15 New Month Affirmations To Set And Achieve New Goals

15 New Month Affirmations To Set And Achieve New Goals In 2024

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Everyone makes New Year’s resolutions but it only happens once in 365 days. Why wait the whole year for a fresh start if you literally have a 1st every month? Who made January more important than July, for example? These 15 positive new month affirmations will allow you to have a clean slate twelve times a year!

If you work on your self-development and are on your journey of self-discovery, you can be a completely different person by September compared to the version of you that set those resolutions on January 1st. You can have different goals and some of your resolutions may have no sense to you anymore. You might have already achieved some goals and it’s time to set the new ones.

A lot can happen in one month, and even more in half a year. Do not waste time chasing old goals that don’t inspire you anymore or letting your life flow without any direction.

The beginning of each new month is a good time to review your goals, evaluate the progress, and make sure you are in control of where your life is going. Positive affirmations will encourage you to believe in your inner power, take inspired action, and stay consistent with your new goals the whole month!

15 encouraging affirmations for a new month

1. I am excited to be the best version of myself this month.

At the beginning of each month, remind yourself of all your ambitious goals. What kind of person should you become if you want to achieve them all? How can you be that best version of yourself that is capable of making big dreams come true?

Envision that person to the smallest detail! And then become that person.

Imagine how it will feel when you get what you are working for. Remember these emotions every morning when you wake up this month. Start your day by feeling these feelings all over again as if you are already there! Hopefully, this will keep you excited and energized enough to be the best version of yourself every day and approach each task with enthusiasm.

You know you deserve to have everything you dream of, right?

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2. I know exactly what I want, and what the first step is to get it.

affirmations for a new month I know what i want

One of my favorite quotes is by Mel Robbins, an inspirational speaker and the author of “The 5 Second Rule”. She says: “Motivation is garbage. Stop waiting to feel like it. Whatever it is that you want – wake up and go get it.”

We are all waiting for motivation to come and hit us so we can start doing that thing we wanted to do for so long. And sometimes it comes, and you get all inspired, you feel like you can change the world… until it wears off and you feel even emptier than you were before.

Motivation is unreliable, so why would you depend on it instead of your inner power? Take responsibility for your actions (and inaction), define the next steps, and start implementing them in spite of not feeling motivated. Motivation comes in waves, and sometimes it needs to find you already working.

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3. I’m ready to take action that will make my dream come true.

Have you been procrastinating recently? If you have, you are hardly the only one. But did you stop to realize that whenever you are procrastinating, you are literally delaying your dreams from coming into reality?

Whatever your dream life looks like, you know exactly what you should do to make it happen. So every minute when you are doing anything other than that, you are not doing that!

Sometimes I am guilty of that myself. I call it “effective procrastination” because I’m not scrolling social media but doing chores or otherwise seemingly important things. But you know what? It’s still an excuse. And the moment I realize I’m doing it again, I do my best to finish it and switch to the real action that takes me closer to my goal. Because I know why I want it, and it drives me every time. Do you know your why?

4. I am filled with positive energy and only allow good vibes around me.

You can only ever succeed if you approach your goals with a healthy mindset. A big part of it is being positive every day, which means not engaging in low-vibration activities like complaining, gossiping, blaming the world, or self-loathing. Instead, say positive things to yourself every morning to set yourself up for a wonderful day. For example, affirm how beautiful you are, or list a few things you are grateful for today.

To be able to stay inspired and productive, you need to fiercely protect yourself from negative energy. You can be super optimistic and practice gratitude all you want, but if you surround yourself with negative people, they will inevitably drain your energy. And I know you’d rather put your energy into work and your creative projects!

Keep an eye on your attitude so you can only spread good vibes and stop yourself the moment you recognize that you are being pulled into negativity.

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5. I have the power to change my life.

affirmations for a new month I have the power to change my life

You already have everything you need to achieve everything you want. You are in control of your life, your body, and your mind. You can align your thoughts and actions with the Universe and build your own path.

When you are an adult, no one but you can be responsible for the way you live your life. If you are not at the point where you are 100% happy about your life situation, you are the only one to blame. But blaming is a prerogative of negative people who never achieve anything meaningful, so let’s just leave it to them.

Forgive yourself for all the past mistakes, stop holding onto the old feelings that hold you back, and take the wheel of your life. You have the power to change it into your dream life starting this month, so why wouldn’t you?

6. The process of working toward my goals brings me joy.

Thinking about the end goal can give you motivation high but living in the future doesn’t make you a happy person while you are working toward it.

However wonderful that one moment of joy is going to be when you cross the finish line and get what you want, it’s not worth sacrificing your current life. Dreams change, and as soon as you achieve this one, you’ll come up with another one, even bigger. Does it mean you can only be happy in moments of achievement?

Your happiness should not be defined by your accomplishments! Find a way to be happy in the meantime, seek joy in every day, and surround yourself with nice people and positive things to keep your mood up at all times.

Pay attention to the present moment, slow down to do something mindful once in a while, and be grateful for the things you already have in your life.

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7. I start this new month with an open mind and welcome new opportunities.

There is usually more than one way to solve a problem, and there might be various roads leading to the same destination.

You might have a clear plan with defined steps and everything, and it’s awesome if you do, but remember to stay open-minded and flexible and not freak out if things don’t go exactly according to the plan.

Sometimes the Universe might give you an easier solution, open a door you never knew existed, or otherwise help you skip a step and get to your destination faster. Stay aligned with your goals, but be open to new opportunities and allow yourself to be pleasantly surprised.

Who knows, your goal might be closer than you think! Just trust the process and go with the flow, even if it makes you take a sudden turn. You never know who or what you meet on that detour!

8. This month, I’ll be laser-focused on my goals every day.

focused on my goals every month affirmation

There are many things in life that can distract you from your goals. Don’t let them!

Staying consistent with your work is the crucial part of getting to the finish line. Building your dream life is a full-time job and if you wanna be paid what you deserve, you better show up every day and do what’s required from you.

You don’t skip a day or a week from your corporate job if you don’t feel like doing it today, right? You know that you’ll be fired and somebody else will get your position and your salary at the end of the month.

So why would you sabotage your big dreams like that? There is much more at stake here. Be as dedicated to your personal goals as you are to your job, if not more. Give it all you have, every day, until you reach that destination. If it means making a few hard decisions and cutting unnecessary things from your life that distract you, do it without hesitation! It’s always worth it in the end.

9. Even though I’m goal-oriented, I allow myself to rest and recharge.

I know I just said that you have to work on your goals every day and give it your all, but I didn’t mean that you shouldn’t rest.

Your mind and body both need time regularly to relax and heal from the effects of everyday stress. You might not know that something is wrong and continue to push yourself until one day you go down with something and can’t function at all. Sickness can easily take you off the race and negate all the dedication and effort you put into your project.

More often than not, illnesses are caused by accumulated stress and the lack of rest, and you can totally avoid them if you take care of yourself. So sleep well, eat clean, and stick to your healthy habits. Take a day off when you feel like you need a break. Let yourself mindfully relax. Take your mind off work to allow fresh creative ideas to flow into your head. And then get back to your goals with regained power!

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10. I know that possibilities are limitless, I just need to ask.

Always go into a new month with a strong belief that you can have everything you ask for.

This affirmation is for you to remind yourself that you can attract anything you want into your life, if you allow yourself to believe it’s possible. There are all kinds of crazy unbelievable stories about people who overcame impossible situations just because they had an unshakable belief that they deserve better, and that there is something better waiting for them in the future.

So focus on your desires and trust yourself to do your best to stay consistent. And don’t be afraid to ask the Universe for what you really really want!

Here I have some more inspiring affirmations that might help you stay confident:

11. I already have everything I need within me.

affirmations for a new month I have everything I need within me

Don’t you feel like there is always something that prevents you from going all in?

If only I had enough time…

I’m too old for this...

I’m not experienced enough/qualified yet...

Maybe when my kids grow/go to school/go to college/etc...

I just have so much on my plate right now...

There will always be something stopping you unless you decide to just do it despite everything.

Stop making excuses! You already have everything you need inside of you, and you can learn the rest in the process. Even if your situation actually changes, something else will come up if you don’t get your priorities straight.

It’s time to do that thing you always wanted to do, and you know it.

Start it today!

12. I release all the blockages that were holding me back.

Our subconscious mind is full of creepy little limiting beliefs that are hiding behind the scenes and blocking us from the success we deserve. We might not even realize that we have them as they are very deep and very comfortable.

Repeat this affirmation at the beginning of every new month to clear all the limiting thoughts that make you repeatedly sabotage your happiness. It’s time to become aware of everything that holds you back and get rid of it!

If you meditate, there are specific guided meditations to release subconscious blockages, you can look them up on Youtube. Personally, I recommend this one from Mary Kate, as her meditations always leave me feeling magical and empowered.

13. I trust that everything will work out the best possible way for me.

Yes, it’s difficult to face the unknown and deal with all the fears that come up in your head. Especially when you are stepping out of your warm and pleasant comfort zone, feeling vulnerable and maybe even a little scared.

But you need to stay strong and not let the negative thoughts take charge!

Try to ignore all the unnecessary “what ifs” and focus on the positive. Feel thankful for everything you already achieved and everything you are yet to receive. Trust the Universe to have your back at all times, and visualize the best possible outcome until you are certain it’s happening.

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14. While I am envisioning my future, I remember to enjoy the present moment.

I remember to enjoy the present momentaffirmations for a new month

How often do you stop to enjoy the little things?

Here is a list of 45 important things that we usually take for granted, maybe find the time once in a while to acknowledge each of them and feel thankful for having them. (If gratitude doesn’t come easily to you, you’ll find at least a couple dozen things to be grateful for there!)

On the way to greatness, we are so focused on the end result that we don’t always pay enough attention to whatever happens on the way. Meanwhile, the days go by, and these days happen to constitute our life.

We never know what’s in the cards for us and how much time we have on this planet. Just make sure you don’t forget to actually live your life while you are waiting for the desired future to come.

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15. This month is gonna be life-changing and truly wonderful!

I hope you are excited to start a new month! If not, repeat this positive affirmation until you get excited and feel the energy of a new beginning.

Whatever this month brings you, remember that you can handle it! Welcome change with open arms and be open-minded so some amazing new opportunities can fly freely into your life.

Your whole month depends on the intention you enter it with from day one. Make a decision to make this month your best month ever and don’t stop until you do! Do your best to stay consistent and productive every day, but also appreciate yourself and celebrate the small wins along the way.

Final thoughts on new month affirmations

These were my 15 positive affirmations for the new month!

Tell me in the comments what you think and how you feel after repeating these! Are you pumped up or what?

Feel free to come back to this page every month to get a fresh perspective and some of these important reminders.

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