affirmations for inner beauty, peace, and strength

40 Positive Affirmations For Inner Beauty, Peace, And Strength

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While outer beauty standards changed significantly throughout history, inner beauty is more or less the same thing. Everyone gets drawn to a person who is beautiful from the inside: caring, kind, friendly, loyal, and genuine, no matter how that person looks. That’s why today I have a special selection of positive affirmations for inner beauty, peace, and strength, so you can work on your inside for a change.

Earlier I posted a lot of “outer” beauty affirmations. Check them out if you haven’t yet as it’s important to keep the balance in our self-perception!

In other words, believe that you are beautiful inside and out even if it’s not up to the current social standards!

Who cares?

Be yourself, care about yourself, keep your body healthy and your soul nurtured. Positive affirmations will help you stick in the mindset of being a beautiful person, which will grow your confidence and attract more positivity and love into your life.

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Inner beauty is more important than outer beauty

While outer appearance may help you catch the eye of a stranger, it’s your personality that makes them leave or stay. If you want shallow relationships with people who only care about looks, then you should prioritize your outer beauty. Otherwise, if you’d like to be in a loving relationship with your soulmate and have long-lasting friendships, focus on your inner beauty first.

Outer beauty only says about how you were born and you can’t naturally do much for changing it. Inner beauty, on the other hand, can be developed over the years, and with a bit of effort and keeping the growth mindset you can completely change who you are (if you want).

This doesn’t mean that your appearance doesn’t matter at all. It’s still important to clean yourself regularly and show up well-groomed, but it can mean different things for everyone. A husband looks at his wife without makeup and with a messy hair bun and still sees her as the prettiest woman in the world. It’s all subjective.

An average-looking person with a lovely personality will always have better relationships with people than the most beautiful person in the world who has an ugly personality.

Have you ever noticed how we stop noticing the visual flaws of people we genuinely love after some time? That’s because we don’t care anymore about appearances after we find that deep connection with someone. Our souls connect us and keep us together, not our looks.

On that note, let’s see those affirmations, shall we?

Positive affirmations for inner beauty

Positive affirmations for inner beauty

Inner beauty affirmations make us feel good about ourselves, which inspires us to do more good deeds and share this beauty with the world. You start to feel and appear more confident and it gets reflected in your clothing choices, smiling, and behavior.

By being positive and caring about people (including yourself), you build a nice personality, attract good souls into your life, and become more and more beautiful every day!

1. I am beautiful inside and out.

2. I look and feel my best today.

3. People are amazed by my beautiful personality.

4. I inspire kindness in others.

5. I am a beautiful person, in my own unique way.

6. Everyone wants to be a part of my life because of my beautiful soul.

7. I am feeling and looking gorgeous.

8. My body, soul, and mind are beautiful.

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Affirmations for attractive personality

Affirmations for attractive personality

A person who is open, genuine, and radiates positivity is a natural magnet for other nice people. It’s wrong to think that your personality doesn’t show in your appearance. Generally, people can read more than just your face: it’s your body language, the way you present yourself, the ways you behave and react to things, and more.

Once someone gets to know you, they’ll love you! But first, you need to love yourself and believe that you deserve to be loved by others.

With these affirmations for an attractive personality, you’ll build confidence to be and act as a beautiful person, which will inevitably draw a lot of good things and people to you.

1. I am a very loving and passionate person.

2. People love me for me.

3. I am a caring and compassionate person.

4. I have a very attractive personality that is a magnet for good people.

5. I am blooming like a beautiful flower.

6. I always radiate good vibes and people enjoy being around me.

7. I am a good listener and an attentive friend.

8. It’s easy for me to make new friends as people are drawn to my beautiful personality.

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Calming affirmations for inner peace

Calming affirmations for inner peace

Many studies have proven that stress causes all kinds of health troubles in humans.

Finding ways to handle stress and cope with difficult situations is critical for your health and longevity! Building inner peace helps you relieve that stress, focus on the positive, and don’t react to negative life situations in a way that is hurtful for your physical and mental health.

Positive affirmations are one of the easiest ways to get more calm and peaceful. But in case that self-talk doesn’t improve things for you over time and you get stressed too much, consider other ways, like talking to an online therapist, for example.

By the way, if you struggle with anxiety, here you can find a few affirmations that may help you calm down when you get too stressed out.

Now, let’s build that inner peace and not ever worry too much anymore!

1. With every breath I take, I release stress and fill myself with peace.

2. I am free of negative thoughts and replace them with positive beliefs.

3. I am full of loving, healthy, positive, and prosperous thoughts.

4. I do everything with a peaceful mind and a calm clear head.

5. I let go of all the negativity that is holding me back.

6. I enjoy the peaceful time when I’m alone with myself.

7. My mind is quiet and stress-free.

8. I allow myself to be calm and free.

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Empowering affirmations for the inner critic

Empowering affirmations for the inner critic

Everyone has an inner critic that seems to know all our insecurities and reminds us about them from time to time.

All negative self-talk comes from that inner critic. Thoughts like “I’m not good enough”, “I am not beautiful”, “I hate how I look”, “I can’t possibly pull this off”, “I’m too young/too old/too stupid/too unworthy/…” all come from your inner critic. It feeds on your low self-esteem and shows up the minute you start to doubt yourself.

No more! Use these powerful affirmations to tell that voice to shut up! Because you know that you are beautiful, worthy, and lovable, and there is absolutely no reason to not feel amazing about yourself!

1. I am enough.

2. I love and accept myself for who I am.

3. I deserve to look and feel amazing.

4. My soul shines like a precious diamond.

5. I am beautiful and lovable, and I can be authentic around people I love.

6. I am capable of everything I want to achieve.

7. I only speak about myself and treat myself with kindness.

8. I am worthy of receiving love and care from everyone, including myself.

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Affirmations for emotional strength

Affirmations for emotional strength

Emotional strength comes from your ability to handle whatever life throws at you. They say whatever doesn’t break you, makes you stronger. An emotionally strong person is tough enough to face any circumstances and not let oneself break but flexible enough to survive everything and stand back up after every fall.

By regularly practicing these affirmations for emotional strength, you prepare yourself for everything that can happen so when it does, you’ll handle it gracefully and stay in control.

1. I am prepared for everything that awaits me.

2. I attract so much good that I don’t even notice the bad.

3. I am in control of my life. I have the power to change its course.

4. I am strong enough to handle anything.

5. I accept my feelings without letting them control my decisions.

6. I can let go of all the negative emotions that are holding me back.

7. I can deal with whatever happens to me.

8. I am stronger than my temporary painful thoughts. I am not letting my negativity take charge.

Final thoughts about inner beauty affirmations

These were my forty positive affirmations about inner beauty, strength, and peace! Choose a few of them that speak to you the most and work daily on improving your self-perception and confidence.

And remember: you are beautiful!