20 Positive Affirmations To Trust Yourself

All Lists Of Affirmations: 2500+ Positive Affirmations For Everyday

This page is a great source of positive things to tell yourself every day! Here I gathered in one place and categorized all lists of positive affirmations I have created over the years.

There are 2500+ affirmations in these lists combined as of now, and the collection is growing every month! I’ll be updating this page with every new list of affirmations I post.

If you ever need inspiration for self-talk, you’ll find self-affirmation examples about anything and everything here! I recommend bookmarking this page to have a quick reference whenever you need it.

At the bottom, you’ll find some of my tips for making the most of positive affirmations as well as my answers to the most common questions about them.

With that said, choose your topic, and let’s make you an enormously happy and confident person!

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New to affirmations? Start with these lists!

Affirmation lists by topic

I grouped all the affirmations lists into 6 categories: self-esteem, happy life, appearance, mental health, self-care, and general wellbeing. Choose one area of your life that triggers you the most right now, and focus on healing it and improving your situation.

Don’t rush into doing everything at once, although there are ways to combine different affirmations if you want to work on more than one topic simultaneously. In any case, be kind and don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

You can also use a search bar at the top right corner if you are looking for something specific! (For example, try searching for “creativity affirmations”, “friendship affirmations”, “gratitude affirmations”, or “affirmations for peace”.)

So, what is it gonna be today?

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Daily affirmations for the week

One easy way to approach affirmations is to have a set of statements for each day of the week. This will spruce up your routine a little bit and make every day feel special!

Depending on the day you are reading this, choose your list and follow the instructions in the dedicated post. I hope it inspires you to have a great day no matter what!

What are positive affirmations?

Positive affirmations are meaningful encouraging statements that you say to yourself. By repeating them over and over again, you can shift your mindset to improve your self-image and see the world in a more positive way.

What do affirmations do?

Affirmations rewire your brain to replace old negative neural connections with new positive pathways. This encourages your self-belief and builds the foundation for a healthy mindset that is required to achieve success in every area of your life.

What are examples of affirmations?

Any statement you repeatedly tell yourself is an affirmation. A good example of a short affirmation is “I am enough” or “I am so beautiful!”. You can also say something like: “With every breath I take, I inhale calmness, I exhale stress” if, say, you feel anxious or stressed out.

Naturally, we are prone to using negative affirmations like “I am so stupid”, “It’s impossible”, or “Nobody can ever love me”. The idea of positive affirmations is to gradually replace all these damaging thoughts with positive loving statements and focus on the good things instead.

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Do affirmations work?

Positive affirmations always work in your favor if you stick to them. Every little positive change in your mindset, even though invisible to the eye, makes a big difference in your future life. You might not understand the connection, but as your life starts to improve and synchronicities start to naturally happen, you’ll know your powerful daily affirmations had a role in that.

When affirmations don’t work

The main reason that your affirmations don’t work is that you still have negative thoughts or limiting beliefs that stop positive changes from happening. You need to truly believe your affirmations and always keep them in your mind to not allow negativity to take over.

For example, if you come from a poor family, saying things like “I’m a millionaire” can never work for you right away. You need to clear your old money blocks first and start with something with less resistance, a statement that you can believe and get excited about. In this case, you can say “Managing money is easy for me”, “Money flows naturally my way”, or “I can easily earn XX more per month” (and increase the number to your desired amount over time). Also, try to visualize and enjoy the feeling of it happening!

Affirmations are not magical incantations. The goal is not to just say the words, but to make it your primary way of thinking. If you repeat “I am rich” for 5 minutes and spend the rest of the day in your old thinking habits, complaining about money and hating your life, affirmations will obviously never work for you.

If you feel like your affirmations aren’t working, observe your thoughts throughout the day. Every time you have a negative thought, replace it with a positive one straight away! It’s not as hard as it sounds, especially as you get used to it. Remember: you are in control!

What are the most effective affirmations?

The most powerful affirmations are the ones that make you feel good and elevated, the ones that come from your heart. That’s why writing your own affirmations is always more effective than using an existing list of affirmations you can find online.

It’s not that these lists of affirmations won’t work, they will. But if you are more mindful about it and cherry-pick the affirmations that speak to you the most, add your own more specific ones, and basically form a new personalized list for yourself, I can pretty much guarantee that you’ll see the results faster!

At the same time, using affirmations from this page is a good starting point, especially if you are new to this whole process. I literally have positive affirmations for everything! You can use some of my lists as a reference to create your own affirmation message.

For example, take a look at these daily positive affirmations for confidence, or these 40 Positive Affirmations To Get Rid Of Self-Doubt For Good, and try to choose a few statements that make you feel amazing.

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