99 Best Travel Affirmations For Your Great Adventures In 2022

99 Best Travel Affirmations For Your Great Adventures In 2022

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Intentionally or not, with the power of our thoughts, we only allow things in our lives that we believe we deserve. And if you don’t think you deserve an exciting adventure, you won’t get it. Someone who doesn’t struggle with self-doubt and has healthy self-esteem will get it and go on that memorable trip instead of you. It’s that simple.

Don’t tell me it’s unfair, because you are the creator of your reality. Your thoughts either make your dreams come true or block them from ever happening. Pay attention to what you think and get rid of every trace of negativity as soon as you notice it in your thoughts!

Whether you are just dreaming about your perfect vacation or already have a detailed travel plan, you might need some self-encouragement to feel confident and safe during your trip. Below you’ll find 99 travel affirmations for all stages of your next adventure in 2022!

I’m not a travel blogger (anymore) but I am definitely a traveler. I’ve been to 15 countries over the last few years, even though I was only able to go abroad for the first time at the age of 21. My last trip was a month in Sri Lanka, right now I’m traveling around Mexico for three months, and my next destination is gonna be Canada (while I’m originally from Ukraine). So believe me, I know enough about traveling the world in order to write these affirmations for travelers!

How to use travel affirmations

I’m sure you want your future trip to be perfect! Here is how my positive affirmations for travelers might help you:

  1. Go through the table of content of this post (see above) and define the main topics related to traveling that are important to you. Whether you want a relaxing vacation or a fun adventure that makes your blood flow faster, I’ve got something for every kind of traveler!
  2. Or maybe you already know what you came for, such as affirmations for travel safety or for meeting new friends along the way, then go directly to the dedicated section.
  3. Read each of the affirmations and listen to your inner feelings. Notice which statements make you feel good and excited about your trip!
  4. Don’t overwhelm yourself with too many affirmations to memorize. Choose a good amount that will pump you up, not feel like another chore. You can refer to this guide if you aren’t sure: How Many Affirmations At Once Should I Focus On For Best Results?
  5. Choose a few affirmations from the list below or use them for inspiration to write your own (more tips on that below).
  6. Repeat the affirmations you’ve chosen enough times every day until it feels natural to think like that. Feel free to switch your affirmations up every once in a while or stick to a particular one if you feel the need.

That’s all I had to say about using positive affirmations to prepare for your next travel adventure! Now, let’s see the first bunch of travel affirmations that will get you all excited to go!

Positive travel affirmations for a perfect trip

Positive travel affirmations for a perfect trip
  1. I am filled with joy and positive expectations when I think about my next trip.
  2. This trip is my dream come true, and it’s happening now!
  3. I feel inspired and can’t wait for this adventure to begin!
  4. I pack my bag responsibly so I have everything I need and nothing to worry about.
  5. I am excited to see unique local places and have authentic experiences.
  6. I wake up every day smiling as I imagine my future trip in detail.
  7. This is gonna be the best trip I ever had!
  8. I am ready for this journey to be filled with joy and interesting adventures.
  9. I am thankful for all resources I have that allow me to travel.
  10. I’m looking forward to all the wonderful things that happen to me on this trip!
  11. I am conspiring with the Universe to make this an incredible journey for me.

Safe travel affirmations to stop worrying

Looking for specific affirmations for safety? Then you are in the right place! Repeat these affirmations when you feel worried or scared before your trip, but also make sure to listen to your intuition and take all the necessary safety measures depending on where you are going.

12. I am always surrounded by kindness and good people when I travel.

13. The more I worry, the more I attract negativity, so I stop worrying right now!

14. All my interactions with other people are friendly and peaceful.

15. I can relax knowing that I’m safe and protected.

16. The Universe always has my back and shields me from bad situations.

17. I choose to be relaxed, stay peaceful no matter what, and handle every situation gracefully.

18. I am grateful for being safe no matter where I go.

19. I am smart and responsible enough to stay safe and make good decisions.

20. I’m in good enough shape to handle everything I planned for myself.

21. I only allow good things to happen to me on this trip and every trip.

22. I trust my intuition to keep me safe at all times.

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Powerful affirmations to manifest travel

Powerful affirmations to manifest travel

Don’t have the means to go on a trip but have a huge desire to make it happen? Here are some positive affirmations to attract travel that will help you manifest a new trip to your dream destination soon!

23. I always receive what I ask for, and now I’m asking for a fun trip.

24. I welcome new travel opportunities with open arms.

25. I allow myself to dream big and can’t wait for all my travel dreams to come to life!

26. I feel excited and confident knowing that my new adventure is just behind the corner.

27. I am able to travel the world in a way that is enjoyable and comfortable for me.

28. I am creating the life of my dreams, and this includes frequent traveling.

29. I am surrounding myself with inspiring travel vibes to bring in more travel opportunities.

30. I am grateful for every chance to travel I get.

31. I am the architect of my life. I can manifest travel opportunities whenever I want to.

32. I can totally get paid for travel if I wanted to choose it as my new lifestyle.

33. My next trip is on its way to me and it’s exactly as I imagined!

Affirmations for new travelers

Going to a new destination is always stressful, especially when you are new to this. I remember my first airplane trip and how scared I was to go through security and do something wrong, like have the wrong amount of liquids in my bag or something.

It honestly gets easier with experience and you won’t worry as much about these things after the first few trips. But I know how hard it might be for the new traveler to figure out all the aspects and rules and not lose enthusiasm for travel! Here is why I have this section of affirmations specifically dedicated to new travelers like you.

34. I release all doubts and fears as I prepare for this great adventure.

35. I won’t let my limited travel experience prevent me from having fun.

36. I am open-minded and welcome all kinds of positive things to happen to me on this trip.

37. I am excited to start my traveling journey!

38. I am open to new experiences and positive surprises along the way.

39. There is no limit to good things and opportunities that can happen to me.

40. I feel lucky that I get to see this incredible place.

41. I am ready to soak up every place I visit and bring the maximum memories back from this trip.

42. How awesome it is to step on a land I’ve never stepped on before!

43. I am prepared to be flexible and jump on unplanned chances to have a good time.

44. Whenever the road takes me, I’ll be safe and enjoy the journey.

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Affirmations for seasoned travelers

Affirmations for seasoned travelers

45. I embrace my amazing life full of traveling and adventures.

46. I have this travel craving inside that can only be satisfied by a new journey.

47. I am a wanderer. I feel incredible when I get to know new places.

48. Every city I visit feels like a blessing.

49. The more I travel, the more I get inspired to travel again.

50. As I’m discovering new places, I’m learning new things about myself as well.

51. I know my definition of a fun journey and I’m gonna remember this one for years to come.

52. My soul is happy and fulfilled whenever I get to travel.

53. I am always cautious and aware of my surroundings when I travel, and it keeps me safe.

54. Learning about different cultures and local customs continues to amaze me.

55. Each of my trips has a special place in my heart, and this next one will too!

Calming affirmations for travel anxiety

56. Everything will be okay, this is my time to have fun and enjoy my trip.

57. I am never alone. Even on solo trips, I am surrounded by thousands of good people who I can connect with.

58. With every breath I take, I inhale calmness, and I exhale worry.

59. I don’t allow negative thoughts to control my decisions. I choose to be positive and always look for the bright side.

60. Everything that happens while traveling is a fun experience, even when things don’t exactly go as planned.

61. If I ever need anything, it comes easily to me.

62. I release all the stress that comes with traveling to a new destination.

63. I can easily navigate surprises and avoid negativity when I travel.

64. I let go of all my fears so I can be fully present in every moment of this trip and enjoy it.

65. I have nothing to worry about, I have everything under control.

66. I can calm down knowing that everything will work out in my favor.

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Vacation affirmations to relax and have fun

Vacation affirmations to relax and have fun

67. It’s time for me to have a good time!

68. I deserve this long-awaited vacation and I’ll make the most of it!

69. This beautiful destination is calling my name, and I go.

70. I am ready to soak all the sunshine that touches my body.

71. I am visualizing my perfect vacation in detail and bringing it to life with the power of my imagination.

72. I am allowed to rest and relax as much as I want during this vacation.

73. My dream holiday destination is closer to me than ever before.

74. If I want to lie down and do nothing all day, I totally can!

75. I let go of all the accumulated stress as soon as my vacation starts.

76. I welcome fun adventures as well as relaxing days to regain strength.

77. I am ready to go and have lots of fun!

Positive affirmations for a great adventure

This list of positive travel affirmations is for those adrenaline junkies who can’t imagine travel without daring adventures. These statements are helpful to increase self-confidence and attract more opportunities to have fun!

78. I am prepared for a new cool adventure now.

79. I know something cool and exciting is waiting for me.

80. I can feel the adrenaline flowing in my veins when I’m thinking about my next trip.

81. I have the courage to try new things that most people never dare to try.

82. I can be totally spontaneous when new fun opportunities open up for me.

83. Soon I’ll have a ton of mind-blowing events to add to my most precious memories.

84. I can climb any mountain I set my mind up to.

85. I say yes to every daring adventure that comes my way, as long as I feel safe to do it.

86. I am open to new exciting adventures.

87. I’m gonna have So! Much! Fun!

88. Nothing can stop me from having fun on this journey!

Affirmations for meeting new friends while traveling

Affirmations for meeting new friends while traveling

89. I meet friendly people almost every day when I travel.

90. I love meeting people who love traveling as much as I do!

91. I am super stoked to become friends with all the wonderful adventurous people I’m gonna meet on this trip!

92. I get plenty of opportunities to connect with locals.

93. I attract the best people into my life when I travel.

94. It’s easy to find new friends when traveling. It happens naturally when I’m open to it.

95. I meet like-minded individuals everywhere I go.

96. The more I smile at people, the more approachable I seem, and people always smile back.

97. When I’m open to meeting new friends, the right people cross my path at the right time.

98. Everyone I meet along the way is kind and helpful, even if they are just passing by.

99. Building new friendships on the road comes naturally to me, as we all have traveling in common.

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Write your own travel affirmations!

Nobody knows you better than you do. If you have a particular concern about your next trip or just want to get inspired, feel free to write your own personalized affirmations.

I have a guide for writing good affirmations yourself that can give you some helpful tips on how to word your affirmations the best way and what language to avoid. But please see it as a recommendation and not as a strict set of rules! If some statement comes to mind that breaks all the rules but makes you feel good and uplifted before your trip, by all means, use it!

If you decide to write your own positive affirmations for travel, don’t forget to include as many specifics as possible to make it yours!

If you already know the destination, name it in your statements. For example: “I’ll bring amazing memories back from my trip to Rome!”. If you are traveling with friends or your partner, include their names too. “Becky and I always agree on our traveling plans. She is as excited to see destination X as I am!”

I hope you get the idea. If you still have questions or need some advice on writing your travel affirmations, let me know in the comments!

Final thoughts on travel affirmations

These were 99 affirmations for travel that you can use before or during your next trip. I hope you found what you were looking for and feel even more inspired now to go travel!

I am a travel lover myself and have been to quite a few countries already. I know all the stages of planning a good trip, including both excitement and anxiety. That’s why I wanted to create a list of positive affirmations for traveling that will support other travelers when they need it.

Share your next destination with me in the comments below, I’d love to know where you’re going soon!