with prompts for daily gratitude - page example
Prompts for the day
example of 5 minute journal filled page to feel grateful daily
Self-commitment page

Pros: Lots of things to think about, pushes you to improve yourself, includes weekly challenges.

Cons: Same questions every day. Too much to fill every day. Need to find time for it twice a day. If you a looking for a simple gratitude journal, this one is probably not for you.

Here is a good video review if you’d like to hear more info and personal examples!

3. A Year Of Gratitude by Promptly Journals

promptly gratitude journal with daily prompts

Promptly Journals is a company that specializes in journals with prompts.

This gratitude journal is designed to only take three minutes of your time per day. It has a weekly view with one different gratitude-related question to think about every day.

There are also lots of weekly prompts and creative ideas to reflect on.

Pros: Beautiful and soft linen cover, variety of ways to be grateful, unique and creative prompts.

Cons: Not for you if you want a simple “write 3 things you are grateful for daily” kind of gratitude journal.

example of promptly gratitude journal with prompts
Undated weekly view
promptly gratitude journal example with daily prompt ideas
Overall aesthetic

This journal is called A Year Of Gratitude and comes in a nice linen cover that’s available in a variety of soft colors.

If you are interested to see more journals from Promptly Journals, such as self-love journal, travel journal, or love story journal, you can find them all here.

4. Erin Coldren Daily Gratitude Notebook

erin coldren gratitude journal

A gratitude journal by Erin Coldren is a favorite for many women as it’s aesthetically pleasing and cultivates the attitude of gratitude.

It’s undated, which is good for your mental health as you won’t feel guilty if you skip a day. You can even only answer one or two questions per day instead of filling a whole page if you are short on time.

Pros: Pleasing aesthetic, very flexible design.

Cons: Not very practical for counting daily blessings, will be more suitable for creative people who enjoy self-reflection on different topics.

erin coldren gratitude journal prompts example
Examples of filled gratitude journal
erin coldren gratitude log examples journal with prompts
Planning prompts

Besides daily reflections, this gratitude journal includes 30-day reviews and planning pages to set your goals and intentions.

5. Gratitude: A Day and Night Reflection Journal


If you are looking for a thorough daily reflection, this beautiful journal is for you.

It has two pages for each day: one with morning gratitude journal prompts to set the focus and gratitude mood for the day, and another one with evening reflection prompts to analyze how the day went and to keep a positive mindset.

Pros: Beautiful artsy minimalist design with spirituality flare. Inspires a positive mindset and feeling of gratitude. Has a mood tracker with options to evaluate your emotions on a daily basis.

Cons: Same questions every day, which some people might get bored with. 90 days only so you’ll need a new one every quarter.

6. 100 Days of Grace & Gratitude

grace and gratitude journal with prompts

This is probably the most beautiful prompted gratitude journal on this list, but it’s definitely not for everyone.

While there is a well-thought page for every single day with abstract illustrations and place for your thoughts, it’s very focused on God. It will probably be a perfect choice for a religious person who wants to express daily gratitude to God.

Every day has verses from Bible and a prayer you can use for that day after writing down your thanks.

Pros: Really beautiful and graceful design that hardly any other journal can compete with. Prayers and narratives for each day.

Cons: Extremely religious and focused on praising God, which is a big turn-off for people with different religious views.

beautiful grace and gratitude journal with prompts example page
Example page of Grace and Gratitude journal

Note that there are no actual questions but a topic to reflect on for each day.

7. Grateful Duo by alleyoop

grateful duo gratitude journal with pens

Grateful Duo is a bright creation of alleyoop team. It’s made to cultivate everyday gratitude and inspire people to go for their dreams.

The layout is similar to the one we have in the first journal: several days per page with three simple lines to fill with things you feel thankful for today.

It’s also full of red pages with beautiful quotes, combined with fun prompts and ideas to think about as you get into a gratitude mood.

Pros: A bright bold design for confident people and go-getters. Simple layout for writing 3 things a day you are grateful for.

Cons: Might get boring with the same question every day. Not enough space for deeper reflections.

grateful duo gratitude journal with prompts - daily gratitude list example
Example page of Grateful journal
grateful duo gratitude pens
All write pens

This journal comes with a set of pens that say “All write, let’s do this” which might inspire you to set bigger goals and achieve them. Or at least show up every day to write a bunch of pleasant things you’ll want to remember!

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8. Gratitude Journal by kikki.K

gratitude journal aesthetic cover

Grateful by kikki.K is another great journal if you are looking for a simple way to list daily blessings. With calm colors and minimalist design, it will please the eye of everyone who uses it.

There are a few introductory pages to read and reflection questions to fill in, followed by pages with the same gratitude prompts for each day.

Pros: Great for quickly listing your daily review and gratitude points. The process of finding positive words to describe your day helps you develop a positive mindset.

Cons: Doesn’t give you much space for creativity or deeper reflections.

gratitude journal with prompts pages examples
Gratitude journal example spread

If you need a sturdy gratitude journal to get into a habit of daily thankfulness, this might be just the one for you!

9. F*ck This Sh*t Show: A Gratitude Journal for Tired-A$$ Women


I couldn’t help but mention this one, although it might be offensive for many. But just look how unique is it!

If cussing is not a turn-off for you and your personality thrives with such bold expression, you can’t miss this journal.

It’s more like a sassy planner than a gratitude journal as it contains sections for daily to-dos, appointments, and results. But there is a place that says “I’m lucky to have…” which is exactly for listing the things you are grateful for.

This is clearly not for everyone and personally, I wouldn’t pick it up as it seems too negative for my taste. But I decided to include it anyway to add some variety in-between all these kindness-focused gratitude journals with similar prompts. And it has quite a lot of good reviews on Amazon, which says that there is definitely an audience who will enjoy it!

10. The One-Minute Gratitude Journal


The last one on my list of best gratitude journals with prompts is called The One-Minute Gratitude Journal.

It’s probably the simplest gratitude diary on this list which also has the least restrictions. It comes with a simple prompt “Today I’m grateful for…” for each day and half a page to fill with your thoughts.

Pros: Positive journal to express gratitude daily in a simple way. Very easy and flexible.

Cons: No interesting or creative gratitude writing prompts other than one similar question for each day.

I like this way of gratitude writing because it doesn’t limit you to one line of text nor gives you a specific number of things to be grateful for. One day you can write one thing and dive deeper into why it’s worth being thankful for, another day you might wanna list 20 things and nobody will stop you.

This is the kind of flexibility I’m looking for in any journal, not only daily gratitude journals with prompts. It allows your creativity to flow freely and not be restricted by too many rules. I feel like it’s better for your mental health which basically all happiness journals are about.

Have you found a prompted gratitude journal for yourself?

I think it’s awesome that there are so many different options as we all have very different personalities and need different things to feel good every day. While someone might get bored with the same prompts for each day, someone else will be relieved as it’s an easy and practical approach to daily gratitude.

As 100 Days Of Grace & Gratitude might be exactly what one person needs to say thanks to God, another person will consider F*ck This Sh*t Show a fun gem to find in a sea of similar gratitude journal book options. And I’m sure there are people out there who prefer expressing their gratitude with absolutely no limitations in an inspiring little notebook or classics like a Moleskin.

To be completely honest, you don’t necessarily need a guided journal if you just want to write three things you appreciate every day. Although it might be more aesthetically pleasing, the main idea is to be grateful and acknowledge all the good in your life, no matter how it looks.

Which one from this list might be the best gratitude journal for you? Let me know in the comments!

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