60+ Best Monthly Affirmations (5 For Each Month Of 2022)

60+ Positive Friday Affirmations To Stay Inspired And Productive

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Friday comes, and we naturally look back to evaluate the week. Did it go surprisingly well for you? Or you can’t wait for the weekend to start? In any case, these 60 positive Friday affirmations will give you a fresh perspective and inspire you to not give up on this Friday just yet.

Whether you want to end your workweek on a peaceful relaxed note or to find a second wind and have an impressive productive Friday, I have affirmations for everything here. I even threw in a bunch of funny ones so you start your day with a smile and a few bedtime affirmations for better sleep.

No matter how you want your Friday to go, I wish you a wonderful day!

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But let’s not write a Friday off just yet, alright? Maybe these affirmations give you a boost of inspiration and you’ll surprise yourself with amazing results of your Friday productivity at the end of the day!

How can affirmations improve your Friday?

With a bunch of good Friday affirmations, you can take your attitude into your own hands and decide how you want your day to go. Positive affirmations don’t fix everything but they help you get a fresh perspective on everything that you are going through.

Here is how affirmations can improve your Friday:

1) If your week didn’t go as planned, you can decide to have a good Friday anyway;

2) If you are in the middle of a challenging time, affirmations can keep your hope up and remind you that there are better days ahead;

3) If you fell behind on your workload, there are productivity affirmations for you below to not give up and try to catch up;

4) If you feel exhausted at the end of the week, go straight to the stress relief section;

5) If everything is fine and you just need a boost of inspiration and creative energy to have a nice day, you got it!

Let’s start with positive affirmations for Friday morning that will set you up for a good day.

Friday morning affirmations for a good day

Friday morning affirmations for a good day

We all know that our mood in the morning can easily affect the whole day.

Of course, with the powerful mindset we all have here, it’s possible to turn your day around even if it started off on the wrong foot. But it’s still much easier when you start it right and just go with the positive flow!

These affirmations will uplift you and tune your thoughts for a good Friday:

1. It’s such a beautiful morning. Let’s have a whole beautiful day!

2. I know what the beginning of a good day looks like, and this is it.

3. I am excited to see what this Friday brings me!

4. I feel calm and ready to rock this Friday.

5. I have enough creative energy for all my projects today.

6. I am so smart! I can achieve everything I want.

7. I give myself permission to be who I wanna be.

8. I am ready to have lots of fun this Friday.

9. I deserve to see all my dreams come true.

10. I leave all doubts and worries in the past. I am cleansing.

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Friday affirmations for work productivity

For most people with a typical 5-day workweek, Monday is a really productive day, followed by a good (and a bit less stressful) Tuesday, and then by Wednesday the work motivation gradually wears off. You might even try to keep an honest level of productivity on Thursday, but on Friday you are hardly expected to do much of anything.

In fact, it’s proven that Friday is the least effective day, with about 20% less work being done on average Friday compared to Monday. Everyone seems to hate Mondays, but they still rock in terms of productivity!

These affirmations will give you a boost of motivation and ideas to break this pattern and have a productive Friday against all odds:

11. I can have a fun day and still be productive this Friday.

12. Friday is as good as any other day to be productive.

13. I am going to surprise myself with my great productivity today.

14. I am capable of avoiding distractions and temptations on Friday.

15. Even though it’s Friday, I will not procrastinate today.

16. I will be efficient with my time and energy today.

17. I am able to finish everything that’s on my list today.

18. Friday is still a workday to be effective. I can be lazy on Saturday if I want.

19. I can’t wait to see the results of my work today.

20. I’m going to make smart decisions all day today.

Positive Friday affirmations to get inspired again

Positive Friday affirmations to get inspired again

Even when the world seems dark, you can always bring your own light to every place you go. Be the sunshine and scare all the darkness away with your positivity! Avoid negative people at all costs and if you can’t, make sure to protect your energy from their toxic influence.

These Friday affirmations will remind you how powerful you are when you keep a positive mindset:

21. Positivity is a choice I’m making every day.

22. I bring positivity and light with me everywhere.

23. I surrender my expectations and live in the moment.

24. I am a positive-minded person and the whole world smiles with me.

25. I am surrounded by tons of creative energy.

26. I believe that Universe has prepared an awesome life for me.

27. I can easily find joy and happiness wherever I go.

28. I draw inspiration from everything around me.

29. I get motivation from every little step I take toward my goals.

30. I am radiating kindness and spreading positive vibes all around me.

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Funny Friday affirmations to give yourself a break

Even though it’s a work day, there is still room for some fun on a Friday!

Here are some funny affirmations to bring up your beautiful smile and keep your Friday mood up:

31. Even on Friday, I’m on fire. I’m killing it!

32. I am thankful for all my worries and fears that didn’t come true this week.

33. I am reminding myself of everything that’s awesome about me.

34. It’s a good day to have a good day.

35. I am an unstoppable warrior, fearless and strong.

36. …But I can stop if I want, and let myself rest.

37. I am happy to have people who I can be myself with.

38. I am worthy of a ridiculously amazing life!

39. I wonder what I find if I go on a journey of self-discovery.

40. My actions and thoughts are in alignment with my ambitious goals.

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Relaxing affirmations for Friday stress relief

Relaxing affirmations for Friday stress relief

This section of Friday affirmations is for those of you who had already enough done this week and deserve to rest. Maybe you’d even choose to take a day off and fly away on a 3-day weekend spa tour!

Make time for regular rest, don’t wait until your body starts screaming that it’s too much.

41. I did my best this week, and that’s enough.

42. It was a nice week, and I deserve to rest.

43. I feel peaceful and relaxed all day long.

44. I am letting go of every shred of negative thought that ever came to my mind.

45. I only allow positive ideas to stick with me.

46. I am safe. I feel safe.

47. My body is in harmony with my mind. I am healthy.

48. As Friday goes on, all my accumulated stress washes away.

49. I am going to keep my mind at peace during the whole day.

50. I find the time today to be still, to breathe, to be present.

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Friday night affirmations to let go and sleep well

The final section for today is Friday night affirmations. Whether you have a ton of fun plans for this weekend or none at all, it’s always beneficial to have a good night’s sleep in order to function well and enjoy all your activities.

51. I deserve a good night of rest.

52. I allow myself to disconnect and slip into beautiful dreams.

53. I am done for the day, everything else can wait until tomorrow.

54. I prepare for a full night of undisturbed sleep.

55. I am letting go of all my thoughts and focusing on my breathing.

56. I forget about everything till morning.

57. I am going to sleep well and wake up full of energy.

58. My pillow is soft and takes care of my head when I sleep.

59. My bed is cozy, warm, and welcoming.

60. I am gonna sleep like a baby today!

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Fun Friday quotes to inspire creativity

Fun Friday quotes to inspire creativity

If you’ve been with me for a while, you might know how much I love inspirational quotes (take a look at my big collection here)! This is why I like throwing a handful of wise sayings at the end of some posts, and this one is not an exception.

Reading beautiful thoughts like these Friday quotes is complementary to any affirmations as they inspire your own positive thoughts even more, so enjoy!

1. Every Friday, I like to high-five myself for getting through another week on little more than caffeine, willpower, and inappropriate humor. – Nanea Hoffman

2. You can’t use up creativity. The more you use the more you have. – Maya Angelou

3. Friday sees more smiles than any other day of the workweek! – Kate Summers

4. Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun. – Mary Lou Cook

5. Friday is a day to finish your goals for the week. It is a day to celebrate that which you set out to accomplish at the beginning of the week. – Byron Pulsifer

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Final thoughts on using positive affirmations on Friday

I hope you are happy with these Friday affirmations and they help you have a wonderful end of the workweek! Stay positive, believe in yourself, and always remember where you are going to keep yourself on the right track.

Share with me in the comments which affirmation is your favorite, and what kind of Friday you are aiming to have today!

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