33 Fun Positive Gifts For Him To Motivate And Encourage

33 Fun Positive Gifts For Him To Motivate And Encourage

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No matter how old your guy is, finding really great positive gifts for him can be such a quest sometimes!

You want to motivate him without being too cheesy, wanna find something that fits his interests, but he already seems to have everything he needs. Sounds about right? Don’t worry, I got you covered this time!

Below you’ll find no less than 33 encouraging gifts for him that will put a smile on his face every day. From the little things to support his healthy habits to whole boxes of success-oriented goods, I’m sure you can find something that he can benefit from. Some of these gifts are practical and motivational, others are just fun things to fill his life with positive vibes.

And I promise you, there are no boring gifts like ties, socks, or shampoo sets on this list, just a ton of fun inspiring positive gift ideas for every man in your life!

I’m not gonna bore you with my blabbing any further, let’s jump straight to the 33 positive gifts you can buy him!

1. Productivity Planner

It’s never too late to turn your life around. With this undated 6-month planner he can set goals, beat procrastination, and commit to living the life of his dreams.

A planner gives you mental clarity, helps prioritize really important tasks, and tracks your progress by making the best use of your time.

2. Positive Messages Jar

Take your positive mood, tear it into small pieces, wrap each one nicely, and put it in a jar. Here you go, a jar of positivity!

This keepsake gift jar is filled with positive notes to make him smile and encourage him to be the best version of himself every day.

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3. Unf*ck Yourself Book

In a self-help space, this book seems to be one of the most loved by men because of its no-bullsh*t approach and sometimes harsh language.

It might be just the motivation he needs to start setting goals and following his big crazy dreams.

4. You Got This Sign

Everyone needs a little bit of encouragement sometimes…

Be there for him in his moments of self-doubt by gifting him a sign that says “You got this!” to provide support and motivation to keep going.

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5. Positive Sweatshirt

sunshine shirt gift for him

Know his size? A sweatshirt that is spreading good vibes might be a great positive gift idea!

One look at this peaceful sun character and all stress seems to relieve by itself.

Redbubble has thousands of unique hoodies and pullover sweatshirts made by independent creators in their collection so everyone can find something inspiring for a gift.

6. Success Box

success box positive gift idea

If he happens to be an ambitious professional, this box of success-fueled goodies will be an amazing motivational gift for him.

It’s made specifically for action-driven entrepreneurs to inspire them every month with a fresh self-help kit.

You can order a gift subscription for any period you want from one month to a year.

7. Masterclass Subscription

masterclass gift idea for him

If he has any interests at all, he’d love to have access to the MasterClass platform!

It has plenty of amazing classes taught by industry professionals for everything from art and music to business, science, wellness, and more.

8. Positive Affirmation Cards

For someone who doesn’t like taking things too seriously, this deck of affirmation cards for adults can be a positive gift for a daily mood boost.

It has many important messages to say to yourself in an easy playful form that will make you smile every day while building your self-esteem without the woo-woo.

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9. Fun Candle

coffee break candle for him

A nice-smelling candle is already a good gift for him, but the one with fun idea behind it is much more interesting!

This one is french roast coffee-flavored and they say it smells like procrastination and inspiration. Might be just the positive gift you were looking for!

Make sure to check out their whole collection of anecdote candles to see all the fun flavors! And maybe grab another positive one for yourself as well.

10. Healthy Snacks Box

kind snack box for him

For someone who cares about their health, a gift snack box with various healthy treats will be greatly appreciated.

At KIND, you can order a specific flavor if you know his taste, or one of the variety boxes that have a little bit of everything.

11. 5 Minute Journal

Keeping a daily journal is one of the ways to keep a healthy mindset.

This 5-minute journal is the number one choice of most productivity gurus out there. It has short reflection questions to ask yourself every day to keep a grateful mind, uplift yourself, and get excited for the day ahead.

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12. Conversation Starters

A box of conversation starters is a perfect positive gift for him, no matter what kind of relationship you have. It will help you learn more about each other during several first dates, or uncover some new sides of an old friend.

On Amazon, there is a bunch of great conversation starter boxes, if you are looking for something specific. Browse for them here! For example, there are family decks suitable for children, romantic ideas for couples, intimate question decks, specific versions for husbands and wives, or some conversation starters for a gathering of friends. You’ll definitely find something that you can both have fun with!

13. Inspiring Phone Case

good day phone case gift for him

A phone is our everyday asset but it might have a tendency to fall a lot. A protective case ensures his phone will live a long and happy life.

Instead of the usual boring solid color cases, look at the ones with positive messages that can also make you smile!

There is a massive collection of positive phone cases at Society6, Redbubble, or even Amazon. Just make sure you get the right size!

14. Aromatherapy Diffuser

An aromatherapy diffuser is a great gift idea for someone you really care about.

Not only it looks awesome with colorful lights when it makes mist in a room, but it also has lots of health benefits.

It makes it easier to breathe, humidifies your skin, and spreads a pleasant aroma all over your place.

15. Lava Lamp

This mesmerizing volcano lava lamp is a calming and inspiring gift at the same time.

It’s an elegant thing to keep in the office as well as an interesting decoration element for any living space.

16. Smiley Basketball

For a basketball lover, a smiley ball like this will be an instant mood booster every day.

It always bounces back when it hits the bottom which is a good reminder to not take failures too seriously and to get back up ASAP.

17. Funny Mug

If your guy works hard and is fond of dogs, he’ll love this positive and funny mug as a gift!

And if he isn’t a dog lover, there is no lack of cool themed mugs on Amazon to choose from, if you know his hobbies or preferences.

18. Audible Subscription

audible gift idea for him

An Audible subscription is a great gift for someone who says he doesn’t have time to read.

It gives you access to thousands of books from fiction to self-development, as well as fun and educational podcasts.

You can choose to surprise him with a year-long subscription or just start with one month to see how it goes.

19. Meditation Device

kasina meditation device

Gifting someone a meditation device can be a perfect way to introduce him to meditation or deepen his current meditation practice.

This Kasina bundle has been out there for decades, offering meditation practitioners a unique visualization experience based on a colorful light show combined with soothing music beats.

See all mindfulness resources here

20. Sunrise Alarm

If he is known to snooze too much, this wake up light can come to the rescue!

It gradually fills the room with colorful light to imitate sunrise and has seven natural sound options to wake up to.

There is even a way to set separate alarms for two people if you happen to wake up at different times!

21. Living Wall

living wall gift for him

Living things always give your room a fresh feel and a positive vibe.

A mini preserved living wall is a great option for someone who would like a plant but doesn’t have time to take care of it. It’s zero-maintanence and a nice touch for every interior.

22. Sunshine Tee

pocket of sunshine gift

Who can hold a frowning face for long while wearing a t-shirt like this? Nobody!

Fill his days with positivity by literally putting a sun in his pocket. This will motivate him to show up as a positive person and even inspire others around him!

Can you think of another gift for him that is more positive than this bright sunshine tee? I doubt that!

23. Cable Bite

In the days of technology when everyone has a smartphone and a bunch of other devices that require regular charging, a fun cable holder can be a nice unexpected positive gift.

This particular Amazon store has a variety of cute characters from superheroes to animals to dinosaurs and all kinds of other things to choose from.

There is even a special holiday collection for Christmas you can spread among all your family’s stockings!

24. Gamepad Holder

fun gamepad holder gift for him

If he likes video games, a fun-themed holder for his gamepad can be a pleasant surprise.

If Darth Vader is not his favorite character, you can browse their whole collection of gamepad holders to see who might be a better choice.

25. Beads Bracelet

An elegant black obsidian bracelet is a kind of bracelet any man would love to wear.

Natural gemstones are great to protect him from negative energy and as a subtle reminder to stay positive even when life is hard.

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26. Shower Steamers

As most men seem to prefer taking a shower over soaking in a bath, you can’t go wrong with shower bombs!

Here is a gift package with six different essential oils for a pleasant stress-relieving aromatherapy experience.

27. Elephant Phone Holder

This cute elephant holder can be a nice touch to add to any desk, not even to mention it is functional for organizing your phone, pens, and other office tools.

If you have doubts about an elephant, there are options with a dolphin, a penguin, and a very professional-looking lion!

28. Neck Massager

No matter if his job is behind the desk or more active, he can surely benefit from a good quality neck massager.

This one can be used in various body areas to relieve tension and simulates real-hand massage with adjustable speed levels.

When you think about all the positive gifts you can give him, practical things like this shouldn’t be forgotten. Maybe it doesn’t provide motivation but it helps release accumulated stress and relax his mind to allow creative ideas to flow freely!

29. Groot Planter

Whether your guy likes fantastic movies or not, this cute Groot planter can be his little companion for working or studying.

You can’t help but smile every time you see it on your desk, whether it has a succulent inside or a bunch of pencils.

30. Hoodie Blanket

A cozy hoodie blanket can be a positive gift for anyone, not just for him. It’s a unisex one-size-fits-all solution that suits any occasion and will rarely be left unused.

You might even fit in there together when it gets too cold not to cuddle.

31. Home Escape Adventure

Out of all the positive gifts you can choose for him, this is probably the most interesting and unexpected one!

fun escape game gift for him

As an avid quest room goer, I can’t help including at least one quest adventure in my positive gift guide.

This is a fun home escape puzzle that you can set up at home to give him two or three hours of excitement.

In fact, they create a new box with adventures like this every month, so you can get a subscription and have fun regularly together!

32. Forest Curtain

forest curtain gift

Creating a positive environment that inspires you can make your work more productive and efficient.

These blackout curtains with a foggy forest are perfect for the bedroom if you like nature and want to sleep more peacefully.

33. Cold Beer Coats

fun beer holders gift for him

Motivation to work and create is great and necessary but rest is important too.

These funny beer or soda coats make a great conversation starter and a unique positive gift for anyone who likes to spend time outdoors.

Final thoughts on positive gift ideas for him

Here you go, these were all 33 positive gifts for a man in your life. Have you found something interesting that fits your guy’s needs? Do you think one of these has a chance to make him happier or at least smile more often? Let me know in the comments below!

And share your own ideas of inspiring gifts that can motivate any man, I’d love to hear what you choose and how he takes it!

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