20 Positive Affirmations For Weight Loss

20 Positive Affirmations For Manifesting Weight Loss

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When you are struggling to get fit, using positive affirmations for weight loss probably isn’t at the top of your to-do list. However, a journey to losing weight involves a lot of lifestyle changes: eating patterns, food choices, working out, and more. To avoid too much mental resistance while changing your life, it’s critical to keep a positive mindset.

In this post, I’ll give you 20 positive affirmations for weight loss and explain how to use them so they bring the best results.

I also have a collection of affirmations for a healthy body that you can combine with these ones. They should help you stick to your new healthy habits and make the right choices to achieve your weight loss goals! They will also help your body heal over time from carrying all that extra fat you used to have.

How to use affirmations for weight loss success

As I often emphasize, positive affirmations are not magic. It’s an effective practical tool that can help you improve different areas of your life, including losing weight and getting a beautiful healthy body.

But in order for it to work for achieving your goal, there are some tips I’d like to share with you, so you can be more mindful about incorporating affirmations in your daily routine.

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Tip 1: You won’t lose weight with positive affirmations alone

There is no magic pill for getting fit overnight – don’t believe anyone who claims there is.

Healthy weight loss is a continuous process and it’s only achievable by combining a healthy diet with some exercise.

But even though everyone knows it, there are still so many people who can’t lose weight even when they do all the right things! Why? Because of the wrong mindset and limiting beliefs.

negative self perception while losing weight

If you see yourself as overweight, heavy, unhealthy person and can’t imagine yourself being fit and healthy, you can’t possibly get there and stay there. Your mind literally prevents you from succeeding!

That’s why many people get the weight back or continue to overeat or fall off the diet wagon. They won’t let themselves believe in a successful outcome, so their brain makes extra effort to keep things how they were.

This is where positive affirmations come into the picture. They help you change your self-perception and tune your mindset into achieving your health and beauty goals. They eliminate negative blocking thoughts to let you get what you really want.

But you still need a good diet and at least some movement during the day. Don’t expect to become shredded just because you are thinking it. Really set the intention and go for it!

Tip 2: Use affirmations regularly until you make a habit of it

Whether you turn to positive affirmations for achieving the desired weight or for any other purpose (there is a ton of things affirmations can help you with!), the key is regularity.

You can’t only work out once a month and expect a shredded body, right? Similarly, there is no way to just read the affirmations once and wait for them to work.

Read my guides on doing affirmations the right way:

Most people who claim affirmations don’t work do exactly this: they try to blab a few random affirmation words here and there without intention and stop after a few days because their dreams haven’t come true. Actually, I believe most affirmations haters have never tried them at all…

On top of that, they go into it with a negative mindset and don’t even care to believe in the words they are saying. Of course, it doesn’t work for them! And this brings me to my next tip.

Tip 3: Stick to a positive mindset through your whole weight loss journey

Losing weight, getting fitter and healthier is a journey.

There are always ups and downs because we are changing our habits and routines, getting rid of the junk food that doesn’t serve us but feels so good, and getting out of our comfort zone. That’s not easy, but that’s totally doable and if you really want it, you’ll get there.

Success consists of getting up just one more time than you fall.

Oliver Goldsmith

Whatever your journey is, the most important thing to achieve success is to believe in it no matter what! You have to be ready for setbacks but keep yourself positive so you can get back on track even when they happen on your way. And they will, I assure you!

I haven’t seen a person who didn’t have a cheat meal once or never skipped a day of exercise. If you know someone like that, you probably don’t know their whole story. This is because we are not robots! We are humans, and it’s natural for us to resist change, even when it’s a positive change.

A positive mindset helps you to always bring yourself back on track. Don’t give in to negative beliefs and don’t listen to your brain when it’s generating excuses. Make a mindful decision, focus on your goal, and dip into positive thoughts instead of negativity.

Here are a few resources that may help you stick to a positive mindset:

20 positive affirmations for weight loss

1. I love my body.

This affirmation is the first one for a reason. In order to achieve good results with your weight loss, you need to learn to love yourself, which includes loving your body, no matter what shape or size it is.

Replace all the negative self-talk with positivity and start thinking differently about your body. You don’t have to pretend that you love how it looks right now, it’s not about that. But there is no need for body shaming yourself.

One of the ways you can think about it is this: “This fat is not who I am. I love the person under the fat and will do what it takes to rescue him/her. I deserve to be healthy and happy and to live without extra fat.”.

Here is a bunch of self-love affirmations if it’s hard for you to love and accept yourself at the moment.

2. I have a healthy and beautiful body.

I have a healthy and beautiful body.

Say this every day to reprogram your mind into positive self-perception.

Currently, you probably have a very negative image of yourself. This affirmation helps to gradually rewrite it while you are on the way to success, so when you get there, your brain is ready to accept the new you, put a new image on, and keep it without bouncing back.

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3. My relationship with food is getting better.

During a weight-loss journey, we are often fixated on the limitations and restrictions. This is another example of a negative mindset.

Instead, try to focus on the positive:

  • Learn a few new healthy recipes so you can still enjoy food.
  • Take the time to appreciate the food on your plate every time you eat. Smell it, taste it, look at it, and make a few deep breaths before putting it in your mouth (this also helps with digestion as you mentally prepare for a meal).
  • Stop eating when you feel full. Overeating is a very common reason why people have extra weight. When you get distracted or eat too fast, you don’t notice when your body tells you to stop. Learn to listen to it and eat more mindfully so you know when you had enough.

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4. I easily and effortlessly lose weight.

Everyone associates weight loss with a struggle but it doesn’t have to be!

If you stick to a diet plan and work out regularly, there is no reason not to achieve your goal. Usually, it’s our negative beliefs that make us lose this battle one way or another.

Setting yourself up for an easy journey will relieve some stress off it and help you go on!

5. I move my body regularly and stay active willingly.

To lose weight you need to exercise! Moving your body and staying active is essential for becoming a fit and healthy person.

But it doesn’t mean lifting heavy weights or doing hours of cardio every day. In fact, if you hate cardio workouts, don’t force yourself to do them!

Find an activity that you can enjoy!

For someone, it may be just turning energizing music on and dancing for a few minutes. For someone else just changing the pace while walking a dog can be enough.

For example, here is a peaceful indoor walk with some simple extra moves to keep the calories burning. No matter what you do, keep moving!

6. Any extra weight naturally leaves my body.

If you weigh more than is healthy (you can calculate your personal normal weight range here), all that extra fat doesn’t do any good for you. Actually, it puts a pressure on your health and makes it harder for your body to feel good.

If you know you have some extra weight, let it go! Don’t mentally keep it by focusing on it too much – imagine yourself healthy and fit instead and focus on that image.

7. My body craves healthy food.

Making healthy choices is a habit. If you don’t do it yet, it’s because you are stuck with your old bad habits. Typical diet of an average person is not a healthy diet. There are many factors to it, which we aren’t going to discuss now.

One thing you should know is this: you can rewire your brain to crave healthy food instead of junk. It’s scientifically proven that food cravings are just in the head, so it’s the same as with every other habit. Just work on it until it sticks!

8. I am happily achieving my weight loss goals.

I am happily achieving my weight loss goals.

Program yourself for success from the early stages. If you are steadily losing weight at a healthy pace and not rushing it, you may not see results right away. Remind yourself constantly that you are on the way to your goal, no matter how far it is at the moment. Stay patient, and you’ll be rewarded with a beautiful healthy body!

9. I let go of my inner critic and never judge how I look.

Body shaming is typical for people who want to lose weight. But it’s not how you should talk to yourself. Don’t use bad words for describing yourself, don’t point to your flaws, and stop hating yourself for them.

Understand that it’s a journey, and that you need to be patient and loving to achieve the end goal. It may be a fairly long road and being miserable and negative all the way can only hurt you more.

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10. I am motivated to get into my healthy weight.

Are you really motivated? Why do you want to lose weight? What is your real reason?

Until you understand it, you won’t get what you want. If your reason doesn’t motivate you, you’ll never stick to healthy routines long enough to succeed. If you can’t do it, maybe you don’t really want it.

Be honest with yourself about why you are doing it, and find a real reason that can motivate you all the way to your goal weight. Remind yourself about it whenever you start to feel weak and dream about a cupcake.

11. My body has a perfect shape and I love dressing it.

My body has a perfect shape and I love dressing it.

This is where visualization technique comes into the picture.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself at the end of your journey. You are finally fit, you feel good, you look good, you look in the mirror and smile as you see exactly what you were hoping for. Stay there for a minute to appreciate specific areas you used to struggle with and how lovely your body looks now.

Notice every feeling and thought you get during this exercise. Bring these feelings back every time you get dressed to build inner harmony and prepare your mind for your future self.

12. I accept my current weight as part of my journey.

Self-acceptance is an important part of the weight loss process. You need to accept the current state of things and let it go. Otherwise, you keep holding on to your extra pounds and they keep holding on to you.

You don’t have to love your extra fat, but it’s part of your body now, and that’s just how things are. The more you resist, the harder it is for your body to change for the better.

This is how you look now, but that’s not forever. Say goodbye to all your extra pounds. Everything is in your hands!

And remember: Your weight does not define you.

13. When I am bored, I find reasons other than food to pass the time.

Boredom eating is another common reason for gaining unnecessary weight. When you put unnecessary food in your body and don’t burn the extra calories, it gets stored for later (you probably know exactly where yours is stored).

Also, most of the time when you are bored, you snack on quick unhealthy things. If that’s something you tend to do, fix it! Get rid of all junk food you have at home or at least put it out of your sight. Prepare a few healthy snacks in advance so you have good options too.

Generally, if you get bored and aim for the food, you are likely managing your time wrong. I always have a ton of interesting things I can do whenever I have a bit of extra time! You can be like that too!

Check out this list of 50 productive things to do at home and never be bored again!

14. I am willing to transform my body forever.

I am willing to transform my body forever.

I already mentioned how any kind of change creates resistance in our brain. The more you get excited about your makeover, the more your brain gets scared of walking into unknown territory.

Use this affirmation to set the intention of transformation, to calm down your brain so it doesn’t go into survival mode. Convince yourself that this will be the new you and this will be a good and comfortable state too.

15. All parts of my body look beautiful and slim.

When saying this one, think about specific areas you struggle with. But instead of focusing on their current look, imagine how they will look when you lose weight. That’s the state of mind you want to stick to.

16. I am naturally losing weight every day.

If you eat healthily and exercise regularly, you will be naturally losing weight every day. It likely won’t be noticeable every single day with the naked eye but it will still be happening inside you.

This statement helps you believe that you are already in the process of losing weight even if you don’t see it quite yet.

17. Everyone is noticing the beautiful change in me.

Let’s do another visualization exercise, shall we?

Imagine yourself again at the end of your weight loss journey. But instead of looking in the mirror, visualize these scenarios (you can imagine specific people from your life to make it feel more convincing):

  • friends congratulating you for achieving your goal weight
  • someone you haven’t seen in a long time sees you and gets amazed by your transformation
  • you walk into a room full of people and everyone notices how fit and healthy you look
  • strangers compliment your beauty

Whichever feels more exciting, repeat this visualization often and let it motivate you even further.

18. There is no extra fat in my body.

This one may be hard to say now, especially if you are very far from that goal. But it has to do with your self-perception and setting the intention for your weight loss journey.

Set this thought as a goal for your brain to work towards!

19. I am beautiful and fit.

If you have trouble believing that you are beautiful, here are affirmations that may help.

You don’t need to have a certain body shape or weight to be beautiful. We are all born beautiful! Remind yourself about this regularly while you are working towards looking and feeling your best.

20. I am finally reaching my goal weight!

I am finally reaching my goal weight!

Visualize the feeling of excitement when you are finally close to your goal. Let it push you back every time you start getting off track. It may be a complicated journey, but it’s always worth it in the end!

How to write your own affirmations for weight loss

Sometimes general affirmations listed above don’t feel good enough. In that case, you need to personalize them more and create your own positive affirmations that really get a response in your brain when you say the words.

You may focus on specific areas where you have extra fat or build a specific image of your future self in your head. Personalized affirmations work better because every word you say is important to you and produces emotion, which is what the power of affirmations relies on.

Here is my guide to writing your own affirmations. It contains the most important tips and mistakes to avoid for getting the best results. Definitely read it before writing your own affirmations so you won’t waste time doing it wrong!

For example, a very common mistake is to focus on the problems instead of the solutions. If you don’t know what it means for affirmations, read the guide!

Positive affirmations for weight loss to listen to while sleeping

For some people, it’s easier to start a positive affirmations practice by passively listening to them instead of actively saying them. This is because there is less resistance and, for some reason, we tend to believe other people more than we believe ourselves.

Although I recommend moving to active affirmations and being more mindful about them for the best results, it’s okay to start with listening. Here is a good audio with weight loss affirmations that you can listen to while sleeping.

These were 20 daily affirmations for weight loss!

Well, here you have it: twenty weight loss affirmations as promised! I think I talked enough about the way to use them right but in case you have more questions, feel free to ask me in the comments.

Losing weight is not easy, but it’s possible and you can do it! Stick to healthy habits and a positive mindset, exercise, drink enough water and eat natural food, and you will get there sooner than you think!

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