99 Things That Will Make You Smile Until Your Cheeks Hurt

99 Things That Will Make You Smile Until Your Cheeks Hurt

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There is a ton of different things that make people smile every day, and even more of these wonderful things go unnoticed. If you just sit for a moment and think about what makes you smile and feel happy, you’ll be overwhelmed by the number of positive reasons to smile you actually have in your daily life.

I just did this exercise and I can’t stop smiling now because visualizing each one of these little things makes me wanna actually experience them again and feel that joy. And I believe that life is meant to be enjoyed every step of the way!

With all the scary things that happen in the world, I wanted to write something to make you smile, and what can do the job better than sharing a big list of 99 freshly found things that make me happy?

There is probably no person on Earth who doesn’t want to be happy. It’s a universal desire embedded in us from the moment we are born. And while the personal meaning of happiness is to each their own, the science behind happy emotions tells us that smiling can indeed make us feel happier.

Numerous studies have been conducted around the world to prove that facial movements that make a smile can by themselves influence our mood in a positive way. This means, you don’t even have to feel like smiling: just make the smiling expression show up on your face and let your brain pull the right triggers and uncover the waterfall of happiness.

Well, alright, maybe it’s not that simple, and faking a smile won’t immediately make you a happy person. But science doesn’t lie, and smiling doesn’t hurt. In fact, it doesn’t require half as much effort as you put into one push-up, even though you incorporate about twenty different muscles when you smile.

Another study shows that smiling helps reduce physical pain, which is why it’s important to keep smiling through the pain, even when life feels unbearable.

But enough with science. I hope I don’t need to convince you that smiling is important and you should do it more.

Let’s dive into pure joy and see the list of 99 things to smile about!

99 things that will make you smile until your cheeks hurt

1. Witnessing an act of kindness

2. Getting lost in a really good book

3. Planning a road trip with friends

4. Getting a message from someone who cares about you

5. Realizing you can actually make your dream come true

6. Watching the most beautiful sunset or sunrise

7. A happy ending in a movie

8. Waking up to sunshine after several rainy days in a row

9. Looking at some old photographs

Best things ever to smile about

Best things ever to smile about

These are, in my humble opinion, the best things ever to smile about. Read through and tell me whether or not you agree!

10. Finding your new happy place

11. An unexpected gift that is exactly what you wanted

12. Realizing you have 100 things to be grateful for in your life

13. Seeing someone happy after you helped them out

14. Getting an a-ha moment from a self-help book

15. First sale in your new business

16. Making up after a fight

17. Getting a letter from your old self

18. Seeing your favorite band live for the first time

19. When someone loved the book you recommended (and it was your favorite!)

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Little things that make you smile

There is no lack of nice little things that can make you smile, as long as you learn to pay attention!

20. Warm feeling of a sun ray on your face

21. Reading an inspirational quote about enjoying life

22. Seeing your dog’s tail wagging happily

23. Someone holding a door open for you

24. Looking in the mirror and feeling beautiful

25. Five more minutes in bed after your alarm went off

26. When an old dress still fits perfectly

27. Fresh smell in the air after the rain

28. Your name spelled right on a coffee cup

29. Randomly hearing your favorite song somewhere

Things to buy that will make you smile every day

When I’m asked to name something that makes me smile every day and is not a person, the first things that come to mind are my favorite items in my home office. A candle with a lovely quote, a cute planter, a fun mug I recently got for myself, and a little collectible Sirius Black on my desk.

They say money doesn’t buy happiness but I think money can buy quite a lot of things that will bring you joy and make you smile every time you see them. Here are a few ideas that may do this for you:

If you want more, here is my full collection of fun stuff to buy to smile more.

Everyday things that make you smile

It doesn’t really matter whether your days are all unique and hectic or you have a fixed routine and relive the same day almost every day. There are always everyday things to make you smile, which might of course be different depending on your lifestyle. Here is a bunch of mine:

30. Learning a new cool skill

31. Crossing things off your to-do list

32. A cup of fresh coffee in the morning

33. Touching your smooth skin after a face mask

34. Coming up with a perfect solution for a problem

35. First bite of your favorite meal

36. A pleasant smell from a scented candle in your room

37. Playing a fun videogame

38. When someone did laundry so you don’t have to

39. Seeing “No new mail” label in your email folder

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Things that make me smile the most

These are things that make me smile so much that my cheeks hurt. When I have a moment from this special list, I want to keep it longer, feel it to the fullest, and remember it until the next time.

40. Hugging my favorite person

41. Ordering sushi from my favorite local place

42. Buying a new book I’m excited to read

43. Walking in the rain

44. Going for a unique local experience

45. A thank-you email or comment from one of my blog visitors

46. Receiving a long-awaited parcel

47. Packing for a trip

48. When someone really loves my positive energy gift

49. Being near the sea

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Silly things that make you smile

Silly things that make you smile

Life doesn’t have to be all so serious. We are allowed to have fun and enjoy the little things, even if they seem silly or not-adult-enough. Who cares? Smile!

50. Funny cat videos on Youtube

51. Dressing up nicely to go out

52. Having an inside joke with your bestie

53. Someone liked your post on social media

54. Watching one more episode on Netflix

55. Hilarious food jokes, such as pizza puns or chocolate puns

56. When you finally made it to the bathroom after a long meeting

57. Reading your own diary from a decade ago

58. Walking on the grass barefoot

59. Getting home right before the pouring rain started

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Social things that make you smile

If you think about it, human connections have a big role in our happiness. If I were to write a full list of things other people can do to make you smile, it would be probably enough for a whole other post (maybe I should create it!).

Even though some of us are more introverted than others, we are all naturally social beings, and we need a sense of connection with other humans to feel happy. Here are some people-based things that make you smile, no matter how socially awkward you may be.

60. A nice compliment from a stranger

61. Going out with your best friend

62. Finally seeing a long-distance friend

63. When someone matches your positive energy

64. Feeling like a part of the community

65. Sitting at a big table at the family reunion

66. Playing a board game with friends

67. Someone smiling at you on the street

68. Meeting a new like-minded person you can potentially be friends with

69. When your clever comment made someone laugh

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Things that make you smile and feel happy

70. Waking up excited to have an amazing day

71. Achieving a big goal

72. Hearing good news

73. First word or step of your baby

74. Reminiscing about good old times

75. Standing on top of a mountain and embracing the view

76. First sip of a delicious seasonal drink

77. Getting better at some skill

78. Risky surgery that went well

79. Smell of baked cookies in your mother’s kitchen

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Things that make people smile in relief

Not all reasons to smile are equal. Some are the simple nice things around you, others are more sophisticated and conditional. When you hear good news or realize the worst you imagined didn’t happen, it will make you smile from relief every time. Here are a few examples!

80. A warm bath for sore muscles

81. A negative result from some scary medical test

82. When you said something stupid and nobody noticed

83. Passing a big exam you were sure you failed

84. “I’m fine” on the phone after 50 missed calls

85. When you did something adventurous and didn’t die

86. The moment an interview ends

87. Coming right on time to something important

88. When a task you don’t wanna do is assigned to somebody else

89. Talking to someone after keeping your feelings inside for too long

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Cute things that make you smile

Cute things that make you smile

Let’s be honest here. What makes me smile is not always deep and huge to think about. Sometimes it’s all about those random moments that make me feel cozy, inspired, or just alive.

90. Rolling yourself in a cozy burrito blanket

91. When someone compliments your smile

92. Seeing an elderly happy couple holding hands

93. Finding a perfect heartwarming gift for your best friend

94. Pretty much anything a toddler says to you

95. Hugging a heatable plushie even though you are an adult

96. A purring cat nearby

97. Looking at cute babies

98. Lovely art on your latte

99. Sliding into fluffy slippers first thing in the morning

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Final thoughts about things that make me smile

These were the 99 things that make me smile, and I hope some of them are good enough to make you smile too!

Aren’t you inspired to write your own list of things that make you show your beautiful smile to the world?

If I left something out that always makes YOU smile and you feel the urge to add it to the list, feel free to share it in the comments! Let’s make it into 100 things that make us smile together!