top reasons to love monday that successful people know

7 Reasons To Love Mondays Only Successful People Understand

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Although one-seventh of our life is happening on Monday, the day itself has acquired a somewhat negative connotation. But when it comes to successful people, they know better than to channel their energy into hatred for something that is gonna happen every week anyway. Today, I’m sharing 7 really good reasons to love Mondays that are aimed to completely shift your perspective!

As a traditional start of the workweek, Monday takes on all the bad emotions people feel when they have to go to a job they hate after a relaxing fun weekend. It became common to feel sleepy and lazy at the office on a Monday even though it’s the first day of work and there is no reason to be exhausted.

By being like that, we give a usual workday lots of power over us!

Either you run the day or the day runs you.

Jim Rohn

We say “It’s Monday, you know” as an excuse to be lazy and unproductive the whole day instead of setting expectations and achieving something. We even use funny mugs like these that contribute to the whole negative vibe around Mondays!

Would you drink from a mug like that on Monday? Or you’d rather have a positive motivational one? Tell me in the comments!

Personally, I like Mondays. A lot.

I always get inspired to start a new week of interesting projects and excited to plan it the day before.

By the way, if I were to give you one tip for liking Mondays, it would be this: plan your next week during the weekend so when you wake up on Monday, you already have something to look forward to and have a positive reason to get out of bed! Add a few fun little activities and treats into your plan so your mind starts expecting that “dreadful” day as something good and pleasant!

Just try it next Monday and see by yourself!

That being said, here are 7 reasons to love Mondays that should change your perspective.

1. Monday is an opportunity to start fresh

Everyone loves a clean slate.

We make countless New Year resolutions, we postpone tasks for tomorrow (a brand new day), and we always choose Mondays to start a new habit.

I’ve heard someone calling Mondays the “mini new years” and I loved it! You don’t have to wait till the next year to start eating healthier or jogging in the morning. Next Monday is as good as January 1st to start creating the life you love. Even better, actually, cause there isn’t so much pressure and things to do as it is in January!

Frankly, you don’t even need to wait for Monday.

If you really want to change something for the better, you should start today. The thing is, an expectation of Monday gives you this feeling of “starting fresh” that can motivate you to stick to your new routine longer.

If that’s the case, use it to your advantage! Stop punishing yourself for past mistakes, set new goals, and become a better version of yourself little by little every week. You’ll be shocked how much can change in a year if you just push yourself into a small improvement every Monday!

2. You have a clear vision and can come up with better ideas

Unless you are an entrepreneur, you probably haven’t been working all weekend which means you show up to work on Monday morning with so-called “fresh eyes”.

You can clearly see the problems to solve and most likely will come up with better ideas than you would on Friday. After all, you just spent two days focusing on other things and your mind is not glued to the one way of seeing things yet!

Research showed that despite all the hatred, Monday is indeed the most productive day for the office workers.

love Mondays as they are the most productive days of the week
Productivity peaks on Monday and goes down from there. The full report can be found here.

It also mentioned that employees are the most effective during the morning time. This only proves everyone’s fresh perspective on Mondays! We reset over the weekend and are ready to rock the new week!

3. You are a week closer to your goals

When you open your eyes on Monday, you realize you just got another week closer to your long-term goals!

I mean, you are setting goals, right? There is no point in living a stagnant life.

We all want to become successful but not everyone is ready to work on it every single week.

I’m sure you aren’t like that so if you still don’t plan your weeks, you should start doing this, always keeping the idea of your best life in mind!

BTW, you can find a lot of useful tools and resources for personal development here

No need to wait for the next year to buy a planner and start taking responsibility for your own life. There are many undated planner options that are not tied to a particular year so you can start using it on any day of any month. There are even 90-day planners you can use instead of ones for a whole year so you can deeply focus on the next 3 months.

I mean, as soon as you decide to show up for yourself and improve your life, grab a new inspiring planner and start filling it up! It also gives you that feeling of starting fresh that I mentioned in my first point.

To the day, the best weekly planner I found is called Panda Planner. It has a 7-day overview per two-page-spread so you can see your whole week at a glance. There are also sections for planning, reviewing the previous week, setting main goals and priorities, as well as some free space for journaling or important notes.

If this doesn’t increase your productivity, I don’t know what will!

4. You get to meet wonderful people

Whether you work at the corporate office or from your awesome home office, Monday is the day you get to see your lovely colleagues and clients again!

Listening to what everyone was up to on the weekend always inspires me to start building new plans and events for myself. It creates a high frequency and puts everyone on it, which also contributes to being more productive later in the day.

It’s very refreshing to hear different perspectives. It often inspires you to get some eye-opening ideas on what you’d love to add to your own life.

As humans, we are social beings and need some amount of communication in our daily life. Some more than others, though. In any case, catching up with coworkers may be a great source of external inspiration for both your work and life, just remember to limit it so it doesn’t become a distraction from your work goals.

5. You have more energy and motivation than any other day

No matter how you spend the weekend, till Monday you are usually well-rested and energized again. You most likely didn’t perform anything that would take the same amount of brain energy as your usual full-time work tasks. You shifted your focus to other activities and had enough time to regain your energy.

The idea of Monday being so dreadful for many people led to the creation of all kinds of Monday motivation sources. There are even podcasts that focus solely on Monday inspiration!

It goes without saying that your Monday morning attitude can influence your whole day.

Let’s see an example!

Here are a few shirts pessimists would wear. Will their Monday be positive and productive? I doubt that! This may be a good conversation starter if you wanna surround yourself with negative people and stay on a really low energy level during the day.

Instead, why not choose a fun positive shirt that will not only keep your mood up but will also make people around you smile more and be less grumpy?

See like a simple shirt can create a very different image of yourself in other people’s eyes? From your coworkers who already know you to your new clients who are yet to make the first impression, everyone makes an opinion depending on how you look and act.

Let them all know that from now on you love Mondays and choose to conquer the world instead of sitting and whining like many others. Show up as a positive person and this will be the energy you attract!

This is not really about tee-shirts but they do a good job of claiming “I love Monday mornings” without you weirdly saying it to everyone in person. If you wear something more formal on Mondays, find another source of motivation you can use. From artsy desk calendars to wall decorations with quotes, there is no limit to little things you can use to keep your Monday mood up!

6. You have plenty of time to achieve something this week

If it’s Friday and you plan for the rest of the week, your options are kinda limited.

But when it’s Monday and the week is only starting, you can totally set more ambitious goals for the week as you have plenty of time to do everything you need to do. Plus, you can be much more flexible if something goes wrong. Even if you won’t be as productive on Tuesday as you expected, you will still have five more days to concentrate on the goal and finish up everything you have planned for the week.

That’s where the weekly planners I mentioned in my third reason to love Mondays come into the picture!

7. You can’t appreciate a Friday without a Monday

I’ll just leave this nice quote for you here that sums up everything I have to say for this point.

There was no good without the bad, no joy without sorrow, no peace without war, and there definitely couldn’t be love without the sour taste of hate. You had to know what one felt like to fully experience and appreciate the other.

Jay Crownover

You get it, right? You would never love Friday so much when it finally comes or appreciate the weekend if all those hardworking days didn’t come before that.

Final thoughts on the reasons to love Mondays

team monday! lets love mondays together, I have 7 reasons to do this

Now you know all the 7 reasons why I love Mondays! Although now, as I am an entrepreneur and don’t have a fixed schedule anymore, it’s not as different from other days to me. Sometimes I can get super inspired and work 20 hours over the weekend and other times I don’t feel like working at all and take Monday off. But I remember how everyone in the office hated Mondays back in my corporate days!

Now, how do you feel about Mondays? Did my reasons give you a slightly different perspective? I’m sure they did! Start every new week strong, always aim for a productive day, wear something inspiring if necessary, and I hope you never hate Mondays anymore!

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