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Self-Care Resources

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With all the things we need to take care of every day, we often forget about self-care.

Even though you know that dedicating time to yourself is critical for your wellbeing, it’s usually the last thing on your list!

Same as your phone needs to get recharged continuously to keep functioning, both your body and mind need as well.

If you say that you don’t have time for self-care, think about how much time you’ll waste if you get sick or burnt out!

Recovery takes much more time than you would spend on any daily self-care rituals combined. It’s simply not worth it.

It’s not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself, and to make your happiness a priority. It’s necessary.

Mandy Hale

Allow yourself room to take a step back, put yourself first, and recharge your batteries.

There are lots of different ways to take care of yourself!

And that’s just a few ways to take care of YOU!

Obviously, you can’t fly away for a relaxing retreat every day. That’s why I created this collection of available and affordable resources that you can use to add a little self-care element to your daily routines!

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Self-Care Subscription Box

If you are busy (who isn’t?) and don’t need any extra things to worry about, sign up for a subscription box!

Some of these are curated by therapists, others by regular people who know a thing or two about self-care.

Choose it once, forget about it, and enjoy a box of therapeutic self-care goodies that appear every month on your doorstep!

Self-Care Workbooks

Wanna dive deeper into your mental wellbeing?

Here are a couple of workbooks with daily prompts for reflection. They are meant to guide you on your journey to a better self, which starts with boosting your confidence and genuine self-love.

Daily Self-Care Essentials

Just a bunch of things to boost your daily mood and elevate your self-care activities!

Good Reads About Self-Care

Do you regularly read self-development books that keep you on a high frequency? If not, you are missing out big time! Here are some worthy reading materials to fill your life with good vibes and positive energy!