40 Empowering Affirmations For Sales Success And Growth

40 Empowering Affirmations For Sales Success And Growth

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Sales success involves many factors: having a high-quality product or service, finding the perfect customer who needs what you offer, following a good marketing strategy, and more. But your personal confidence and strong belief in business success can be equally important and can help you grow even if other areas of your marketing aren’t 100% perfect.

Below you’ll find a collection of 40 empowering affirmations for sales success and business growth. It includes:

  • sales mantras you can repeat every morning to keep your self-esteem healthy and high;
  • positive affirmations to grow your business faster;
  • daily affirmations to boost sales and be successful;
  • …and even encouraging affirmations for your sales team, if you have one.

How to keep a positive mindset in sales

How to keep a positive mindset in sales

Keeping a positive mindset can be tricky if you face rejection a lot and don’t see the results you desire. Programming your subconscious mind every day with positive affirmations for sales success is a good way to keep yourself on track with your business goals.

Here is the formula for keeping a positive mindset in sales:

Focus on your business success and solving your customer’s problems. Accept rejection as a natural part of the process of getting sales. Use positive affirmations to keep a healthy mindset. Look for new opportunities and creative solutions. Bring your best confident self every day and believe in your product with all your heart.

Remember that every day is a new opportunity for you to improve your marketing skills and achieve more sales success!

Why positive self-talk is effective for sales

You are participating in some kind of self-talk all the time so why not make sure it’s always positive?

Feeling like a failure or saying negative things like “This never works”, “I can’t sell anything” don’t do you any good. Unfortunately, that’s what we are often affirming to ourselves, especially after a setback or rejection. Instead, let’s focus on the positive, on achieving your goals and making things work!

So what if that’s your only past experience? You are growing every day, you are learning and improving, and if you do it long enough, you’ll see amazing success!

Regular positive self-talk makes you appear confident when talking to potential clients, which is crucial for sales success. Knowing your worth and your product’s value is an important part of any effective sales strategy. Positive self-affirmation convinces you that success is inevitable, so you show up as your best self and close every sale.

Research shows that positive self-talk is beneficial for leadership and performance while negative and dysfunctional self-talk reduces productivity and creativity. With evidence like this, there is no reason to ever repeat negative thoughts again! Stick to positive affirmations and you’ll be much more effective with your sales.

Positive sales affirmations for business growth

Positive sales affirmations for business growth

Here are the best positive affirmations to repeat daily for business growth and success!

1. My sales are increasing every day which puts a smile on my face each morning.

2. People genuinely enjoy my products and services.

3. Today I’m taking my business to the next level!

4. My business is continuously growing and deserves success.

5. My revenue keeps growing and motivates me to do more for my business.

6. I am regularly blessed with new creative ideas to grow my business and boost sales.

7. I feel that the rapid growth of my business is absolutely inevitable.

8. I am open for continuous growth and amazing success.

Empowering morning affirmations on sales

You don’t need anyone to tell you you are good enough. You already know it deep inside!

Remind yourself about every success you had before today, even the smallest wins. Congratulate yourself and don’t let negative thinking patterns convince you that “it’s not good enough”.

Think about someone who already benefitted from your product or service. How helping them solve their problem makes you feel? How would it feel to help more and more people like that every day? Try to keep yourself in this state of elevated emotions as much as possible – and whenever you catch a negative thought, beat it immediately with another positive affirmation!

Starting every morning with these empowering statements will assure your confidence for the rest of the sales day!

9. I am grateful for each and every sale that comes to me today.

10. My sales rate brings me great satisfaction every day.

11. I am thankful that everything I sell matches with the right person for the right price.

12. People naturally want to buy from me because my offer solves their problem.

13. I am born to be successful.

14. I welcome my perfect clients with open arms.

15. New sales opportunities arise just when I need them.

16. I feel calm and confident whenever I’m selling something.

Positive sales mantras to grow self-esteem

Positive sales mantras to grow self-esteem

There are many things you can tell yourself to feel more confident. These positive sales affirmations are the best to repeat before approaching a potential client, going for a negotiation, or launching a new product!

Showing up as a confident person can help you in many ways outside direct sales, which is why it’s a good idea to dedicate a few minutes daily to raising your self-esteem.

17. Every day I’m polishing my selling skills and get more efficient with my sales.

18. I have all the necessary skills to get the results I want.

19. I am a magnet for nice clients and regular sales.

20. Successful sales give me confidence that I’m doing everything right.

21. The process of selling to others feels natural and easy to me.

22. People love to buy from me!

23. I have the power within me to become a successful salesperson.

24. Money is an unlimited resource and it’s continuously coming my way.

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Daily positive affirmations for sales success

Be kind to yourself and never forget to celebrate small wins! Choose a few of these affirmations that speak to you the most and repeat them every day to achieve great success with sales. Adding empowering self-talk to your daily routine will make you a magnet for sales and customers!

25. I am ready for sales success now.

26. I am a wonderful selling machine.

27. I am confident in my ability to make a sale fast.

28. I love selling people things they’ll benefit from!

29. My sales are skyrocketing right now.

30. I don’t accept “no” as a result, only as an opportunity to learn and grow.

31. I expect my products to be sold out by [insert date].

32. I am amazing at sales. I am unstoppable!

Encouraging affirmations for sales team

Encouraging affirmations for sales team

If you have a team of sales reps, they too need the motivation to do their best every day. Use these empowering statements during your team meetings to raise the team’s collective confidence and fill the room with positive vibes.

33. We have an amazing product that basically sales itself.

34. Our perfect customers are naturally coming to us.

35. Our product is the best on the market.

36. I am confident in this team’s ability to close sales successfully.

37. We provide amazing value to cover our client’s pain points.

38. We don’t take rejection personally but learn from it.

39. We made our customers’ lives so much better with our products/services!

40. We are an amazing team of professionals and we are bound to succeed!

Positive sales quotes

I’d love to end this with a bunch of positive quotes about sales, as sometimes other people’s thoughts can give you a fresh perspective on your life and business!

  • Make something people want and sell that, or be someone people need and sell you. – Ryan Lilly
  • Those who make excuses, don’t make progress. – Amit Kalantri
  • The top salespeople are usually the ones with the most activity; it doesn’t guarantee you will close more deals, but if you have no activity, you won’t be closing any deals. – Colleen Honan
  • The more you listen and ask discovery questions to learn about the client’s needs, the higher your likelihood to be relevant to the client as you articulate how your coaching helps the client. – Coachilly
  • The customer isn’t always right, but they’re always important. – Rob Liano
  • Success looks a lot like failure up until the moment you break through the finish line. – Dan Waldschmidt
  • How you sell is more important than what you sell. – Andy Paul
  • Sales can never be done with ‘good’ skills or ‘good’ communication or with ‘thorough’ product knowledge. It can only be done with PASSION and you gotta be a people loving person, to be alive in sales. – Unknown

Conclusion on using affirmations for increasing sales

These were 40 positive affirmations to boost your sales and business growth!

I hope you enjoyed them and will use them to increase your own sales every day.

Choose several statements from this list and affirm them repeatedly until it’s carved in your subconscious. The more confident you feel in sales, the more deals you close, and positive affirmations are perfect for feeling more confident, even if you haven’t experienced amazing success just yet!

Keep going, show up as your best self, believe in your business, and you’ll see your sales naturally increasing very soon!