Inspiring attitude of gratitude quotes

100 Best Quotes For The Attitude Of Gratitude

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People who seem to be happy every day are usually the grateful ones. You can recognize them by how much they appreciate every little thing they have and how they welcome positive energy into their lives. To be more like them, let’s get inspired by this collection I’ve created of 100 quotes on the attitude of gratitude!

Happiness comes from within, not from any external reasons. Being in the attitude of gratitude means being thankful for everything that happens for you and feeling gratitude for things everyone else is taking for granted.

Let’s see what wise famous people have to say about the attitude of gratitude!

Best attitude of gratitude quotes

Best attitude of gratitude quotes
  1. Wear gratitude like a cloak, and it will feed every corner of your life. – Rumi
  2. There is no better opportunity to receive more than to be thankful for what you already have. Thanksgiving opens the windows of opportunity for ideas to flow your way. – Jim Rohn
  3. Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all the others. – Marcus Tulius Cicero
  4. Make it a habit to tell people thank you. To express your appreciation, sincerely and without the expectation of anything in return. Truly appreciate those around you, and you’ll soon find many others around you. Truly appreciate life, and you’ll find that you have more of it. – Ralph Marston
  5. Yesterday’s the past, tomorrow’s the future, but today is a gift. That’s why it’s called the present. – Bil Keane
  6. Gratitude is the inward feeling of kindness received. Thankfulness is the natural impulse to express that feeling. Thanksgiving is the following of that impulse. – Henry Van Dyke
  7. Some people are always grumbling because roses have thorns; I am thankful that thorns have roses. – Alphonse Karr
  8. There are two ways to life your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle. – Albert Einstein
  9. Have an “attitude of gratitude.” Be thankful for your health now. Don’t wait till Thanksgiving. – Joshua Tongol
  10. Even in the trials of life, if we have eyes to see them, we can find good things everywhere we look. – Joanna Gaines

Reminders to keep the attitude of gratitude

Gratitude quotes are awesome but unless you write them down or print them in some way, you will likely forget them soon after reading this post.

On the other hand, surrounding yourself with little reminders to be grateful is a good way to keep yourself in the attitude of gratitude.

Here are a few things I found that will surely remind you to feel thankful every day!

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Positive morning quotes to be grateful

Positive morning quotes to be grateful

11. Hello, sun in my face. Hello, you who made the morning and spread it over the fields. Watch, now, how I start the day in happiness, in kindness. – Mary Oliver

12. Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy. They are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom. – Marcel Proust

13. Everyone should have a heart of thanksgiving as soon as they open their eyes. If being able to take another breath and having the ability to open your eyes in the morning isn’t the biggest blessing, I don’t know what is. – Moe Alodah

14. It’s not happiness that brings us gratitude. It’s gratitude that brings us happiness. – Anonymous

15. When you arise in the morning, give thanks for the food and for the joy of living. If you see no reason for giving thanks, the fault lies only in yourself. – Tecumseh

16. The unthankful heart discovers no mercies; but the thankful heart will find, in every hour, some heavenly blessings. – Henry Ward Beecher

17. At some point in life the world’s beauty becomes enough. You don’t need to photograph, paint, or even remember it. It is enough. – Toni Morrison

18. Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life. – Omar Khayyam

19. Today, I choose to live with gratitude for the love that fills my heart, the peace that rests within my spirit, and the voice of hope that says all things are possible. – Anonymous

20. Look at the sky: That is for you. Look at each person’s face as you pass them on the street: Those faces are for you. – Miranda July

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Short gratitude quotes

Short gratitude quotes

21. ‘Thank you’ is the best prayer that anyone could say. – Alice Walker

22. Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. – Melody Beattie

23. Joy is the simplest form of gratitude. – Karl Barth

24. I invite you to be grateful, at Thanksgiving or any other time – for you. – Noelle C. Nelson

25. Give thanks for a little and you will find a lot.

Hansa Proverb

26. We are all more blind to what we have than to what we have not. – Audre Lorde

27. Be present in all things and thankful for all things. – Maya Angelou

28. No duty is more urgent than that of returning thanks. – James Allen

29. When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around. – Willie Nelson

30. Be thankful for what you have. You’ll end up having more. – Oprah Winfrey

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Quotes on gratitude by famous personalities

Quotes on gratitude by famous personalities

31. If you want to find happiness, find gratitude. – Steve Maraboli

32. Gratitude opens the door, the power, the wisdom, the creativity of the universe. You open the door through gratitude. – Deepak Chopra

33. As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words but to live by them. – John F. Kennedy

34. Cultivate the habit of being grateful for every good thing that comes to you, and to give thanks continuously. And because all things have contributed to your advancement, you should include all things in your gratitude. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

35. When you are grateful, fear disappears, and abundance appears. – Tony Robbins

36. Gratitude is a quality similar to electricity: It must be produced and discharged and used up in order to exist at all. – William Faulkner

37. If you want a challenge, just try to get through an entire day without uttering one word of complaint. Develop an attitude of thanksgiving in every situation. – Joyce Meyer

38. Gratitude is the sign of noble souls. – Aesop

39. So often, we stop to give thanks only when something exceptionally good has happened, on holidays, or during other celebrations. Giving thanks seasonally is a wonderful thing to do, but what you really want is to be grateful every day. – Daniella Whyte

40. The roots of all goodness lie in the soil of appreciation for goodness. – Dalai Lama

I am grateful quotes

I am grateful quotes

41. I’m so grateful for everything I went through. We learn from the hardships. – Josie Canseco

42. The more grateful I am, the more beauty I see. – Mary Davis

43. Every day, I like to wake up and remind myself to be grateful of the simple things. – Miranda Kerr

44. I am grateful for what I am and have. My thanksgiving is perpetual. – Henry David Thoreau

45. I try to be grateful for the abundance of the blessings that I have, for the journey that I’m on and to relish each day as a gift. – James McGreevey

46. This is a wonderful day. I’ve never seen this one before.

Maya Angelou

47. I’m no good with words but I’ll find ways from time to time to show you how grateful I am. – Alan Ladd

48. Thanksgiving creates abundance; and the miracle of multiplying happens when I give thanks – take just one loaf, say it is enough, and give thanks – and He miraculously makes it more than enough. – Ann Voskamp

49. If I could teach people to be grateful, we could have an amazing world where negativity could not grow and foster, and children would have a smile on their face. – Catriona Gray

50. I am grateful to be a woman. I must have done something great in another life. – Maya Angelou

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Thankful quotes for work

Thankful quotes for work

51. Appreciation is a wonderful thing. It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well. – Voltaire

52. At times, our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us. – Albert Schweitzer

53. Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it. – William Arthur Ward

54. Learn to be thankful for what you already have, while you pursue all that you want. – Jim Rohn

55. The struggle ends when gratitude begins. – Neale Donald Walsch

56. Gratitude turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos into order, confusion into clarity. It makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow. – Melody Beattie

57. Nothing else can quite substitute for a few well-chosen, well-timed, sincere words of praise. They’re absolutely free and worth a fortune. – Sam Walton

58. Appreciation can change a day, even change a life. Your willingness to put it into words is all that is necessary. – Margaret Cousins

59. Things turn out best for people who make the best of the way things turn out. – John Wooden

60. The way to develop the best that is in a person is by appreciation and encouragement. – Charles Schwab

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Humble grateful quotes

Humble grateful quotes for the attitude of gratitude

61. When asked if my cup is half-full or half-empty my only response is that I am thankful I have a cup. – Sam Lefkowitz

62. The heart that gives thanks is a happy one, for we cannot feel thankful and unhappy at the same time. – Douglas Wood

63. For every complaint you might say or think, try to replace it with words and thoughts of thanksgiving. – Rhovonda L. Brown

64. We can choose to be grateful no matter what. – Dieter F. Uchtdorf

65. Best of all is it to preserve everything in a pure, still heart, and let there be for every pulse a thanksgiving, and for every breath a song. – Conrad Gessner

66. A sense of blessedness comes from a change of heart, not from more blessings. – Mason Cooley

67. When it comes to life the critical thing is whether you take things for granted or take them with gratitude.

Gilbert K. Chesterton

68. The invariable mark of wisdom is to see the miraculous in the common. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

69. Simple blessings are all around us. Once we receive them with thanksgiving and appreciation, we experience true joy. – Krystal Kueh

70. I was complaining that I had no shoes till I met a man who had no feet. – Confucius

Gratitude is the best attitude quotes

Gratitude is the best attitude quotes

71. Gratitude is a divine emotion: It fills the heart, but not to bursting; it warms it, but not to fever. – Charlotte Bronte

72. Thanksgiving is the expression of an attitude, or a philosophy of life. The thankful person is a person who looks at life from a unique perspective, and, therefore, sees what the ungrateful do not see. – Steve Pease

73. Gratitude, like faith, is a muscle. The more you use it, the stronger it grows, and the more power you have to use it on your behalf. If you do not practice gratefulness, its benefaction will go unnoticed, and your capacity to draw on its gifts will be diminished. To be grateful is to find blessings in everything. This is the most powerful attitude to adopt, for there are blessings in everything. – Alan Cohen

74. Thanksgiving is an act. Hence, it is not enough to have the feeling in our hearts; it is important to express it so that the party to whom we are giving thanks sees and knows that we are truly grateful for the good that we have received. – Joseph A. Iyongo

75. An attitude of gratitude brings great things. – Yogi Bhajan

76. An attitude of gratitude goes a long way when it comes to physical and emotional healing. – Jill Bolte Taylor

77. Gratitude will shift you to a higher frequency, and you will attract much better things. – Rhonda Byrne

78. The Pilgrims displayed another virtue, one they practiced every day and which stood at the heart of the First Thanksgiving. Cicero called it the greatest of the virtues and the parent of all the rest: gratitude. – Melanie Kirkpatrick

79. Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance. – Eckhart Tolle

80. We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude. – Cynthia Ozick

Thankful quotes for friends

Thankful quotes for friends

81. God gave us our relatives; thank God we can choose our friends. – Ethel Watts Mumford

82. Gratitude is when memory is stored in the heart and not in the mind. – Lionel Hampton

83. There are always flowers for those who want to see them. – Henri Matisse

84. It’s funny how, in this journey of life, even though we may begin at different times and places, our paths cross with others so that we may share our love, compassion, observations, and hope. This is a design of God that I appreciate and cherish. – Steve Maraboli

85. Be thankful for everything that happens in your life; it’s all an experience. – Roy T. Bennett

86. We may not have it all together, but together, we have it all.

87. Let me always count my blessings. To be thankful for my family and friends. To be thankful for the simple things that life has to offer. – Catherine Pulsifer

88. Friends like you make life’s challenging moments more bearable. Thanks for being you. – Catherine Pulsifer

89. The best way to pay for a lovely moment is to enjoy it. – Richard Bach

90. A friend is what the heart needs all the time. Be thankful for having them. – Henry Van Dyke

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Best quotes to be thankful for what you have

Best quotes to be thankful for what you have

91. Practicing gratitude is a very powerful tool to shift your attention on the things you don’t have to the things you do have and this alone will make you feel better. – Noelia Aanulds

92. Thanksgiving is coming to the life-altering understanding that truly precious things can’t be owned anyway. And the wonder of it all is not only realizing that we can’t own them, but it’s realizing that we don’t have to expend the energy in the maintenance of them in order to enjoy them. – Craig D. Lounsbrough

93. Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things. – Robert Brault

94. I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought; and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder. – G.K. Chesterton

95. Can you see the holiness in those things you take for granted-a paved road or a washing machine? If you concentrate on finding what is good in every situation, you will discover that your life will suddenly be filled with gratitude, a feeling that nurtures the soul. – Rabbi Harold Kushner

96. Nevertheless, the highest form of thanksgiving is when we express gratitude for things that are not pleasant; and for things that are difficult to identify as blessings. – Joseph A. Iyongo

97. We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures. – Thornton Wilder

98. Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not. Remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for. – Epicurus

99. Whatever our individual troubles and challenges may be, it’s important to pause every now and then to appreciate all that we have, on every level. We need to literally “count our blessings”, give thanks for them, allow ourselves to enjoy them, and relish the experience of prosperity we already have. – Shakti Gawain

100. There is always, always something to be thankful for. – Anonymous

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