60 Positive Healing Affirmations For Cold And Flu

60 Positive Healing Affirmations For Cold And Flu

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I’m writing this post after spending two weeks in my bed with all kinds of typical flu symptoms that made me feel miserable. Below you’ll find a bunch of positive healing affirmations for a cold that helped me keep myself mentally in a good place during this time.

I’m not sure whether it was a cold, the flu, or some new kind of seasonal virus, and it doesn’t really matter.

Even if it’s a common cold, there is still a virus attacking your body and making you feel weak. When your daily routine is wrecked like this, when you are not able to do simple tasks you always do, and all you can do is lie down in bed and drink ginger lemon tea, it has a negative effect on your mental health.

If you are feeling frustrated with all the symptoms and the weakness, and simply the thought of spending one more unproductive day in bed makes you nauseous, these positive affirmations for cold and flu will help you heal and recover faster. They will also shift your focus to positive thoughts, reignite your self-belief and reiterate to your subconscious the idea of how strong and powerful your body is.

I believe that our bodies have self-healing abilities and can defeat any disease with the right mindset and consistent inner guidance. But you have to pull yourself out of self-pity and channel loving energy into your body instead. Positive affirmations have the power to take your mind off unpleasant flu symptoms, accept the situation and focus on healing.

Let yourself rest as much as you need and be grateful to every part of your organism that functions well and keeps you alive. You can even give mental thanks to your cells for all the hard work they are doing now to protect you from the attack and make you feel better.

With that said, let’s get rid of that stupid virus ASAP, shall we?

Spiritual meaning of having a cold

Even though technically it’s a viral infection, you coming down with a cold often means that your body is trying to tell you something. Maybe you have too much going on and need to let yourself rest. Or your stress levels are over the top and there are not enough resources for your body to fight.

You are being exposed to viruses and harmful bacteria all the time, and usually, your immunity is on guard and protects you from all that. If you catch a cold, it means that your internal security system got weakened and you must do something to build it back to strong again.

Oftentimes a cold appears when you have suppressed some of your emotions for too long and your body can’t handle it anymore. Both runny nose and blocked nose can indicate a mental blockage. Let it all out, and allow yourself time for mindfulness and self-care.

Your body is trying to communicate with you in the only way that’s accessible to it. So try to stop putting too much pressure on yourself and listen to your body.

Sacrificing your health for the sake of work or some achievement is never worth it in the long run. Never!

So take enough time off for your body to recover and be kind to yourself in the meantime.

Here are positive affirmations that will support your healing.

Healing affirmations for a cold

Healing affirmations for cold

These are my favorite affirmations for healing a cold. Repeat them enough times every day until your full recovery, especially at times when you feel overwhelmed by any negative emotions.

1. I listen to all the signals my body sends me.

2. I am in the process of healing now.

3. I allow myself time to rest and recuperate.

4. I am getting better and feeling better every day.

5. My body is strong enough to defeat any virus fast.

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Positive affirmations for the flu

1. It’s okay to prioritize myself and dedicate time to self-care.

2. I channel healthy energy from the Universe into my body and accept perfect health.

3. I release all the blockages that piled up in my body.

4. I gently allow myself to heal and get better.

5. I love my body and treat it with kindness.

Powerful healing affirmations for fast recovery

1. My body has incredible healing abilities.

2. I wake up feeling better every morning.

3. I will not feel guilty for taking the time off.

4. It’s easy for me to recover and get back on my feet fast.

5. With every exhale, I can feel the illness leaving my body.

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Healing affirmations for common cold symptoms

Healing affirmations for common cold symptoms

Positive affirmations for cough

1. My cough is declining every hour, I feel better and better.

2. There’s no reason to cough anymore, my body is healthy.

3. Every possible source of irritation is disappearing.

4. My whole respiratory system is clear and healthy.

5. I don’t have any symptoms anymore, I am completely healthy.

Affirmations for sore throat

1. My throat is healthy and at ease.

2. I feel confident and my voice is strong.

3. Every day I’m getting healthier and healthier.

4. I can feel soreness gradually disappear.

5. I can speak freely without pain. I am allowed to say everything I want.

Affirmations for runny nose

1. My nose is clean and open for oxygen to flow in and out easily.

2. I release all the emotions that have been stuck inside my body.

3. My mind and body are in sync and stronger than any illness.

4. I’m letting go of my pain now and forgiving myself for my past mistakes.

5. I treat myself with love, acceptance, care, and compassion.

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Affirmations for blocked nose

1. I allow myself to not feel stuck anymore, and actively choose the direction for my life.

2. I breathe easily through my nose.

3. I release all the mental blocks that stop me from being happy.

4. I allow myself to just breathe, to just be.

5. I channel positive thoughts into my body and let go of all the negative ones.

Affirmations for sneezing

1. I allow my body to cleanse itself from everything that no longer serves me.

2. I allow myself to slow down and just relax.

3. I let go of all my fears and I surrender to the unknown.

4. My whole face looks good and feels good.

5. I accept and welcome every smell into my nose.

Affirmations for healing headaches

Affirmations for healing headaches

1. I am free of headaches now. I feel light and think clearly.

2. I allow myself to release tension and feel better.

3. Every cell in my body is focused on healing.

4. I am in control of my body and I direct all my energy into healing.

5. I deserve a good healthy life without pain.

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Affirmations for fever

1. I have a strong body that naturally fights sicknesses.

2. I’m sending love and peace to every part of my body.

3. My immune system is strong enough to overcome any illness.

4. My body is healthy and relieves fever immediately.

5. I am free of fever and all inflammation is gone.

Affirmations for fatigue and low energy

1. I wake up strong and full of energy every day.

2. I am full of creative ideas and ready to implement them all.

3. With every breath I take, I inhale healing energy, I exhale sickness.

4. I am finding new sources of strength in my body every day.

5. I have enough energy to live my life to the fullest.

I Am Healthy affirmations

1. I am a healthy person, full of energy and vitality.

2. I am grateful for my strong and healthy body.

3. I acknowledge and appreciate everything my body does internally to heal itself.

4. I am safe and protected from all external attacks on my health.

5. My immunity is extremely strong.

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Final words on healing cold & flu with positive affirmations

These were my 60 healing affirmations for cold, flu, and any other virus that happens to affect you. I hope that you get better soon and these positive affirmations help you keep a healthy mindset.

I also have a big list of 100+ health affirmations, if you ever need healing from anything other than a common cold!