70 Affirmations For Job Seekers To Manifest A New Job

70 Affirmations For Job Seekers To Manifest A New Job

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Ready to manifest a new job? These positive affirmations for job seekers will give you a required boost in confidence!

Repeat these a few times a day and before an interview to attract new job opportunities and appear more professional in person.

Below you’ll find a bunch of positive statements you can tell yourself on every step of the job searching quest. From attracting an interview for your dream job to killing it on your first day in a new welcoming environment.

You deserve to do what you love! Just let yourself have it.

After you get that awesome new job, visit career success affirmations designed for your fast professional growth!

Using affirmations for getting the job you want

Affirmations are powerful but it’s better to use them in combination with more active job search. You need to show the Universe that you really have the intention of finding a new job, and ready to do what it takes to get it!

Be proactive instead of passively waiting for things to happen! Place your CV where it makes sense, send job applications, dedicate some time to networking. Do everything any job seeker would do, and repeat positive affirmations for new job to believe you’ll find it soon!

Depending on your field of work, there are many ways to improve your skills: from professional knowledge to soft skills like self-presentation to CV-related skills.

Best of all, you can learn a lot online these days and grow professionally without leaving your room at home. For example, Linkedin Learning is a great platform for work-related courses, Udemy has tons of career development courses, and Skillshare lets you attend unlimited classes with very affordable subscription.

The more your learn and practice, the more confident you get in your skills, and you won’t need to rely on affirmations that much. In the meantime, use them to keep yourself positive even if you don’t see the results of your job search right away. Maybe your dream job is right behind the next corner!

New job affirmations for job seekers

New job affirmations for job seekers

Here are the best positive affirmations for new job you can easily incorporate into your daily routine:

1. I am ready for a new fulfilling job now.

2. Tons of new job opportunities are coming up my way.

3. I’m getting attention from recruiters every day.

4. It’s easy for me to find a new job that I’ll love.

5. I am open to wonderful possibilities and new creative projects.

6. I only receive interesting offers that meet my criteria.

7. Job search process is fun and easy for me.

8. I am excited about all the new opportunities that open up for me.

9. I am sure I will find my dream job soon.

10. I am committed to finding a new job that will be fulfilling and interesting.

Dream job affirmations to attract the right career

These affirmations for new career will help you focus on your dream job features, be open to new opportunities, and don’t settle for anything less!

11. My dream job position is already open and waiting for me.

12. I know exactly how the job of my dreams looks like, and I’m gonna find it!

13. I am confident that I got the right skill set to land my dream job.

14. I am a magnet for career success and unique opportunities.

15. Dreams always come true when I really really want them.

16. I’m so excited to start working in my dream field!

17. My dream job is already mine, I’m gonna be notified about it any moment now.

18. I am attracting an amazing position that will fulfill all my financial expectations.

19. I’m ready to start building my dream career now.

20. I’m going to land my dream job very soon.

Affirmations to get a job interview

Affirmations to get a job interview

Here are specific affirmations for job search that will help you get a job interview!

21. Job interview offers are being sent my way every day.

22. I am a skilled professional every company is happy to employ.

23. It’s easy for me to connect with potential employers and find common ground.

24. I can get a job interview for my desired position effortlessly.

25. I’m about to get a call about an interview any minute now.

26. I am making a great impression on everyone I’m talking to.

27. New job opportunities show up from unexpected sources.

28. I am worthy of a great job with a great salary.

29. I am grateful for every job interview that comes my way.

30. I feel great knowing that I have so many options for a new career.

Positive affirmations before a job interview

These affirmations are especially helpful to raise your confidence and calm down directly before the interview. Repeat them in your head, breath deeply and slowly, and you’ll look much more professional and self-confident!

31. I have enough knowledge and experience to get a job offer.

32. I am smart. I am confident in my skills. I am a great professional.

33. This interview is my chance to start my dream career.

34. I will show up as my best professional self and impress everyone.

35. I know I’m great for this position, and they’ll see it too.

36. There is no need to be nervous, I’m good at this and well-prepared for this interview.

37. I am going to rock this interview!

38. I am calm and confident. I radiate confidence and professionalism.

39. Interviewer is gonna be so impressed by me that they’ll want me immediately.

40. I’m getting this job, I can feel it!

Best affirmations for starting a new job

Best affirmations for starting a new job

Here is a list of affirmations for the first day at work. They will help you show up as your best self, impress your boss, and build new connections effortlessly!

41. My new job feels like the right fit from my first day.

42. I deserve this job and I’m gonna be great at it.

43. I am thrilled about my first day at work.

44. I feel welcome on my first day. Everyone is friendly and supportive.

45. I’m looking forward to my new projects and interesting tasks.

46. My coworkers will recognize me as a skilled professional since day one.

47. I feel excited and energized to start working in my new position.

48. My positive energy attracts positive coworkers to me right away.

49. I am open to learning what’s necessary to excel at this position.

50. The moment I enter my new workplace, I know I’m in the right place.

Work ethic affirmations for the workplace

These positive affirmations are for those who already found a new job and wants to work in a positive welcoming environment.

51. I have a healthy and professional environment at work.

52. I have good relationships with all my coworkers. I am part of an awesome team!

53. I feel supported at work every day and I know who I can reach out to if I need.

54. I am happy and positive every day at my new job.

55. I feel natural at work and I’m doing a great job.

56. I always feel creative and inspired when I’m at work.

57. My achievements are always recognized and acknowledged.

58. My workplace is welcoming, positive, and productive.

59. My new job is exciting, challenging, and helps me grow professionally.

60. Everyone at my new job has a strong work ethic.

Job manifestation affirmations for job seekers

Job manifestation affirmations for job seekers

These final affirmations are designed for manifesting a new job. No matter where you are right now, believe that you deserve a good life, affirm your intention to get a great job, and let the Universe figure out the way. Trust in the process and you’ll be surprised how fast you get what you want!

61. I am manifesting my dream job into reality.

62. I deserve to find an amazing fulfilling job.

63. I have limitless potential inside me.

64. I am aligned with my purpose and I know that the right job is going to show up for me.

65. I release all the limiting beliefs I have about my abilities and my career.

66. Positive affirmations give me confidence that I’m gonna find my dream job soon.

67. I trust the Universe to find an awesome place for me to work.

68. I am a magnet for job offers, they are always flowing my way.

69. There are lots of amazing companies that would be proud to have me employed.

70. I am worthy of doing the job that I absolutely love!

Final thoughts on using affirmations for finding a new job

These were all 70 positive affirmations for job seekers that are meant to help you find a new job!

Choose several ones that match your intention, repeat them every day, and good luck on your new amazing job! You can also write your own affirmations for a job to complement these ones and include that desired title or even company of your dreams!