20 mindful monday questions for mindfulness

20 Mindful Monday Questions For Weekly Reflection Sessions

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Mindfulness is the art of being fully grounded in the present moment. To master this, you need to be in sync with your thoughts and hidden desires as well as be in control of what’s happening inside your head. A simple process of regular journaling helps you clear your mind and better understand the current state of things. Below you’ll find 20 questions you can use weekly as journaling prompts to have a mindful Monday and tune yourself for a great peaceful week!

Your mind is your instrument. Learn to be its master and not its slave.

Remez Sasson

Practicing mindful journaling is a personal process. You don’t have to follow any rules other than doing it regularly so it becomes a healthy habit of yours. There is no need to answer all these 20 mindfulness reflection questions every Monday, although you can if you want to!

Go through the list and choose the ones that seem important, then take a minute to connect with your feelings and write down not only the direct answer but also why that’s the answer and how you feel about it.

See it as kinda being your own shrink, if you will! The one who really cares about you and wants only the best for you. And works for free! How awesome is that?

If you have like-minded coworkers, you can even organize mindful Mondays at work and answer some simple daily questions about life that come to your mind. Or just get a friend to be your accountability buddy so you can both share and discuss your insights after these reflection sessions!

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Starting your week with a bunch of mindful Monday activities is meant to recharge you and help you focus on your journey to the best life. By adding this habit into your routine, you are ought to feel good and grounded every Monday which adds to all the many reasons to love this weekday!

So here are my 20 mindfulness questions to ask yourself whenever you want to reflect on your current point in life!

1. How can I be more positive?

Do you see yourself as a positive person? Do others see you the same way? Are you a friend who is usually energized and optimistic or the one who is always miserable and whining? Would you wanna be friends with yourself?

Try to look at your own behavior as an outside neutral observer and answer as objectively as possible. Write down what you think you can do to become more positive! Maybe you just need to cheer yourself up regularly with a bunch of positive affirmations? Or maybe you’d benefit from keeping a gratitude journal? Whatever works for you, write it down and implement one new positive activity this week!

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2. What do I expect from this week?

Here goes the list of your expectations. List everything you have in mind and then look at it realistically: is it even possible to do all that in one week? Or are you too ambitious? If you could only do three things this week to feel satisfied, which ones would it be? Highlight them and focus on doing those first through the week. Don’t forget to actually be content with your results afterward even if you don’t finish all the others! Review the points from this week next Monday and set new expectations!

3. Do I have a good working environment? If not, how can I improve it?

Do I Have A Good Working Environment? Mindful monday question #3

Whether you work in a corporate office or organized a home office for yourself, look around and see how it makes you feel. Do you feel a productive vibe or too much pressure? Is it clean from all the distractions so you can focus on your work or is it cluttered? Have you set boundaries with your coworkers or family members to avoid unnecessary interactions when you work? Do you feel like a professional in your office or are tempted to be lazy? Write down a couple of things you can do to improve it if necessary!

4. Is there a habit that I need to work on?

Do you have something you always wanted to make a habit of but never had time to actually do this? Mindful Monday is a great time to find it and gradually incorporate it into your life. If you have many habits in mind, insert them one by one in order to not overwhelm yourself. What’s one thing that will benefit you the most and is relatively easy to add to your daily life? What’s stopping you from adding it to your life? Start with a small step today and check in with yourself the next mindful Monday!

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5. What is the best thing that happened last week?

Yes, mindfulness is all about being in the present and not losing yourself in the past or the future. But the present moment is exactly that – a moment – and you started reading this paragraph many moments ago so it’s already in the past. How is that for perspective?

A mindful person is also a kind and grateful one. Now is a good time to rewind the last week’s accomplishments and relive the most positive moments! What made you smile? When did you feel happy or excited? Who were you with at those moments? Take time to appreciate every little thing you remember!

6. What is the worst thing that happened last week? How did I react?

If we don’t learn from the mistakes and bad situations, nothing stops them from happening again! But don’t beat yourself up or let any negative emotions swallow you. Understand your feelings, learn your lesson, write it down, and move on!

7. Are there any distractions that stand in the way of my growth?

are there any distractions from my goals? mindful monday question #7

How focused are you on your big life goals? Do you prioritize them or let the minutiae keep you away from any progress? Set your priorities, clarify your focus, and get inspired to act on your dreams again! Remember to keep the growth mindset and avoid all the negative thoughts that prevent you from following your passions!

8. Which are the two most noticeable emotions I feel right now?

Close your eyes and listen to your inner self. What are the two most prominent emotions you feel at the moment? Are they positive or negative? What makes you feel like that? Write whatever comes to your mind, especially if it’s negative. Let it all out on paper and give yourself permission to let it go.

You can do more than two if you recognize more prominent feelings in your mood. This journaling exercise is not meant to restrict you, instead, it is here to let you feel your feelings and accept them.

9. What stresses me out the most these days?

Is there something or someone that gives you a lot of negative feelings lately? Is there a way you can distance yourself from those or avoid them completely? Think about the way out or the ways to cope, instead of focusing on those bad feelings right now.

If you often find yourself in stressful situations, here are some useful anxiety affirmations to help you calm yourself down. Remember that you are in control of your emotions, not the other way around!

10. How can I make this week productive?

how can I make this week productive? mindful Monday question #10

Do you often find yourself lazy and not willing to do the work? Why do you think it happens? What would be your criteria to count this week as a productive one?

Here are some tips to get you into a productive mood and a few useful affirmations to help you beat procrastination!

11. Am I allowing myself to rest and recharge?

Putting too much pressure on yourself for prolonged periods of time inevitably leads to burnout! Every once in a while give yourself permission to just rest. Whether it’s a full-on self-care session once a week or just a few minutes of quiet time for yourself every day, make sure to let yourself relax and recharge your batteries!

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12. What do I love and appreciate about myself?

This is one of the harder mindfulness questions to answer for many of us. Self-love is something most people feel is unnatural to practice. We are used to easily finding flaws in ourselves but when it comes to highlighting the good, it’s not that easy.

Look at yourself in the mirror and then think about your personality qualities: which parts do you like? Make the effort to find at least five good words to describe yourself. Don’t think about the negative or whatever could be improved, focus strictly on the positive. It’s there, I assure you, and don’t believe if your negative thoughts tell you otherwise!

Unless you are a rare person with good self-esteem and already love yourself unconditionally, here is my collection of beautiful affirmations for self-love that may be the first step in your self-appreciation journey.

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13. What can I do today to come closer to my big goal?

Reflect on your one big goal and write down one step you can do today to bring it a little closer to reality!

14. Do I have good morning and evening routines?

do i have a good morning routine? mindfulness monday question 14

Healthy routines keep us grounded and on track as we regularly do something good for ourselves. It’s different for everyone but your morning routine should include things that you look forward to wake up to! Whether it’s journaling, reading, meditating, saying positive affirmations, drawing, coloring, singing, dancing, working out, skin care, or something entirely different for you, add to your schedule a few solid daily activities that you enjoy doing and stick to them!

15. Do I see myself as a productive person?

In general, are you a productive person or a procrastinator? What makes you say that? What can you do to be even more effective? Are you good at managing distractions while working? Check out these productivity affirmations that help set you up for a successful day, especially when you don’t feel like it!

16. How will I move my body today?

how will I move my body today? Mindfulness monday question 16

With all the lockdown restrictions many of us are stuck at home with hardly any physical activities. Find a way to still add some movement into your days, whether it’s a workout, dancing, yoga, or something else.

17. Am I satisfied with my life right now? Why not?

Okay, maybe you just said yes, then ignore that “why not” part and let me know in the comments! I’m yet to meet a person who is totally happy with everything, has a perfectly balanced life, and doesn’t want to change anything. There is always room for improvement, right?

Write down the parts of your life that don’t feel as good as they could be. Once in a few weeks or months draw the wheel of your life to understand which areas require some attention (I usually do it once a year but it’s up to you). Then brainstorm actionable ideas for every area!

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18. What do I want?

For this, let your mind roam freely and write down everything that comes to mind. You can always organize and overthink it later, for now just brainstorm and write it down. From little pleasures to biggest dreams, try to make a list of 50 to 100 items you’d want for yourself if anything was possible! Who knows, your brain may surprise you with something you always dreamed of as a child but haven’t thought about for many years!

It’s a great exercise to regularly sync with your dreams, check if you still want the same things, and maybe rethink your long-term and short-term goals according to whatever comes up!

19. What is my current motto?

Everyone needs a motto! It can be anything from a personal motivational thought to your favorite inspiring quote to a single word that’s meaningful to you at this point of your life journey. Write it down or even print it and keep it close at your workplace as a constant reminder!

20. What am I grateful for?

what am I grateful for today? mindful monday question #20

Whether you are familiar with the concept of a gratitude journal or not, simply write down three or more things you are grateful for. This is also a good daily exercise to do if you want to become a more positive person. The more good you pay attention to, the more you notice it around you, and the more positive life will seem! This adds to the idea of being mindful every day as you notice those little things only if you are present!

Final thoughts on mindful Monday questions to ask yourself

Those were 20 mindfulness questions for your Monday journaling! You can actually do it on any day as long as you do it regularly. But personally, I like the idea of beginning my week with mindful writing so I’m connected with my inner self and build the whole week in harmony with it.

Hope these were helpful! Tell me in the comments if you keep a mindfulness journal and how it helps you be more present!

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