60+ Best Monthly Affirmations (5 For Each Month Of 2022)

60+ Best Monthly Affirmations (5 For Each Month Of 2024)

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I don’t know about you, but for me, it’s always beneficial to have some kind of a theme to focus on for the month. It helps me be more organized and make noticeable improvements in one area of my life or another. In this post, I’m sharing my best monthly affirmations so you can also have a focus for each month of 2024.

For example, January for me is about sticking to new goals and being responsible with my new year resolutions, April is a good month for healing, and November is all about being grateful for all you have and everything that’s yet to come.

If you want a different focus for this particular month, feel free to browse other months’ affirmations and choose the ones that are aligned with your own journey! You can also refer to my collection of 2500+ positive affirmations if you are looking for something more specific. It literally has affirmations for everything!

Depending on what month is right now when you are reading this, click on the dedicated button below to jump to the affirmations for that specific month. Enjoy!

Monthly affirmations for 2024

Below you’ll find 5 positive affirmations for each month of 2024. Let me know in the comments in what month are you reading this and whether or not your feelings align with my affirmations!

1. Affirmations for the month of January

As I said, January is about a clean slate. Even though the 1st of January is the same day as any other day, we are used to giving it a deep meaning for new opportunities and new beginnings.

There’s nothing wrong with that, especially if it motivates you to become the better version of yourself you always wanted to be! But keep in mind that you can decide to have a clean slate on any of 365 days of the year, whether it’s March 14th, July 31st, or December 3rd.

Be kind to yourself, and don’t put too much pressure on a single day or month!

Here are your January affirmations:

  1. I fill my days with positive activities that make me happier.
  2. I have it in me to stick to my routines and be consistent all month long.
  3. Every time I think about my goals, it inspires me to work harder.
  4. I gladly add new healthy habits into my daily routine.
  5. I feel loved and supported in all my new beginnings.

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2. Affirmations for the month of February

Let February be your month of finding inner peace and connecting with yourself.

I hope you are still going strong with the goals you set for 2024, but it’s okay if you fell off track a bit. Focus on forgiving yourself, catching up with whatever is important for your wellbeing, and self-motivating in a peaceful way instead of harsh pushing.

Here are your February affirmations for 2024:

  1. I release blockages and let good things flow freely my way.
  2. I am capable of everything I set my mind for achieving.
  3. I live in a peaceful world full of good positive people.
  4. I am good enough for my dream life.
  5. I am grateful for each wonderful thing that this month is going to bring me.

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3. Affirmations for the month of March

In March we welcome fresh spring vibes into our lives, no matter what the weather is like behind the window. It’s the time to enjoy every day, release all the negativity, and allow yourself to dream big!

While doing a spring cleaning in your house, don’t forget about your mind. Fill your days with mindful activities and positive people who share and multiply your happy vibrations.

Here are your March affirmations:

  1. Each morning, I make a choice to get up and enjoy my life.
  2. I allow myself to be free from blame, anger, judgment, and all negative feelings.
  3. I am ready to make my dream come true.
  4. I attract wonderful people into my life who inspire and support me.
  5. I am aligned with the Universe to bring all my dreams into reality.

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4. Daily affirmations for April 2024

Monthly affirmations for April 2022

One way to approach April is to make it your month of healing.

Whether you have physical discomfort in your body or stress-related mental health issues, it’s time to let it all go. Focus on your health and self-care throughout this month, and maybe introduce another healthy habit into your daily routine.

Positive April affirmations for you:

  1. My well-being is always my first priority.
  2. I do things every day that are good for my health and wellness.
  3. I make the time for self-care and relaxation.
  4. My body knows how to heal itself from any illness.
  5. It’s time for me to release anxiety and unnecessary worrying, and focus on the good.

5. Affirmations for the month of May

May is known to be a mental health awareness month, and you can also incorporate some parts of this movement into your personal life. Feel free to indulge in self-pampering activities and surround yourself with things that bring you joy. Make time for calming walks in nature and for people who care about you.

5 monthly affirmations for the month of May:

  1. This month, I will focus on my mental health, and get rid of all negativity.
  2. I am rewiring my mindset to be more positive.
  3. I feel happy with my life and find joy every day.
  4. I make time for people who love me and make me happy.
  5. I bring happiness and a positive attitude with me everywhere I go.

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6. Affirmations for the month of June

In June many people come to realize that the half-year mark is getting closer, and they haven’t got far enough with their New Year resolutions. If that’s you, that’s okay. Release all the judgment and find a way to motivate yourself again instead of self-loathing, even if you need to start all over again.

You are exactly where you need to be right now.

Here are your June affirmations:

  1. I will not blame myself for not being or doing enough.
  2. I have the courage to start again.
  3. I feel rejuvenated and motivated to follow my dreams.
  4. Each day of this month will be successful.
  5. My life is full of endless opportunities.

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7. July affirmations for 2024

July usually has pretty wonderful weather for going out. You can use this month for meeting new people and experiencing new things, even if it means stepping out of your comfort zone once in a while.

Listen to your intuition and not your fears!

Here are positive affirmations for the month of July:

  1. I make an effort to be a better version of myself every day.
  2. I am laser-focused and disciplined enough to not procrastinate this month.
  3. I am ready to come out of my comfort zone and welcome new experiences.
  4. I trust myself to make the right decisions.
  5. Whatever happens, is for the best, even when it doesn’t feel like it at first.

8. Affirmations for the month of August

I’m leaving the theme of August up to you, feel free to make it your own!

Whatever you decide to focus on this month, try to keep yourself in a high-vibe state and find positivity in every new day you get to live. Remember that it’s okay to be less than perfect and that the process of real growth often involves failure. Just be your own loving best friend and encourage yourself to keep going no matter what.

These are special positive affirmations for August:

  1. I am a lovely human being, beautiful inside and out.
  2. I invite inner peace and harmony into my life.
  3. I radiate positive energy that attracts good vibes back to me.
  4. I can find a reason to smile and feel happy every day of this month.
  5. I allow myself to be imperfect and make mistakes.

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9. Affirmations for the month of September

Affirmations for the month of September

Similar to January, September is often the month of new beginnings. For many of us, it’s the time when the new school year begins, and we keep seeing it as some kind of a new page even when we are not in school anymore. In fact, some religions celebrate an actual New Year on September 1st instead of January 1st (look up Ecclesiastic New Year)!

This is a good time to set some fresh goals for the last third of 2024 and review your New Year resolutions with a fresh pair of eyes. You might even find that your priorities have changed tremendously since January!

Here are your September affirmations:

  1. I focus on my growth and see each mishap as a lesson.
  2. I only allow positive things, people, and events into my life.
  3. I look good. I feel good. Everything is good in my world.
  4. I welcome abundance into all areas of my life.
  5. When I’m aligned with my dreams, I notice positive synchronicities all the time.

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10. October 2024 positive affirmations

If you love fall as much as I do, you are probably filling your October with cozy activities. Between baking cinnamon cookies and organizing your home workplace, let yourself be genuinely happy and repeat these affirmations to empower yourself.

5 October affirmations for 2024:

  1. I don’t accept anything other than success in each area of my life.
  2. I deserve to love and be loved.
  3. My body is beautiful and my mind is peaceful.
  4. This month I will exceed my own expectations!
  5. My life is a wonderful adventure.

11. Positive affirmations for November

November is traditionally the month of gratitude, as this is when Thanksgiving is celebrated. Focus on spending time with family, enjoying the little things that are usually taken for granted, and bringing peace and harmony into your home.

These are special monthly affirmations for November:

  1. I feel that beautiful things are about to happen for me.
  2. I appreciate all the big and little things I have in my life. I am not taking anything for granted.
  3. Things tend to always work out best for me, I don’t need to worry.
  4. Something nice is always happening for me and around me.
  5. Each day is a new chance for me to come closer to my dreams.

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12. December 2024 affirmations

As December is the last month of the year, most people tend to give up on their goals and wait for January to be productive. Instead, realize that you still have 30 days of 2024 left, and make the most of each of these days. You’ll be surprised how much you can do in a month if you don’t abandon your goals!

At the same time, allow yourself to get lazy sometimes and snuggle up in a blanket with a good Christmas movie.

These are your monthly December affirmations:

  1. I am confident in myself and my abilities.
  2. I release all my doubts and insecurities as I welcome a new page of my life.
  3. I feel safe moving toward my goals as I’m guided by a higher power.
  4. I will never feel 100% ready. Now is the time to do what I always wanted to do.
  5. I am incredibly disciplined and productive every single day.

Bonus affirmations for every month

I decided to go the extra mile and add a few affirmations that work for every month of the year. These are good to add to your specific monthly affirmations whenever you feel stressed and can benefit from some extra self-love.

These monthly affirmations fit every month:

  1. I love myself unconditionally and accept myself with all my flaws.
  2. I dare to dream and follow my dreams without hesitation.
  3. I allow myself time to rest and recharge regularly.
  4. I keep a peaceful state of mind no matter what.
  5. I got this!

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How to write your own monthly affirmations

We are all different, and your view of a specific month might be completely different from mine, I get that! If you want to write your own affirmations around your personal theme for the month, you can browse my catalog of positive affirmations for inspiration and rewrite some of them in your own words.

I would love to see your affirmations in the comments if you feel like sharing! And hey, feel free to bookmark this page and return to it every month for new monthly affirmations!

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