50 Positive Energy Gifts | The Ultimate Collection To Spread Joy

50 Positive Energy Gifts | The Ultimate Collection To Spread Joy

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Spreading happiness and good vibes during the holidays is easier than ever, especially when you surprise everyone around you with positive energy gifts.

Whether you are seeking a perfect present for a spiritual person or just a fun random gift for your bestie, you’ll definitely find something special among these 50 positive gift ideas.

Imagine gifting someone you love a box of pure joy!

Imagine a smile on your special person’s face every time they use your present, feel happy, and think about you.

This is how great all these gifts are, I promise you!

Putting this collection together took me a long time and I put my heart into it. Hope you enjoy choosing gifts from this list as much as I enjoyed finding them! And even get filled with positive energy yourself in the process.

Now, let’s jump straight to the list of 50 positive energy gift ideas that will light up any occasion!

50 Positive Energy Gifts To Spread Joy

1. Mood-Scented Candle

A scented candle with a meaning in it is often my first choice for a positive gift, no matter what the occasion is.

Choose the flavor, and you bring a person not just a smell, but a whole pleasant atmosphere wherever they happen to lit this candle.

Serenity + Calm or Joy + Laughter? Balance + Harmony or Dream & Inspire? What’s it gonna be this time?

And maybe grab one for yourself while you’re at it, just in case you need some joy too.

2. Let That Sh*t Go Journal

If your person doesn’t frown upon profanity, they might find this journal a perfect daily mood booster.

This book is literally filled with good energy! It brings out to the surface everything that bothers you and helps you let it all go in order to have a fulfilled life.

Through fun and easy daily journaling exercises, “Let That Sh*t Go” journal helps you stay positive, understand yourself better, and start enjoying your life as it deserves.

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3. Bonsai Healing Tree

Crystal trees are known for channeling positive energy and cleansing the area around them from negativity.

If you are looking for a special positive gift for a spiritual person, this might be your best choice!

Keeping this beautiful tree on the working desk or at the nightstand where you can see it every day will help attract positive events and manifest all kinds of good things into your life.

4. Aromatherapy Diffuser

There aren’t many things that can affect our mood as much as the sense of smell does.

Studies show a variety of positive effects from different scents on people’s mood, productivity, and emotional balance.

A good diffuser can make your room smell amazing and even stimulate your brain activity!

Besides, this thing is also an air humidifier, which alone brings a ton of benefits for your health and home.

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5. Essential Oils Set

If your person already has an aromatherapy diffuser, a set of essential oils for positive energy can never be a bad gift.

This particular set makes a beautiful gift and contains the eight most popular essential oils that are 100% pure and natural.

This means your friend can enjoy a new pleasant smell in the room each day of the week, with one bonus scent just in case they don’t like one of the 7!

6. Stress Relief Coloring Book

If your friend can benefit from a meditative activity that is fun and not an actual meditation, consider getting them a good adult coloring book!

With intricate patterns and unique illustrations, these books are detailed enough to keep an adult busy for many relaxing hours.

And if you aren’t sure about animals, check out the mandala coloring book I have under gift idea number 35!

I also have some printable coloring pages I created myself exclusively for my readers, so don’t hesitate to grab a few pages for yourself too! We all need to relieve stress sometimes, and mindful coloring is one of the really effective ways of doing that. You can see all the coloring pages in my shop.

7. Kasina Meditation Device

kasina meditation device

Kasina is a device that enhances your meditation through light and sound. It’s been on the market for decades and it’s one of the most popular tools and accessories for meditation.

Listening to nature sounds, healing binaural beats, and soothing melodies synchronized to the visual experience will take your meditation to a much deeper level.

If meditation is something your friend is interested in, I have my favorite meditation accessories listed on my Mindfulness Resources page, be sure to check it out!

8. Daily Affirmation Cards

Just one look at these beautiful affirmation cards somehow makes you feel better.

Drawing one randomly every day and embracing the message it gives you is a great habit to maintain a positive mindset.

The aesthetic appearance of these mindfulness cards makes them perfect for putting on an inspiration board, placing in an art journal, or keeping at your desk just as you would a post-it reminder.

By the way, if you are new to my site, I have my own affirmation cards you can download and print for yourself! Check them out in my Utterly Positive Shop.

9. Japanese Zen Garden

A Japanese zen garden desk kit comes to the rescue every time you need to relieve some stress. It’s great to keep on your office desk so you can reach out to it whenever it’s time to clear your mind and take a short break.

This zen vibes generator is a perfect example of a positive energy gift you can get someone you love to help them be more mindful and peaceful in everyday life.

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10. Positive Energy Button

If you are looking for a fun gift idea that will instantly fill someone with positive energy, look no further! This is it!

Just press a positive energy button, and you’ll get a boost of good vibration in a form of an inspiring quote, a cheering message, or a wise idea to think about.

Show me a person who wouldn’t love it, and I’ll ask you why you even keep that negative person in your close circle.

11. Positive Blanket

A warm fuzzy blanket is never a bad idea, especially when it has positive words printed all over it.

Wrap yourself up like a lovely burrito and let a wave of comforting positive energy flow your way.

Just read what all the reviews say about people loving this as a gift, and you won’t even think twice about it!

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12. Positive Energy Tea

Even though coffee is a more popular resource for an energy boost, tea is also proven to give you positive energy.

This particular brand is known for its unique herbs blend that uplifts your mood and keeps your energy levels elevated.

It seems to be initially made for yogis, but I’m sure you don’t need to practice yoga to benefit from a healthy energy drink!

Other than positive energy tea, they also have teas for stress relief, immune support, better sleep, and detox. You can see all the flavors in their Amazon shop or just grab a gift box that has a little bit of everything.

13. Creativity Cards

affirmators creativity cards

What’s better than a boost of inspiration in the morning that keeps your creative juices flowing the whole day?

These fun affirmation cards provide a ton of positive value for both your mood and self-esteem, all while being as far away from woo-woo as possible.

With cute little images and encouraging words on each card, you are practically guaranteed to at least have an awesome day!

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14. Positive Vibes Mug

Whether you drink coffee first thing in the morning or something else, your mood will totally benefit from a compliment coming from your mug.

Basically, every mug that will make your friend smile every morning is already a good gift, but this one is also very Instagrammable and aesthetically pleasing!

15. Inspirational Sticker Set

We loved stickers when we were little, and we still love them as grown-ups.

In fact, we might be even more creative now because we have all these adult things to put our fun stickers on: a laptop, a travel mug, a bullet journal, and so on.

I mean, why wouldn’t you wanna see a quote that motivates you to get things done every time you grab your computer?

16. Tapestry

sunshine tapestry

If you know something about your friend’s aesthetic taste, or how they like to decorate their living space, a tapestry might be a good thoughtful gift to bring positive energy into their home.

It can be an accent piece or just a fun thing to put on a boring white wall.

Even if they don’t want it as a tapestry, it can always make a great picnic blanket or something.

Like the idea of a tapestry but not this particular one? Browse the whole Society6 collection here, they have plenty of unique designs from independent artists.

17. Lemon Tree

lemon tree positive gift

If you want to really fill someone’s life with positive energy, a lemon tree is one of the most fun and unexpected gifts you can consider.

Living and growing things always bring positivity into the house and cleanse the energy around you.

Taking care of a lemon tree and seeing actual lemons that you can use makes you feel wonderful and accomplished every day!

18. Phone Case

positive phone case

Almost every person has a smartphone these days, so if you know the model, you can easily find a positive phone case that fits your friend’s personality and also brings good vibes.

How about this simple but cool rainbow one with a 70s vibe?

There is no lack of places to buy phone cases, but I always go first to Society 6 and Redbubble as they have plenty of unique designs from talented artists. Check them out, maybe you’ll find something for yourself too!

19. House Plant

house plant positive gift

It’s very uncommon not to like plants, so you can rarely go wrong with a present like that.

Some people prefer low-care plants that don’t need much attention, for others the best choice is something that can survive in a low-light situation.

If your friend happens to have a fur baby, look at these pet-friendly plants first!

20. Therapeutic Heat Pillow

positive heat pillow

Did you know that a person needs on average eight hugs per day to be happy?

Of course, a pillow is not as good as actual human touch, but it can be heated, help you fall asleep, and be hugged however much you want without complaining!

Such a thoughtful present for someone who feels lonely sometimes.

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21. Comfort Zone Candle

comfort zone positive candle

This is not the first candle on my list, and probably not the last. I just feel like a candle is a no-brainer when it comes to positive energy gift ideas.

They smell good, look good, and basically spread joy just by standing there on your desk!

It is said that this one “smells like the joy of missing out”. If you find it funny, check out the whole anecdote candles collection to see what other unique scents they got.

22. Wind Chimes

I probably should have included wind chimes closer to the top of this collection as their main purpose is to welcome positive energy to you and your home.

They generate a pleasant melodic sound that brings peace and harmony into your mind and all your surroundings.

Such a wonderful way to update your porch!

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23. A Year Of Positive Thinking

Positive energy goes hand in hand with positive thinking. If your mind is in the right place, you’ll be radiating positive energy at all times and attracting even more.

This book is designed to help you keep a positive mindset all year long. It has encouraging prompts for each day of the year that are meant to set a tone for your day and motivate you to be your best self.

24. Incense Sticks

Lighting an incense stick is a quick way to cleanse your space from negative energy and fill it with a nice relaxing smell.

These particular incense sticks are favored by many because they are all-natural, made with no chemicals or synthetic scents. And they last long enough for your meditation or a peaceful morning yoga session.

A gift set includes 7 different aromas (one for each chakra), which makes it 140 sticks in total, and more than enough to find your favorite scent while you are keeping your room smelling amazing.

25. Cute Planter

Have you ever seen such an adorable planter?

It’s like this little cute character who sits on your shelf and you can’t help smiling every time it catches your eye.

You can plant a succulent inside before giving this planter as a gift, or just hand it as it is and let your friend choose the right plant themselves.

26. Singing Bowl

Tibetan singing bowls have been used for thousands of years by the monks and other people who practice meditation.

They help enhance your meditation practice, find focus and improve concentration, as well as feel more peaceful and stress-free during and after the meditation.

27. Law Of Attraction Planner

Everyone sets New Year resolutions and has goals in mind, even if not on paper. However, studies prove that writing down your goals and reviewing them on a regular basis makes you much more productive and increases the probability of actually reaching those goals.

This yearly journal is one of the best systems for goal planning. It has everything you need to help you reduce procrastination, set the intention, and crush your goals every month!

If Law of Attraction isn’t really your thing, here is a good selection of productivity planners to choose from.

28. Positive Affirmations Travel Mug

If your friend is someone who drives a lot, a nice travel mug filled with positive affirmations will make the journey a tiny bit better every time.

You catch a different encouraging message every time you look at it, so it will always make you feel better on a rainy day.

29. Happy Face Bath Mat

You wake up, go to the bathroom, and see a smiley face right away. Isn’t it a great way to start every morning?

This happy bath mat is guaranteed to affect the mood of its owner in a positive way, and it fits well in small spaces.

If you go with this positive gift idea, you can combine it with this happy towel, this smiley hat, and/or a positive squishy to make it your own smiley box. There is also a happy neon sign I couldn’t help mentioning and all kinds of related positive stuff in this Urban Outfitters collection.

30. Beads Bracelet

A bracelet made of natural beads is not only a tasteful accessory but also useful for relaxation and anxiety relief.

Some stones are specifically known for bringing positive energy and happy feelings to whoever is wearing them.

Choose a bracelet like this one that is made from natural materials and looks unisex so anyone can wear it.

31. Zodiac Affirmation Cards

zodiac cards

If you know your friend’s zodiac sign, a specific deck of affirmation cards for their sign might be a great positive energy gift for them.

Made of no less than 100 affirmation cards with personalized messages according to their personality, it hits much deeper than any general affirmation cards deck.

You’ll be surprised how these cards seem to know exactly the right words one needs to hear.

32. Self-Care Subscription Box


Therabox is a whole box of mindful self-care goodies that are curated by therapists to improve your mental health and wellbeing. It includes 8 surprise items that are delivered to your doorstep every month to keep you in a good mental state at all times.

To make it a gift, you can either order one box or cover a monthly subscription for 3, 6, or 12 months of deliveries.

And maybe think about grabbing one box for yourself too? We can all benefit from a little extra care.

33. Worry Healing Hut

worry healing hut gift to cleanse negative energy

Wouldn’t it be nice if all your worries and fears just disappeared?

Well, it is possible when you have a worry healing hut like this one! Write anything you want out of your head and heart on a piece of paper, put it inside, close the roof, and enjoy watching a little fire eating it all.

34. Ocean Sand Art

positive gift ocean sand art

If your friend is a sea lover, they’ll be blown away by a beautiful sand art gift like this.

It is just so mesmerizing and calming to watch sand making a new artwork every time you turn it. It lets you distract yourself from a stressful event, take your mind off something to clear your head, and let the creative ideas flow whenever you get stuck.

35. Mandala Coloring Book

Mandala is one of the most popular things to color among adults. It is detailed enough for it to not feel like a childish activity and calming enough to be a meditative process without being boring.

A coloring book of intricate mandalas is an awesome gift for someone who is stressed a lot and can benefit from a little mindful time-out.

See also printable coloring pages in my shop

36. Inspirational Poster

good day poster for positive energy

Hang a bright positive poster like this in your bedroom, living room, or home office, and it won’t ever let you get sad for too long.

Give it as a gift to someone you like if you want to see them smile more. It says that each day is a good day to be happy.

Tell your friend that they don’t need another reason to feel good, being alive is totally enough!

37. Smoothie Blender

If you are less of a dreamer and more of a practical person (or your friend is), consider giving them something that will be in use every day and not only look good but more importantly, keep them healthy.

A smoothie blender standing on top of the kitchen counter is a good motivation to make a fruit-based breakfast instead of a quick unhealthy one.

If we are choosing a gift for a true coffee lover, a portable coffee maker might be something they can also enjoy. It’s small enough to fit into hand luggage without taking too much space or to be kept within easy reach on an office desk.

38. Galaxy Lamp

Who said that only children can own fun things?

A galaxy lamp like this one can make your room magical in an instant and it makes a wonderful present for a creative person.

It connects via USB, has a remote control, and can shine in 16 different colors so even the pickiest person will find a shade to enjoy.

39. Tortilla Blanket

Is it even possible to not experience positive vibes while you are wrapped in a warm tortilla like a big burrito?

This blanket is not only cozy, but it will also make you laugh every time you wrap yourself up.

If you know your friend’s taste well, there is an option to wrap them in a pizza, a waffle, or even a cookie instead of a tortilla.

40. Sunrise Alarm

The way your start your morning always affects your day. A sunrise lamp makes the waking up process less miserable by imitating natural sunrise and gradually bringing sunlight into your room.

Both color and brightness are adjustable, and you can even snooze if you really really need.

Your friend can even choose one of the seven natural sounds and make waking up surprisingly enjoyable.

41. I Am Everything Affirmation Cards

i am everything affirmation cards

Every phrase you start with “I am” defines you, whether you realize it or not. We are so used to negative self-talk and self-deprecating thoughts that we don’t always notice them coming up.

I Am Everything affirmation cards are designed to fill your mind with positive statements about yourself and to give you a positive intention for the day with every card you draw.

Cleansing negative energy should start with your thoughts!

42. You Are A Badass Book

A book can hardly ever be a bad gift, especially the one that motivates the heck out of you so you get the courage to follow your dreams!

I personally LOVE this book and the message behind every chapter and the amount of positive vibes it waterfalls on you! I can recommend it to literally anyone who has dreams at all.

This book is full of inspiring stories, fresh perspectives, and reflexive points to stop and think about where your life is going and what’s driving you.

Amazing gift if you know the person doesn’t have it yet!

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43. Positive Leggings

colorful leggings positive energy gift idea

Sometimes you might feel like you don’t have enough energy to exercise today, and decide to skip a workout.

If you have a pair of leggings that you enjoy wearing, you subconsciously associate your training with positive emotion which gives you just enough motivation to start moving!

Colorful leggings make an especially great positive gift if you know that your person is into yoga, pilates, gymnastics, or something similar.

44. Cozy Bright Rug

A beautiful colorful rug always brings positive energy to the room. Find the right one that will fit the overall vibe of the place, and it will make a perfect addition to the cozy atmosphere.

This particular rug is of good quality with vivid colors and has an inspiring boho look everyone seems to love.

45. Bath Bombs

For me, taking a bath is an integral part of a good self-care routine, and everything that can enhance the experience goes with it.

This set of bath bombs with various flavors and colors will make your whole bathroom smell amazing. I mean, just read the reviews, everybody swears by these bombs!

If a bath bomb set seems too small for a gift, it can be a complementary item to something like a bathtub tray.

46. Positive Candle

good vibes only candle

This is the last candle on my list, I promise!

This one is for a minimalist friend who might be a positive person but doesn’t need to see it all around in bright rainbow colors.

It says good vibes only, and it’s on your desk, so there is nothing but good vibes in the room from now on. It’s that simple.

47. Crystals Kit

For most people, crystals are the first thing that comes to mind when you think about cleansing your energy.

Natural gemstones can absorb negative energy, attract positive one, and help balance the energies in your body.

I’m not an expert in crystals but this crystals kit page has all the information you need on each crystal, their relation to chakras, and what they are for.

48. Positive Pillow

Soft, squishy throw pillows can change the mood in the room tremendously if you choose them right.

These positive yellow pillow covers radiate sunshine and positive energy, and I imagine just being near them raises your vibration every day!

Amazon has a good selection of positive pillows, and so does Society6, just make sure to always check whether you are paying for an actual pillow or just for a pillowcase.

49. Peanut Butter Sampler

peanut butter sampler positive gift

If your friend loves peanut butter, I doubt you can find a better gift than this one!

Every jar reminds you to be happy, smiles at you, and offers a new flavor of peanut butter to try.

Works as perfectly for a loved one as it does for a stranger or a random person in a white elephant gift exchange. Yum!

50. Sun & Moon Positive Energy T-Shirt

positive moon energy tee

There is no such thing as too many t-shirts! Find one that fits your friend’s vibe perfectly and sends a positive message, or just makes them feel beautiful.

Even though looks aren’t everything, looking good always makes you feel more confident and raises your vibration, so why not do it?

I like this sun and moon t-shirt for it’s magical vibe and easygoing boho feeling. What do you think?

Final thoughts on positive energy gifts

These were all 50 of my positive energy gift ideas!

Let me know in the comments, which one you decided to go for and whether or not your friend liked it (I’m sure they will!). Feel free to bookmark this guide for later or share it with your friends who might buy you something positive too!

When you find a really good gift guide, you might suddenly feel like you need all of those awesome things for yourself, and get distracted from the task of gift-giving. I know, the struggle is real. Make sure to add everything you like into a wishlist for later and go back to focus on the person who deserves a nice thoughtful gift from you!

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