how to write affirmations that really work

How To Write Affirmations That Work: 4 Manifestation Rules

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Positive affirmations have proven to make a significant impact on people’s lives. Despite this, there are people who claim that it’s all nonsense or even fraud.

In the vast majority of cases, those who say it either never really tried affirmations or did it all wrong.

From this post, you’ll learn how to write affirmations that actually work. I also give plenty of examples to illustrate the rules, help you personalize them, and answer common questions you may come up with as you start to write your own statements.

When written the right way and repeated daily with emotion, your positive affirmations can do miracles for manifesting your dream life!

Here are my 4 most important manifestation rules that you should follow when writing your own affirmations:

1. Make your positive affirmations actually positive

avoid negative statements in positive affirmations

What I mean by this is that you shouldn’t use negative statements in your affirmations. Ever.

Forget about the words like “poor”, “fat”, “unhappy” that have a clear negative connotation.

This is a very simple rule but I see many people ignoring it.

When you mention both yourself and such negative things in one sentence, you create more unnecessary neural connections in your brain. Thankfully, you are in control, and can always rephrase your affirmations to only associate yourself with good things.

Instead of saying “I will not be poor anymore” you can say “I’m getting wealthier every day”, “Opportunities to make money are coming my way” or “I’m on my way to becoming a rich person”.

Try to say out loud this: “I will never eat fast food and drink soda again”. Notice what comes to your mind right away. Most likely you see the picture or your favorite Mcdonald’s cheeseburger before your eyes and even feel the taste of your favorite sweetened drink.

Affirmations with negative words like that, although said with the best intentions, can actually do the opposite for your goals. They remind you about the good feelings about things you shouldn’t do anymore so you are likely to indulge in your typical bad behavior again.

In this case, you can say “I choose to be healthy” and “I am making healthy food choices”, or even something more specific like “Whenever I have a choice next time, I’m gonna order a salad” so you think about healthy food and create the neural pathways that are aligned with your goals.

2. Use present tense for continuous improvement

I get that sometimes saying something directly feels like a lie. And you shouldn’t bring yourself into a pattern of telling yourself untrue statements.

The thing with affirmations is that they work only when you believe they can. It shouldn’t ever feel like tricking your brain or confusing yourself with false information.

For example, if you are really sick and wish to get better, you usually don’t expect that some magic will happen and all your problems will be gone in a moment. This would be great, but it’s hardly possible. The process of healing is often gradual and slow, and your affirmations should be in tune with it.

Whenever you resist believing in your statements even after a few days of saying them, consider changing the wording of your affirmations.

Here are some examples:

  • If “I am healthy” feels wrong at the moment, say something like “I am healing more and more every day”. With time, when you actually feel better, try to go back to “I am healthy” and see how it feels. (Here are my favorite affirmations for healing and happiness)
  • If your business is not in a good place, don’t force yourself to say “I am successful and wealthy” or “My business is thriving” when it’s far from happening. Start with “I am becoming more and more successful and happy each day”, “I’m putting a lot of good energy into my business and I’m worthy of getting it back multiplied” or “Whatever I can dream up for my business, I can achieve”. (Check out my lists of financial affirmations or statements for successful entrepreneurs)
  • When you are all stressed and worried, don’t say “I feel great and relaxed” unless you really have the power to convince yourself. A better version will be “I am in the process of positive change” or “With every breath I take, I release the anxiety and fear from within me”. Say “It’s going to be okay” and believe it because it always gets better. (Here are more affirmations for anxiety and stress release)

See how continuous statements are better? Maybe you can’t believe that you already have something, but you can believe that you are on the way to getting it. Believing in progress and improvement is much easier than in the final result when your goal is too far.

continuous improvement on the way to your goal

At the same time, don’t reach for future tense when you don’t need it. And when you absolutely sure you need it, specify the timeline.

Let’s look at an example.

My business will be successful” – bad, too vague, no timeline. Let’s say it will be successful in 50 years, are you okay with that?

Here are a few good statements you can replace it with:

  • My business is growing day by day
  • My income is constantly increasing
  • My business will become profitable until the end of the year
  • This month is going to be my most profitable month so far

I hope you get the idea! Tell me in the comments if you struggle to apply this tactic to your statements and may need some fresh perspective.

3. Affirm realistic things that are meaningful to YOU

When you are at the beginning of your affirmations journey, it’s easier to use existing positive affirmations that already work for many people. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself when you don’t understand all the rules yet. Later on, when you are used to the whole concept of saying affirmations, you can move on to writing your own statements.

Your personalized affirmations are supposed to address your current struggles and manifest the dreams you have at the current phase of your life.

If you are reading this, chances are you already know what you want to manifest.

how to write affirmations to achieve your goals

Whichever area of your life you think needs improvement, you can create detailed affirmations about it.

And most important: Make your affirmations realistic.

If you are just starting a new business, a goal of “six-figure income next month” most likely won’t happen, even if you call yourself a successful millionaire ten thousand times.

When your goal weight is half of what you have now, even the best fitness program combined with the most healthy eating will not make it happen in two weeks (sorry). Set smaller goals that can be achieved in shorter periods of time, then move on to the next step. This will save you from disappointment and feeling like a failure when you haven’t implemented your unrealistic plans.

Don’t underestimate yourself and be ambitious, but always keep it real.

4. Write specific affirmations that make you feel good

The more positive emotions you feel when you say your affirmations, the better they will work.

When you are looking through big affirmation lists like my money affirmations or these self-love statements, there are always some sentences that mean more to you than others. All of them are great and powerful, but you need to pay attention to your personal response to choose the affirmations that will work best for YOUR life.

You can either personalize statements that spoke to you or write your own affirmations according to your current life situation. In any case, make sure everything you say triggers a positive emotional response.

positive feelings from positive affirmations

Let’s take a look at some examples of fairly specific affirmations.

Specific affirmations to manifest money

  • My passive income allows me to go on vacation five times a year.
  • I’m duplicating the income from my business every year.
  • I have over a million dollars in my bank account.

Powerful affirmations to manifest confidence

  • I’m delivering a speech on stage to a thousand people and hear them all applauding.
  • I am meeting many great people at each networking event and I’m talking to them with ease.
  • I have the courage to do this thing I always wanted. (specify whatever your thing is)

Positive affirmations to manifest friends

  • My life is filled with positive, awesome people.
  • I am blessed with beautiful relationships with special people, for they are a reflection of what I am.
  • I have deeply-fulfilling friendships with happy people.

Do any of these make you feel happy? Use them as an example and find your own meaningful words to attract whatever your life is missing!

Imagine that you already have what you want. How would you describe yourself? Write down this description of yourself in a state of happiness. Repeat this process for each goal you have at the moment. When you are done, use manifestation rules from this post to make sure you don’t include negativity or too general statements.

Congratulations, you just wrote affirmations that have no choice but to work for you! (If you haven’t, stop reading and go do what I just said! I’ll wait…) Say them all daily or focus on a few affirmations at once until you reach all your goals and start to live a happy and fulfilled life!

Common questions on writing affirmations

common questions on how to write affirmations

How long should affirmations be?

Short sentences work better as they are carved into your subconscious mind easier. You may start with one sentence like “I am strong and powerful” and later add more to it. Anything up to 15 statements are more than enough for each goal as soon as you can remember the whole message you are sending to your brain.

By the way, if you’d like to learn how your subconscious mind works, this book has plenty of interesting stuff on a subject!

How specific should affirmations be?

As the rule number 4 states, you should make your affirmations as specific as possible. The main goal of writing affirmations is to manifest your dreams, which means you should know exactly what you want to achieve. Use numbers, timelines, and deadlines to apply your affirmations smoothly to the real life.

Why are “I AM” affirmations powerful?

Positive affirmations aim to replace the negative thoughts and impressions you have about yourself and your life. When you start your affirmations with “I AM”, you influence how you see yourself in a positive way, which leads to your mind believing it and implementing it accordingly. By saying “I AM” affirmations daily, you convince yourself that you are the person you want to be so you won’t doubt yourself in difficult life situations.

Here is the word cloud I created to make it easier for you to write I AM affirmations. Just say “I am…” and add whichever worlds from the picture apply and make you feel great about yourself!

powerful positive words for i am affirmations

Final words on how to write affirmations that work

Well, today you learned the skill of writing affirmations that will work! Use it to manifest all your dreams and live a fulfilled life full of things to be grateful for.

Write believable and realistic statements that apply to your life circumstances. Specify your goals as much as possible and decompose them into smaller ones that you can achieve in the foreseeable future. Repeat your affirmations a few times every day in a quiet place, and try to be calm and focused when you do it.

Give the affirmations time to sink in your brain and heart before they start working for you.

In the meantime, don’t just rely on affirmations to make everything better. Work hard towards your goals, keep the growth mindset, and the better future will come sooner than you think!