30 Positive Affirmations For World Peace

30 Positive Affirmations For World Peace

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Do you believe in the possibility of absolute world peace?

Sounds utopian, I know. Especially with all the craziness that’s happening all around the globe right now. But we are all positive thinkers here, aren’t we? Let’s make an effort to see the best in the world and try to make it better little by little.

The 30 positive affirmations for world peace that you’ll find below obviously aren’t magic words that will instantly change the world. They will not suddenly make everyone happy and peaceful and non-violent.

In fact, I feel like we need a few generations of people risen with the anti-war mindset in order to make a real difference for the whole world.

But what these affirmations CAN do, is make you feel better inside no matter what happens outside. They are meant to give you the strength to handle difficult times and keep you in a self-care-focused mindset so that the external events don’t affect you as much.

Affirm these positive statements for world peace every day and when you feel the lowest, and let the darkness gradually dissolve.

I’ll be honest, this article wasn’t on my blog schedule. But being a Ukrainian and watching my country being ruined every day by the horrible war, I don’t have many other subjects on my mind right now.

As a positive mindset blogger, it’s my mission to help people see the little good things even at a time like this, and keep hope alive in their hearts.

So here are my 30 positive affirmations to bring you peace of mind in times of war and uncertainty!

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Why are affirmations powerful

The biggest power of affirmations is the ability to change your focus from negative to positive. As you filter the destructive thoughts and fill your mind with light and love, the world around you starts to change too.

From the scientific point of view, we are all energy, and everything surrounding us is energy as well. That’s what the law of attraction is based on: whatever vibration you emit, you attract more of.

So when you are in a low state, full of negative thoughts, repeating all the worries in your head over and over again, it’s hard to get out. It may feel like the whole world is against you and bad things keep happening.

low negative state

If it sounds familiar to you, remember it’s not your fault, you just got sucked into a negative vibe. And the good news is that it’s totally in your power to change it!

Positive affirmations help you shift from the low vibration to the more elevated state, and stay there if you keep affirming the positive ideas. You’ll feel like the world is becoming a better place because you start noticing more good things, and attracting more of the same, so positive events begin to flow into your life.

I hope now you understand how powerful affirmations can be! Now let’s go straight to the world peace affirmations I prepared for you.

10 Affirmations For World Peace

Peace in the world doesn’t happen overnight. It’s the personal responsibility of every person to be kind, tolerant and solve all the arising problems in a peaceful way.

If every human would become like that, there would be literally no source of violence and hatred anymore. If all conflicts were resolved in a civilized way, this would be our world’s happily ever after.

Imagine if all the money and resources put into wars were spent on development and new technology instead! Many of the wonderful inventions from fantasy books about the future would be our reality by now. Wouldn’t it be amazing?

Make an effort to choose kindness whenever you can and repeat these peace affirmations to do your part in bringing our world closer to a peaceful utopia.

peace in the world

1. Peace in the world begins with me.

2. I show up every day with kindness, compassion, love, and care for the world and everyone in it.

3. I live in a beautiful world that is full of peace and kindness.

4. Every day there is more and more joy and happiness on Earth.

5. I choose to believe that there is always a better tomorrow.

6. I deserve a peaceful sky above my head. Everyone in the world deserves a peaceful sky.

7. I understand that spreading violence and hatred only creates more violence and more hatred. I am doing my best to redirect my negative energy into my creative projects to let it all go.

8. I affirm that there is enough water, food, shelter, and love for everyone on Earth who needs it.

9. I am safe and protected by the higher power. Nothing and nobody can affect me in a harmful way.

10. I am doing my best to be kind to people and our planet. I am inspiring others to be the same.

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10 Positive Daily Affirmations For The World

While some people see the world as it is, others see it as they are.

The difference is not in being a dreamer or a realist, but in being open-minded and seeing the potential for growth. You can always choose to cultivate a growth mindset instead of a fixed one.

When you see the world through your own perspective, you are accepting that it can change for the better, however unlikely it may seem. You basically allow your reality to transform into something beautiful instead of keeping a negative mindset saying ‘it is what it is’.

The 10 positive daily affirmations below can completely change the way you see the world!

Repeat them regularly and you’ll soon notice that the world feels like a better and safer place simply because you’ll have changed your perspective. Focus on the good that already exists in your world, pay attention to the little things that bring you joy, and you’ll naturally attract more of that.

If you are religious, you can see it as a prayer for world peace, that is focused on your own little world first. Because every individual is a part of the world, and our world’s peace starts with you.

If there were no people on Earth, there would be no war whatsoever. I’m not saying that people are bad, I’m saying that we can all make a choice to be kind and bring peace to others around us.

Remember that if everyone were to do this, replacing negative thoughts with positive ones, the world would be a much better place, and we’d all live in a peaceful, safe, and happy environment.

affirmations for peaceful world

11. The world is a better place with me in it.

12. I wake up with a smile and full of hope for another good day.

13. Fear and anger don’t serve me. I choose to release them and let go of all the negativity.

14. I make sure to only radiate positive vibes so I only attract good things into my life.

15. I live a peaceful life full of love and harmony and I share it for the whole world to feel, in my own way.

16. I am surrounded by wonderful and kind people.

17. I can easily transform my negative thoughts into neutral or positive ones. Yes, I am that powerful.

18. Today I smile at strangers and they smile back at me. I make everyone’s day better, one person at a time.

19. I make a positive difference every day, even if it’s a tiny little thing. I take care of the people, the planet, and keep my energy high up.

20. I only allow good things to happen to me.

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10 self-care affirmations for the hard times

When the world is crashing around you, it’s important to take care of yourself. It may feel wrong for so many reasons to even think about yourself while something as big as war is happening out there, but you still need to.

Because dark times will end eventually, and you’ll survive, and then you’ll have your whole life to deal with the consequences of the tremendous stress you didn’t care to release. And it’s common knowledge that stress may cause all kinds of health damage which may make your life a living hell, even in peaceful times.

Self-care starts with simply being kind to yourself. Not blaming yourself for things you should or shouldn’t have done, forgiving yourself for whatever you feel guilty for, allowing yourself several minutes of personal self-focused time. Letting all the emotions out, whether it’s desperate crying or seemingly inappropriate laughter. Accepting that everything you feel is valid.

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These ten self-care affirmations will bring you peace of mind when the world is not the kindest place to live in. I hope they give you the courage and confidence to keep going and help you get rid of a portion of stress that may be sitting deep in your chest, waiting to strike with disease later on.

10 self-care affirmations for the hard times

21. I am love and light. This is what I spread, this is what I receive.

22. I am allowed to feel all the feelings. Every emotion is acceptable at times like this.

23. With every breath I take, I inhale relaxation, I exhale tension.

24. I always remember to breathe and take good care of myself.

25. Whatever happens, I can handle it and survive.

26. When I feel like I reached the bottom, I realize that the only way is up.

27. Staying positive helps me be there for me and others, and attract positive outcomes.

28. It’s okay to smile and laugh if I feel like it.

29. Darkness is not forever, there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

30. It will all get better soon, I know it.

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Sending you peaceful vibes!

I hope you enjoyed my 30 affirmations for world peace and find them useful!

Repeat these positive affirmations often to improve your mental state during hard and uncertain times. And make sure to share them with friends to spread positive peaceful vibes as much as possible, and help your loved ones feel a bit better too.

If you have your own staple affirmation that keeps you afloat during difficult times, please share it with us in the comments! And let me know which statement on this list was the most needed for your mental health today.

It will get better, it always does.