Positive Weekly Affirmations For All Days Of The Week In 2022

Positive Weekly Affirmations For All Days Of The Week In 2023

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Having a wonderful day has nothing to do with the events happening around you, and has everything to do with your mindset. And the more good days you have, the more fulfilled your life is. Here is a collection of affirmations for all days of the week that will help you keep a positive attitude and a healthy mindset that is required if you want to be a happy person.

Life can be hard sometimes, and if you let things upset you and then stay upset for a long time, it takes away your potential moments of joy. Positive weekly affirmations for 2023 teach you to be a positive person and turn bad things around with the power of your mind, which means you handle stress easier and become stronger in front of everyday challenges.

Don’t give up your inner power just because things don’t always go as planned!

Don’t allow anything or anyone to prevent you from finding yourself and achieving your crazy goals!

There might be people around you who are drowning in negativity and trying to take you down with them. If you don’t care about being mindful and aren’t monitoring your thoughts, if you don’t have tools like positive weekly affirmations in your pocket, you are making yourself an easy target for those people.

If you aren’t satisfied with your life, look at the people you are spending most of your time with. Do they live the life of your dreams, or they are in the same boat as you in a sea of unhappiness and daily struggle? If your answer is the latter, this might be the problem.

Surround yourself with people who inspire you naturally by example and motivate you to be your best self every day. Spend more time with people who can give you 100 reasons to be grateful from the top of their heads. Affirm that you have all your dreams happened already, and act like that future version of you who has everything.

Always aim to look at the bright side, embrace your situation, and let the negative energy go. You deserve the best, you know what you want, and you have everything you need to get it within you.

You just need a reminder sometimes, and that’s what weekly affirmations are for.

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What is the purpose of weekly affirmations?

The main idea of weekly affirmations is to keep you in a good mood and raise your self-esteem so you can be motivated and focused on your goals. Affirming positive things helps you replace negative beliefs and eliminate subconscious limitations that might be ruining your life.

Choose a couple of positive statements to focus on every day to set a clear intention for your attitude and expected productivity.

Every week can be either another week of a boring routine or a clean slate that leads you to your dream life. It’s up to you! Negative affirmations and recurring doubtful thoughts keep you down while positive affirmations keep you pumped up and excited to follow your dreams.

Nobody can tell you how to live, the choice is always yours. Choose happiness!

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7 weekly affirmations to start each week right in 2023

7 weekly affirmations to start each week right in 2022

When you wake up in the morning, reach for positive affirmations right away so that negative thoughts can’t even enter your mind! Get out of bed immediately and think about all the fun things you can do today. (You might wanna plan something special the day before so you can have something to look forward to in the morning.)

The more you fill your head with positive thoughts, the less space is there for negativity!

Here are seven affirmations for the week ahead:

1. Great things are waiting for me this week.

2. I am prepared for a hardworking week full of great achievements.

3. I’m excited to start this week and experience all the amazing things that life has prepared for me.

4. This week is filled with limitless potential.

5. I am filling my mind with peace and harmony, and letting go of stress.

6. I have lots of energy for this week’s projects.

7. This week, I am a magnet for positive thoughts and good deeds.

Positive affirmations for days of the week

Here is a short summary of my positive affirmations for the week if you need a quick boost. After each section, there is a link that will take you to lots of free affirmations for that specific day of the week. Make sure to bookmark this page for future reference and come back when you need to uplift yourself!

Affirmations for Monday

1. This beautiful Monday morning I’m letting myself be happy and rid of negativity.

2. I am grateful to wake up healthy and beautiful today.

3. I channel creative energy from inside me into my creative projects, and inspire others.

4. I start Monday on high frequency and attract good vibes.

5. This Monday morning I am full of energy to conquer my goals.

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Affirmations for Tuesday

1. I am a magnet for new opportunities and positive events.

2. I am starting this Tuesday in a positive mood and will keep it through the day.

3. I am immune to stress today, nothing can hurt my peace of mind.

4. I am open to all kinds of good things happening to me today.

5. Nothing in the world has the power to kill my mood this Tuesday!

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Affirmations for Wednesday

1. I don’t allow myself to make excuses anymore.

2. I’m ready to make it a happy Wednesday and find joy in every moment!

3. I am filled with a ton of positive energy and I am enjoying it.

4. I am open-minded and I’m letting new opportunities flow my way today.

5. I can’t wait to see the results of my productive Wednesday!

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Affirmations for Thursday

1. I have the power to bring all my dreams into reality.

2. I am fueled for the whole day of productive work.

3. There is no better day than today to be happy.

4. I am prepared to make the most of this Thursday.

5. Everything I see around me makes my creative juices start flowing.

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Affirmations for Friday

1. I feel calm and ready to rock this Friday.

2. I leave all doubts and worries in the past. I am cleansing.

3. I am capable of avoiding distractions and temptations on Friday.

4. I give myself permission to be who I wanna be.

5. I believe that Universe has prepared an awesome life for me.

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Positive affirmations for the weekend

Positive affirmations for the weekend

The weekend is usually the time when you can let your hair down and release all the pressure. But it doesn’t mean you should waste it on unproductive activities and laziness.

Remember that the weekend is 2/7 of the week, which is almost one-third of your whole life. Be mindful about things you put your time and energy into, catch up on your sleep and healthy habits, dedicate time to self-care, and find some fun and productive activities you can do even if you stay home.

Let these positive affirmations keep your weekends awesome and worth waiting for!

Affirmations for Saturday

1. All is well in my life this Saturday.

2. I am taking a pause to stop worrying and enjoy life today.

3. I release all stress that I accumulated over the week.

4. I am determined to relax and rest without feeling guilty.

5. I’m gonna have a ton of reasons to smile this Saturday!

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Affirmations for Sunday

1. Today is a good day to be the best version of myself.

2. I welcome this beautiful day, and I feel beautiful myself.

3. I make an effort to be more present and enjoy every moment.

4. I trust the Universe to guide my way to success.

5. I am grateful that I’m alive, well, and ready for new beginnings.

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Final thoughts on using daily affirmations to have a good week

Positive weekly affirmations can be a starting point for your thoughts to go in the right direction. Pick a bunch of positive thoughts every day of the week, set them on repeat in your head as you do with music, and you might be surprised how much more positive your week gets to be if you just allow it!

Looking for more focused weekly affirmations for 2023? Here you go: