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A to Z Gratitude List: The Alphabet Of Things To Be Thankful For

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As I included creating an A to Z gratitude list in my fall bucket list, I promised you an example. So here it is! My personal alphabet of things to be grateful for, which you can take ideas and inspiration from.

This alphabet gratitude list is totally inspired by the upcoming Thanksgiving but please don’t limit your gratitude to just one day per year! Every single day in your life there is something to be grateful for, even if it’s a little thing you are used to taking for granted.

It’s natural for us to be grateful for the material things we have in our lives. But at the end of the day, they are not the ones that matter. Many of the things to be thankful for I included on this list aren’t something you own but are likely things you enjoy having around!

You may feel weird saying thanks for things like nature, as it’s kinda “always there”. But imagine the world without nature! Without beautiful trees that change appearances every season, plants that give us oxygen, seas and mountains that always make us happy, and so much more. Imagine if all of it was gone! Scary, huh? So let’s be grateful for our wonderful world and everything that’s in it!

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How to use alphabet gratitude list

Other than the obvious use to get inspired by these A to Z gratitude ideas, here are a few more ways you can use this list!

  • Choose one letter a day and use this gratitude idea as your journaling prompt.
    If you don’t have a prompted gratitude journal, it’s a good idea to switch things up from time to time. Otherwise you may get bored with just listing your daily 3 to 5 things to be grateful for.
    Take one random letter per day and use the idea from this list as a starting point to express your gratitude feelings. Or try to list everything you appreciate that starts with that letter! I also have a bunch of positivity prompts and self-reflection ideas you can write about in your journal.
  • Play a gratitude game with your family members at the Thanksgiving table.
    This is a nice way to introduce your children to the concept of gratitude. Pick a letter and make everyone name one thing they are grateful for. You can do rounds with different letters if you want! Or let each person name something they have that starts with the same letter their own name starts with, and say “thank you” for it. You can be creative here and come up with your own way to play this!
  • Write your own A to Z gratitude list to fill your heart with love and appreciation.
    I recommend doing this at least once every season! The more you acknowledge the good things that surround you, the more of them you start to notice. This trains your mind to focus on the positive and grows your love for the world you are blessed to live in. I also have a few tips for writing your own gratitude alphabet close to the end of this post, make sure to check them out!

With that said, here is the alphabet of things to be grateful for!

A to Z Gratitude List: Letters A-I

grateful for coffee
grateful for books
grateful for presents

A: Air

Air is easily the most valuable thing we have which we all take for granted! Isn’t it wonderful to be able to breathe without even thinking about it? Every time you go outside or open the window, give a mental thank you for the fresh air that comes into your lungs.

B: Books

From inspiring books for children to adult books that change our mindset, all books teach us life in one way or another. As a bookworm, I am forever grateful for the limitless reading materials that are available to me. There are probably more books on my reading list than I can possibly read in my lifetime, isn’t it amazing?

C: Coffee and Chocolate

I honestly couldn’t decide between these two, so I’ve included both. I don’t think I’m addicted to any of them but both coffee and chocolate always make me feel good and nourished, which is alone a good reason to be grateful for!

D: Dreams

Big dreams are often the main driver for goal setting, self-improvement, and basically doing anything at all. Without dreams, we would probably always be stagnant, with no reason to move and nowhere to go. That’s why I’m grateful for all the big dreams I have and all the signs I get that everything is possible!

E: Electricity

Okay, let’s be practical here for a second. It hasn’t been so long ago that people didn’t have electricity. Imagine no light switches at home, no devices, no fridge, and the only entertainment available in the evenings is reading a book with the light from a candle. This is roughly how people lived just two centuries ago. Thankfully, those days are long gone!

F: Family and Friends

Another great letter, as it covers all the important people in our lives. I couldn’t choose between friends and family, and neither should you. Both are equally important, and both enrich your life in different ways. It’s never too late to appreciate each person you love and express your gratitude.

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G: Gifts

I personally love giving presents, probably even more than receiving. Even though I’m grateful for everything I get myself, it’s a whole another warm feeling when you put your heart into a gift and see a happy smile on the receiver’s face.

Do you ever surprise your friends with unexpected presents on a regular day?

H: Health

With so many sick people in the world, we need to appreciate the health we have. Be grateful for your strong body, for all the complex internal systems you have no idea about, for your immunity that always protects you, and for all the mechanisms that help your wounds heal. Do a mental body scan and say thank you to every part of you that serves you well: legs that let you walk, arms for all the hugs, and so on!

I: Internet

As a millennial, I can hardly imagine my life without the Internet. It allows me to work remotely, to learn new things from all around the world, to communicate with various people who are thousands of miles away, and to stream great music and movies all day long.

Studying is also so much easier these days than in my school years when there was no Internet and we only had libraries! I can go on and on, but you probably know without me how cool the Internet is. So let’s appreciate it and move on.

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A to Z Gratitude List: Letters J-Q

A to Z Gratitude List: J for journaling
A to Z Gratitude List: L for love
A to Z Gratitude List: P for pets

J: Journaling

I used to have a diary in my teen years but I just recently incorporated “adult” journaling as part of my daily routine. It appeared to be a powerful tool that helps me in various ways depending on what I need at the moment. You can journal about your feelings to find peace and relieve stress, write about your plans and dreams, use a fun journal for creative expression, or have a gratitude journal as I mentioned before.

If you are interested in journaling, you can start by using my prompts:

K: Kindness

Kindness is responsible for so much good that happens in the world daily! I follow @globalpositivenews on Instagram and see kindness in their posts every day, which fills my heart with gratitude and appreciation, even though none of it is related to me.

Think about someone who was kind to you recently and send them a mental thank you note from your heart.

L: Love and Life

We live in a world full of love! Whether it’s romantic affection, platonic love between friends, genuine love for your kids and family members, self-love, or your love for the world that surrounds you, it’s always a wonderful feeling. Appreciate every bit of love that’s in the air, even if it’s not directed at you!

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M: Memorable Moments

We take pictures but don’t review them often enough. I’m thankful to Google Photos which is showing me highlights like “this week X years ago” and reminds me about all the memorable moments I had in the past. Take a moment right now to look back and remember 5 pleasant moments you’ve had last year! Do you feel gratitude?

N: Nature

I’ve talked a bit about nature at the beginning of this article, so now let’s just say our thanks.

Thank you for the trees and parks, for the mountains, and for the oceans. Thank you for the sun and for the moon. Thank you for the beautiful world around me. I’m grateful that the sun always comes out after storms and that winter is not endless. Thank you for letting me be a part of this exquisite universe.

O: Opportunities

Let’s appreciate all the opportunities that come our way! They usually appear at the right time, when we need them the most. Be grateful for every sign of love from the universe and for every door that opens for you.

P: Pets

If you have a pet at home, you likely consider it a part of your family. We already expressed gratitude for family members, now let’s acknowledge how much our little fluffy friends mean to us!

Q: Quality

It’s typical to expect high-quality service wherever we go. In fact, we are more prone to leave negative reviews than positive ones for the service we received. This is because we often take good service and good-quality things for granted.

Think about the last time you were served well (for example in a restaurant, hotel, supermarket, online store, or on a call with technical support) and send some positive gratitude energy their way. Or even better, leave a thankful review online!

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A to Z Gratitude List: Letters R-Z

A to Z Gratitude List: grateful for smiles and technology
aplhabet Gratitude List: grateful for rest and weekends
A to Z Gratitude List: grateful for rest and weekends

R: Rest and Relaxation

We need regular rest to be able to function well and enjoy life. You can start with gratitude for day-offs and vacations, feel thanks for your bed, your soft pillow, and your relaxing bath experience, and then continue to be grateful for all self-care resources that are available to you daily. Whatever is your personal way of resting, you can be thankful for the ability to do it!

S: Smiles

Can you imagine life without smiling? A thought alone makes me feel uneasy. Smile is an important way of communication in a positive relationship. It also releases hormones that make you feel happier! This alone is worth being thankful for.

I even mentioned “making someone smile” as one of my 11 positive things to do every day, which is my daily checklist for happiness. Check it out!

T: Technology

If it weren’t for technology, you wouldn’t even read this right now! And I would have a completely different profession, can’t even imagine what it would be.

Let’s just stop for a moment and appreciate all the good that technology has brought into our life: from regulating temperature at home and things like washing machines and stoves to digital things like Youtube, Netflix, and social media that we can hardly live without these days.


As it’s my personal gratitude list, I decided to include my blog on it! It makes me so happy to be able to share all my positive ideas with you guys and have a way to make the world a better place! I am truly grateful for this positive space and for the unlimited article ideas that come to my mind!

If you enjoy any of the information you read on Utterly Positive, you can express your gratitude by buying me a cup of coffee 🙂

V: Victories

Celebrating small wins is very important for knowing your worth and keeping yourself motivated. Acknowledge your victories every day, even if sometimes it’s just “managed to get out of bed”. Thank yourself for every step towards your goal or on your path to the best life. Don’t discard anything like “not enough”. It is enough, and so are you.

W: Weekends

How great is it to have two days off in a row every week? Imagine living in a world with a 7-day workweek where weekends don’t exist! Let’s be grateful for every weekend as we get to see friends, walk in the sunshine, and have fun activities during the day!

X: Xmas

Being one of the most celebrated holidays in the world, Christmas is loved by all human creatures, great and small! We spend a quarter of every year in a happy Christmas mood, listening to Jingle Bells and choosing presents for everyone around. I think it deserves the love and gratitude as much as anything else!

Y: You

How often do you say thank you to yourself?

Think about it: you are a unique human being with your own unique appearance, original thinking, your own way of seeing the world, and your own set of skills. There is nobody else like you! Thank yourself for being exactly who you are, for every good decision you’ve made, for the positive thoughts you have, and for everything you are able to achieve.

Z: Zest

Well, this letter wasn’t easy but I nailed it! There aren’t many things to be grateful for that start with Z but it shouldn’t stop us from finishing the gratitude alphabet.

According to dictionaries, zest is “a feeling of pleasure and enthusiasm” so it fits this gratitude list quite perfectly. We can also thank Zoom for keeping us together through the pandemic, and Zebras for showing us that there is always a white stripe after a black one!

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3 tips for creating your own gratitude alphabet

alphabet gratitude list tips

If you decide to create your own list of things you are grateful for, here I have 3 tips that will make it easier for you!

  • Start with your favorite people! Family members, friends, colleagues, and people in your life who have been kind to you – use their names to fill some of the letters!
  • Think about each of the areas of your life one by one. Start with the area you are most content with, as it’s the easiest to be thankful for. It may be your family, your work, your passion, your friendship, or your financial success. Then look into each of these separately to find fresh ideas for your list.
  • If alphabet seems too hard, start with daily gratitude journaling. A good guided journal will give you food for thought every day so in a few weeks of practicing daily gratitude you’ll likely be able to fill your A-Z gratitude list effortlessly!

Final thoughts about A to Z gratitude list

This was my personal alphabet of things I’m grateful for. Hope it inspired you to appreciate the little things in your life!

What things would make it to your gratitude alphabet? Would you attempt to create your own? Are you feeling more grateful after reading this? Share your thoughts in the comments below!