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Fall Bucket List: 45 Ideas To Remember This Cozy Season

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With all the isolation that the pandemic brought to us, it’s not easy to get back into enjoying life to the fullest. Especially if you are an introvert like me who gets used to sitting at home in hibernation. To shake things up a bit, I’ve created this list of 45 fall bucket list ideas to make the most of this fall!

To be completely honest, I decided to create this bucket list for myself. As everyone was sharing their fun summer activities on August 31st, I realized that my summer was not at all satisfying. Sure, I had two or three memorable events but that’s about it.

I realized things need to change, my life is in my own hands, and this is how this fall bucket list full of fun activities was born!

As I started to come up with ideas for this list, I asked myself: why not share it with my readers? I’m sure I’m not the only one who wants to make the most of this fall!

So let’s have fun together and create a ton of moments to remember this cozy season! Shall we?

Quick printable fall bucket list checklist

fall bucket list ideas checklist printable

Grab a checklist with all of these 45 fall bucket list ideas!

Print it out and put it on your fridge to watch the progress!

Only $2!

You’ll receive one PDF file with 3 pages:

  • This list of 45 fall bucket list ideas
  • Blank fall bucket list to fill with your own ideas
  • Easier blank checklist to fill with 20 ideas instead of 45

Format: US Letter Size, PDF, digital download.
No physical item will be shipped.

I challenge you to check all the ideas off this fall bucket list and take a photo of each! You don’t have to post it anywhere if you don’t want to: do it for yourself, for your own warm memories!

When you look back next year and feel like hardly anything happened last fall, you’ll have 45 reminders of how fun that season actually was!

How to stick to your fall bucket list

how to stick to fall bucket list

Okay, so now you are likely feeling all excited about your fall bucket list and motivated to make it all happen. However, as with the New Year resolutions, it’s common to lose motivation after a few weeks or even forget about it completely!

To prevent this from happening and make sure you’ll make the most of this fall, have a system!

  • Print it out. You’ll find a printable with all these bucket list ideas below. Print it out and put on your fridge or write all the ideas down in your planner if it works better for you. Make sure you see it a least every couple of days, if not every day. Keep a pen or a marker close to check things off right away!
  • Spread it out. Fall has three months, so 45 fall activities give you about 15 things to do per month. This is roughly one thing to do for every two days. Easy, right? Just choose your next fun autumn activity every other day and work it into your busy schedule!
  • Combine activities and have fun! Many of the things you can do in the fall go well together. You can even challenge yourself to see how many of these bucket list ideas you’ll be able to implement in one day! Organize a themed party with your closed friends or a date night with your partner and check a bunch of things off this list in one go!

Ready to have fun? Here are your 45 fall bucket list ideas!

45 Fall Bucket List Ideas To Make The Most Of This Cozy Season

1. Bake an apple pie

Apple pie has become an iconic dish for fall and Thanksgiving not only in the United States but all over the world! For many of us, it’s connected with the precious memories from childhood when we baked pies with mom or grandma. Now, it’s time to be an adult and make your own apple pie!

You can use your secret family recipe or come up with a new one – there are plenty of apple pie ideas out there. You may even try a bunch of different ones and choose a favorite one to make your signature pie recipe! Maybe one day you’ll make it together with grandkids of your own!

2. Read a book with fall vibes

fall bucket list: Read a book with fall vibes

Imagine cuddling up in a blanket on a windowsill with a book and a cup of tea while it’s raining behind the window. This may be a cliche but it’s still my favorite way to spend rainy fall nights!

While you can do this with any book, there are some all-time favorites that give you those special autumn vibes. For me, it’s usually intriguing mysteries, fantasy novels, and magical fairy tales.

Here are some of my favorite page-turners I recommend you read this fall:

I would love to hear your book recommendations in the comments below if you have some fall favorites of your own in mind!

3. Make your own fall drink

Grabbing a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks is also a must for the autumn mood but you probably don’t need a list for that. Why not also do something different this fall?

Depending on your taste, look up some fall-themed drinks and learn to make them at home. For example, here are some fun easy cocktails for fall, and here is a bunch of yummy beverage ideas to warm up your belly. Invite a friend over and surprise them with a delicious drink you’ve made all by yourself!

Besides, it will be a life-saver for those cozy evenings at home when you don’t wanna go outside… even for Starbucks.

4. Decorate your home in fall colors

Say goodbye to bright summer colors! It’s time to align your home with a cozy fall atmosphere.

It all starts with a pile of warm plaid blankets and soft pillows but there is no limit to your imagination after that! It’s common to include different shades of brown and maybe a bunch of orange centerpieces. Whether you decide to use pumpkins in the expectation of Halloween or just colorful leaf-inspired decorations, it’s up to you!

Make your home unique, full of fall vibes, and as cozy as possible!

5. Keep a gratitude journal

We take way too much for granted these days!

Keeping a gratitude journal is one of the best ways to stay positive, acknowledge everything good that you already have in your life, and attract more things to be grateful for.

So why not make it your thing this fall? Grab a beautiful gratitude journal with prompts or a simple notebook you’ll love to pick up every day and start writing down everything you are thankful for.

It may feel hard at first to even write 5 things but as soon as you get into the flow, you’ll be able to easily name 50 things you are grateful for. Imagine how much you’ll raise your vibration in the process!

You may also repeat a bunch of gratitude affirmations before writing to put yourself into a thankful mood and open your heart.

6. Have a fall picnic

fall bucket list idea: Have a fall picnic

Autumn naturally creates a beautiful setting for a picnic. With all the leaves on the ground and shades of the trees around, it’s so peaceful and joyful to just be there, especially with your favorite food and people you love!

Make sure to choose a day when it’s not wet and bring a few pillows and blankets to keep yourself warm so you can enjoy the picnic more!

As an alternative, you may grab a book (see my fall recommendations in idea number 2!), a warm picnic blanket, and a few sandwiches, and go read in the park. You don’t always need to bring other people to have a fun time!

7. Create a fall playlist

Okay, let’s be honest. I don’t know anything about music. Usually, I just look up something like “fall beats” on Youtube or Spotify and listen to the radio or someone’s playlist that gives me the right vibes.

But you may be someone who loves creating your own playlists and mindfully choosing every song for the season! So your next task is to create a selection of your favorite music that is perfect for autumn. And maybe share it in the comments for people like me, would you?

8. Burn cozy smelling candles

Oooh, this is one of my favorite bucket list ideas for fall! I don’t know why I didn’t put it higher on this list.

First, it makes your whole house smell amazing. And the smell is a strong feature by which we subconsciously recognize the change of seasons and atmosphere.

Second, it’s much easier than baking a pie or cookies! And honestly, better for your body. While baking delicious seasonal foods is still a must, we don’t want to eat all those calories every day. But with candles, we can make our house smell like a pumpkin pie or cinnamon cookies for the whole fall season!

For now, let’s order one or two new scents to transform the vibes at home! You can find a ton of autumn-themed scented candles on Amazon. I especially love seasonal candles by Bath & Body Works, like this cinnamon pumpkin one.

Alternatively, pick up some fun ones from Anecdote candles that are more than just a smell!

9. Learn a new skill

As the academic year for most countries starts in the fall, it’s naturally a good time to learn something new. As an adult, you can now choose what you want to learn and make it a really fun process!

If you already know me a little bit, you might know that my go-to place to learn new skills is Skillshare. They have all kinds of creative courses that you can access freely if you pay for a subscription (which is literally like 2 dollars per month if you pay yearly!).

You can sign up here and get 7 days of unlimited classes for free which will give you a taste of the platform. But I’m warning you: you’ll never want to leave! I have like a hundred classes on my to-watch list which I wish I had time for. And I already learned so much there about photography, marketing, and productivity!

Here are a few classes that may spark your interest:

You don’t wanna waste this fall on cookies and Netflix alone. Learn a fun new skill and grow in the process, so you’ll proudly name this autumn a productive season!

10. Buy a cozy sweater & stockings

cozy stockings for fall

If it’s not sweater weather yet, it’ll probably be soon. I’m already wearing my favorite stockings and on a hunt for a new cozy sweater, what about you?

Whether you prefer oversize turtleneck sweaters or cute cardigans, it’s time to review your fall wardrobe! A warm sweater dress, anyone?

11. Go on a road trip with friends

Grab a few of your favorite people, put them in a car together, choose a destination (or don’t!), and go create some memories this fall!

A good idea is to explore national parks and less-known places nearby, as nature is an absolute beauty this time of the year!

You can also combine this with a fall picnic, a themed photoshoot, a date night, or some other ideas from this list!

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12. Carve a pumpkin

Yes, Halloween is coming! Yay!

Every pumpkin is a piece of art. If you do this every year anyway, make something special this year! Find inspiration on Pinterest and post your unique masterpiece on social media to show off your carving skills and creativity.

Another idea is to make it into a pumpkin carving contest with your family or friends, and make a whole cool jack o’lantern family!

13. Watch a spooky movie

Goosebumps on your skin, darkness all around, and engaging mysteries… That’s that movie season again.

I personally don’t watch horrors so my fall movie choice is usually something magical. Same as with the books I mentioned above that give you fall vibes, there are movies and series out there that feel especially suitable for this cozy season.

This fall, I plan to rewatch one of my favorite classic movies called Practical Magic (1998) and maybe go on a Harry Potter binge. Also I just started watching a TV series called Dark and I feel like it fits the autumn vibes definition to a T!

Have you been waiting for fall to watch some of your favorite spooky movies? Which ones? Also, if you have any magical recommendations for me to watch, feel free to share in the comments!

14. Drink cocoa with marshmallows

Drink cocoa with marshmallows on fall bucket list challenge

I feel like cocoa is an iconic drink for the unexpectedly cold fall weather.

A couple of years ago I was in Copenhagen, Denmark in October and almost couldn’t feel my fingers at some point because of the windy weather. Even the gloves didn’t help, my hands were freezing! My only desire was to find a warm spot and hide there with a cup of hot cocoa. When we finally found it, I ordered it straight away, even though I don’t really like cocoa.

Needless to say, it felt like the best cocoa in my life! Maybe it wasn’t, but it surely felt like it. I still remember that place and that glass cup full of hot drink that saved my fingers and warmed me up from the inside.

Order your cup of hot cocoa at least once this fall, or make your own! Top it up with a bunch of cute little marshmallows and a pinch of cinnamon for the most authentic taste!

15. Take part in a photoshoot with fall vibes

How about taking some beautiful photos this fall that you’ll look back at for years?

You can arrange a professional photoshoot or just take your BFF for a fun walk with a camera!

Type in “fall photoshoot ideas” on Pinterest and you’ll find a ton of inspiration for outfits, locations, and a theme. Make something cool out of it! Don’t stick to a cliche photo of “woman portrait with a maple leaf”. That may be an idea that comes to your mind first but it won’t be the last!

You may enjoy a fun photoshoot with pumpkins, a Halloween-themed story in a witch or fairy outfit, or something with a cozy plaid in the middle of an apple orchard. Find a way to express your creativity!

16. Cozy up near a fire

This one screams “autumn” and is actually very flexible!

If you have a fireplace at home, that’s the easiest. Light it up, cuddle with a book nearby, and you can cross this one off. Another option to have open fire at home is if you have a barbeque grill in your back yard! You can even invite friends or neighbors and make a BBQ party out of it!

Other than that, there is always an option to book a cozy wooden cabin in some remote location and go there for a few days. You can make it a weekend getaway with your girlfriends or a short romantic vacation with your life partner. There is usually an indoor or an outdoor fireplace there.

Here is a selection of best US cabins according to Booking.com.

Alternatively, some cafeterias in your town may have a fireplace, so this is one more option for you to cuddle up near a cozy fire and check this one off!

17. Bake cinnamon cookies

What can give you more authentic fall vibes than a delicious smell of cinnamon coming from the kitchen?

There are probably thousands of cinnamon cookie recipes on Google, you’ll definitely find a delicious one that will blow everyone’s mind and make your home smell like heaven!

18. Dress up for Halloween

Have you already decided who you are gonna be at Halloween this year? Tell me in the comments, I’d love to know!

Don’t usually dress up for Halloween? No problem! Find a sexy Halloween costume and impress your partner in the bedroom!

19. Go on a fall hike

fall bucket list: Go on a fall hike

Maybe someone would argue, but I believe that nature is the most impressive in fall. All those colors combined with an overcast sky and a little bit of fog… Hardly anything can beat that!

And it is not as hot as in summer, which makes autumn the perfect time to go on a hike… or a least to the park to walk in nature. Whichever is available to you this fall, don’t miss this beauty!

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20. Play board games

I don’t share it much here but my husband and I looove board games!

We either play together or organize board game nights with friends, which is a lot of fun either way. Our all-time favorites are Carcassonne, Mysterium, and Exploding Kittens, but we have many more than that. And there are always classics like Jenga or Uno that even little children can play.

When it gets colder and rainier and long walks aren’t that fun anymore, having friends over to play board games makes a perfect night!

If you don’t have any board games at home, you can always rent one or go to a board game cafe if there is one in your area. Look it up!

21. Go star gazing

Living in cities with all the fumes from transport and countless light sources, we rarely see the stars. It always feels special to me when I’m at the beach at night on vacation and I suddenly realize I can see hundreds of stars above me! Truly looks magical.

So for this fall bucket list idea, find a way to look at the stars! It may be from your car, from a tent, from a rooftop, or anywhere in nature that’s available to you. If you are traveling or just find yourself somewhere new at night, make sure to look up and enjoy watching our incredible galaxy!

22. Roast marshmallows

I think I only roasted marshmallows once in my life, and it tasted awful… I think I did it wrong.

Do you need some special marshmallows or maybe there is some technique? If you have any idea, please teach me in the comments so I can have a better experience next time!

This item combines perfectly with my idea number 16 from this fall bucket list! When you go look for a fire to cozy up nearby, grab a bag of marshmallows and some fire-friendly roasting sticks, and you’ll kill two birds with one stone!

23. Visit a farmers market

Visit a farmers market during fall

Supermarkets are great and I love them so much but they don’t give you any feel of the season, especially if you live in a developed country with access to a variety of vegetables and fruit all year long.

This is why I included this idea into a fall bucket list. At least once during this autumn, go to a local farmers market to see what’s produced in your area and which wonderful veggies are in season now. This is also an opportunity to pick up some pumpkins for Halloween carving!

By the way, doing your shopping at a farmers market, whether in fall or not, is a way to support small local businesses instead of big store chains. Another good reason to prioritize this bucket list idea over the others!

24. Choose a new motto

Do you have a life motto?

If you never thought about it or your last one is getting old, maybe it’s time for a fresh new one? A good life motto is a source of continuous motivation when it’s aligned with your goals and life vision.

Basically, it’s a way of looking at life, which correlates with how you go about personal growth and achieving your dreams.

For example, mine is “You only fail if you stop” and my husband’s is “Work smarter, not harder”.

I have a collection of short badass quotes that you can look at to find inspiration for your new motto. Whenever you decide on it, share it with me in the comments!

25. Walk in the rain

If you live in a place where it never rains, you can obviously skip this idea. Or replace it with your own bucket list item that is available in your area. Or travel!

For the rest of us, rain is a common guest during fall, so there are plenty of opportunities to check this one off the list. There are also weather forecasts which will help you plan your fall activities.

So why walk in the rain?

walking in the rain fall

Well, there is hardly anyone outside, so you can have a peaceful walk (and feel like a rebel which will please your inner child!). The sound of rain is monotonous and quiet which helps you release stress. And the smell of rain is probably my favorite smell in the whole world!

Just make sure to wear waterproof rain boots (these yellow ones alone make a good photoshoot idea to combine with number 15!) and have either an umbrella or a good raincoat to stay safe and dry.

26. Have a mindfulness Monday

Have you ever practiced mindfulness Monday?

For me, it means taking at least one day per week to revision your life and to practice self-awareness. The easiest way of doing it is journaling, for which I have 20 mindful Monday questions you can start with. Other than journaling, there are plenty of things to do on a mindfulness Monday which you can choose from!

If the concept of mindfulness is completely new to you, here are some easy mindful activities for adults that should give you some understanding.

27. Visit a new part of town

As I was celebrating my 6-year anniversary since moving to my current city, I realized that I still have a bunch of things I haven’t seen here. So my quest for this fall is to list all the places and attractions I’ve ignored all this time and visit as many of them as possible!

I actually already started in August and visited a fun monument we have here that some locals don’t even know exist! This year I finally started to identify as a local in this city which is why I want to see more of the places I’ve been missing. It’s kinda my local bucket list inside of a fall bucket list, haha.

It’s so refreshing sometimes to walk around your town with an open mind as if you were a tourist! There are likely things in your city you don’t know exist and interesting locations that are worth visiting. How about becoming a tourist for a day and exploring a bunch of things you haven’t seen before?

28. Cook something with pumpkin

Pumpkin is an integral attribute of fall. You see them everywhere, you carve them, you smell them, you name lattes and candles after them, and you likely cook them!

A pumpkin soup, a pumpkin pie, a pumpkin juice, or maybe a pumpkin cheesecake? There is no lack of pumpkin recipes to improve your cooking skills this fall. Aim to try something you haven’t made before!

29. Drink warm apple cider

fall bucket list idea: Drink warm apple cider

If winter is mulled wine, fall is apple cider.

You haven’t lived this fall until you had at least one warm cup of apple cider!

It’s very easy to make your own so don’t procrastinate on checking this off your list!

30. Improve your language skills

There are many reasons for learning foreign languages.

It’s convenient for traveling, there are suddenly many more people you can communicate with, and the learning process itself evolves your brain and makes you smarter. But also, there are things like movies and books that you can experience without translation, which is probably my favorite reason.

For example, this year I watched a coolest TV show called La Casa De Papel, which you probably know as Money Heist, in the original. And I tell you, when you hear the real voices and authentic expressions, you can never go back.

This fall I’m really dedicated to take my Spanish to the next level. How about you?

Some good language resources to get you going:

31. Go to a fall fair

Depending on the current situation in your city, you may or may not be able to attend a fall fair this year.

But if you can, visit it and try to make the most out of it! Try some tasty foods and beverages, play some games that are available there, catch a mesmerizing view from a Ferris wheel, and enjoy some local attractions. Take someone with you and make a promise to have fun together!

32. Surprise a friend with a heartwarming gift

So what if her birthday is in spring and Christmas is not coming any time soon?

This is why it’s called a surprise – because it’s completely unexpected!

When was the last time you gave someone a present without a cause? Just to acknowledge how much this person means to you?

If this question is hard to answer, here are some heartwarming gift ideas for a friend, especially for a remote one who you haven’t seen for way too long.

33. Do yoga in a park

Summer is over but yoga is not!

I’m sure there are some yoga studios out there that still have outdoor classes. Even if not, no worries! Grab your mat, a bottle of water, wear something warm and comfortable, and go practice by yourself in the park. Or take your bestie with you if you are way too introverted to practice in public places like that!

This is assuming that you love yoga as much as I do. If you are nowhere close, don’t go to the park, you’ll probably feel weird and uncomfortable! Start by signing up for Gaia free trial and trying out a few online classes to see if yoga is something you might enjoy.

34. Organize a fall date night

organize a date night in fall

Staying at home and watching Netflix while snuggling is great but maybe you can do something different for a change?

It doesn’t have to be outside in the cold. You can basically take any idea from this list and make it into a date night with your life partner. Some couples would enjoy a fall hike, camping with a bonfire, and star gazing. Others would rather have a board game night with homemade cocktails. Whatever it may be for you two, make it your own but do something special to break a daily routine for a change!

If you are single, you can make a day of self-love or organize a spa day with your bestie and use some fall decor or scents in the process. Turn on your imagination and enjoy it!

35. Make an alphabet of things you are grateful for

I mentioned keeping a gratitude journal before and this one is even more fun!

How about creating an alphabet of things you are grateful for? It starts easy but is more challenging than it sounds, especially with a bunch of tricky letters at the end of an alphabet.

Are you up for a challenge? You can totally steal a few ideas from my A to Z gratitude list, if you get stuck at some point. Or just get inspiration from it before you start your own!

You can do this on Thanksgiving or make it into a game with your household members! To kickstart your gratitude flow, here is a bunch of Thanksgiving affirmations I’ve created.

Feel free to share below if you struggle with a particular letter!

36. Create a new morning routine

How does your morning routine look like, if you have any?

Are there some habits you know you need to add or remove, but can’t find the time to actually do it?

Consider this a sign! It’s time to redesign your morning routine and stick to it, so at the end of this fall you’ll be a much better version of yourself!

Some of the new habits for you might be stretching, meditation, reading, or journaling. For the latter, I have some positive prompts you can start with.

According to one widely known Chinese proverb, the best time to start was 20 years ago. And the next best time is now. Stop postponing your best life, you aren’t getting any younger.

37. Find a gem in a bookstore

With Amazon and the era of e-readers, many people haven’t been in a bookstore for quite a while.

While I can’t argue with the convenience of a digital book (I have a Kindle, after all), I still prefer holding a real book in my hands. Smelling the pages, feeling the paper, and finding a perfect place for a book on my shelf to re-read it in a few years.

Not a bookworm like me? It’s okay. You can still find a little local book shop to support and browse through their collection (offline!). Maybe you’ll find something you’ll love, who knows?

38. Make apple chips

So we already have an apple pie and an apple cider. This is the last apple recipe on this list, I promise!

If you don’t like apples, you can totally replace all of these with something you love. I’m not trying to make you eat something you hate, quite the opposite actually! I’m trying to help you create as much fun and warm memories as possible, while doing a bunch of new things this fall.

So if you don’t relate to something on this list, please replace it with something else! That’s why I have created an empty fall bucket list checklist for you as well, which you can populate exclusively with ideas that you like, and maybe even add some of your own.

Back to the apple chips… Well, let’s just call it a healthy snack to mix up with all that delicious but high-in-calories stuff you are gonna eat during these autumn months. And it’s tasty, too!

39. Celebrate Thanksgiving with someone you love

I don’t think this one needs explanation, does it? You’ll probably do it anyway so it’s an easy check.

And in case you are from a country where Thanksgiving is not celebrated, why not make it your own tradition and express gratitude in some way that day? This is a wonderful cause to celebrate and I even have some Thanksgiving affirmations to put you in a grateful mood!

40. Take a photo with colorful leaves

cool fall bucket list idea: Take a photo with colorful leaves

Almost everyone has that photo lying in a pile of colorful leaves or throwing them in the air in front of a camera. This fall, try to be more original and come up with something different. It doesn’t have to be super original but it better mean something special to you!

How is this fall different from any other? Are there any new people in your life who weren’t there last year? Do you have a group of friends or a special event that you didn’t have the last leafy season? Think how you can incorporate it in your photo instead of falling in a typical pile of leaves once again!

Remember that the goal is not to just check things off the list – but to make it a really fun and memorable autumn.

41. Pick up a new hobby

This is somewhat similar to learning a new skill from number 9 but this one is more for your soul than for your brain.

Find a new creative activity that helps you release stress and makes you feel good in the process of this creative expression.

I mentioned Skillshare before and there is also CreativeLive with a ton of beginner-level courses in various areas. You can learn filmmaking, lettering, sound mixing, sewing, or dive into illustration!

And of course, it doesn’t necessarily have to be an online class and another home-based hobby. Go outside if you want, learn skateboarding, visit a new dance class, or become a part of a local choir.

There must be something you’ve always wanted to try! Why not this fall?

42. Post something positive to Instagram

Somewhere during this fall you may have a low day with no desire to create new memories. It’s okay.

For a day like that, I have this easy task for you, and even a bunch of positive hashtags you can use for your post. Let yourself rest and relax but keep a positive mindset! Creating a positive post to encourage your friends might even improve your own mood!

It may simply be a good morning quote or a selfie. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, love!

43. Shop on Black Friday

Black Friday is the day of crazy sales at the end of fall everyone is waiting for. If you are planning to buy something non-urgent, maybe postpone it till Blank Friday and save some money?

In the meantime, keep adding things you wish for to a cart – and see if they actually get cheaper on day X!

44. Clean up your summer wardrobe

Unless you live in a happy place where summer weather is all year round, you’ll probably be switching your clothes to something warmer somewhere soon.

Use this bucket list idea as an opportunity to clean up your wardrobe and prepare it for the fall. Take out everything summer-related and critically assess it. Are there things that you haven’t worn at all this summer? If you didn’t put that top on even once, it likely doesn’t belong in your closet anymore.

Let go of all the things that don’t bring you joy: recycle, donate, throw out, or find a way to upcycle it. By clearing old stuff out like that, you create space for the new good things in your life!

45. Wake up with a smile

Another easy one to check off in case you get tired!

Did you know that a positive thought in the morning can set your mood for the whole day? That’s why I love positive affirmations so much: they instantly switch your perception, clear up any negative thoughts you might have woken up with, and set the intention for your day.

To wake up with a smile, you may name your alarm clock with a compliment, read an inspiring quote first thing in the morning, or listen to a calming meditation while falling asleep.

Fall bucket list ideas checklist

fall bucket list ideas checklist printable

Get all these fall bucket list ideas in one pretty checklist!

Print it out and put it on your fridge to watch the progress!

Only $2!

You’ll receive one PDF file with 3 pages:

  • This list of 45 fall bucket list ideas
  • Blank fall bucket list to fill with your own ideas
  • Easier blank checklist to fill with 20 ideas instead of 45

Format: US Letter Size, PDF, digital download.
No physical item will be shipped.

What would you add to this fall bucket list?

These were my 45 bucket list ideas of things to do this fall!

If you made it till the end, you are definitely up for a challenge! Print it out, put it on your fridge, and go make a memorable autumn for yourself!

I created this fall bucket list for adults but many of these things you can also do with kids if you want. Or you can use an empty checklist to create another list for your child, so you can all have fun this fall!

If you have in mind some must-do fall activities that I didn’t include on this list, I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

Have a great fall, and good luck with your bucket list!