40 Positive Affirmations For Protection And Safety

40 Positive Affirmations For Protection And Safety

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There is no lack of reasons to worry about, especially with all the craziness that happens in the world. To add more loving energy to your daily life, use these positive affirmations for protection and safety.

These powerful affirmations will keep you sane in times of uncertainty and will keep you from unnecessary anxiety as you’ll know you are protected and secure.

How to use protection affirmations to stay safe

For the first time using protection affirmations, find a quiet space where you can’t be disturbed. Put on some headphones with light ambient music to calm your mind. I usually search for “healing energy” or “calming music” on Youtube and use one of the videos I find, there are lots of wonderful channels with positive energy sounds.

Take a deep breath and exhale slowly. Repeat a few times and try to focus on your breathing without being distracted by other thoughts.

Read the protection affirmations from the list below one by one, repeating those ones that make you feel the best.

If you like, imagine an invisible protective shield around you that gets stronger with every affirmation you say, as if you were weaving it with powerful words and feelings.

Do this every day, in times of uncertainty, and whenever you start worrying about your safety.

With that being said, let’s look at the protection affirmations I prepared for you!

Powerful affirmations for safety and protection

Powerful affirmations for safety and protection

1. I am safe and fully protected.

2. Everyone around me is completely safe.

3. Nothing bad can happen to me or anyone I love.

4. I am only available for good things and events to happen to me.

5. I trust the Universe to keep me safe and sound.

6. I choose to charge the energy field around me with positive vibrations only.

7. Everywhere I walk, protection always follows and surrounds me.

8. I am completely healthy, peaceful, and balanced.

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Energy protection affirmations

Energy protection affirmations

You are totally capable of keeping yourself at a high frequency and creating an energetic shield around you to keep you safe! With this said, here are some energy cleansing affirmations to keep you in that positive vibe!

9. I only allow positive and peaceful energy into my life.

10. I am clearing away any negative energy from my thoughts and my body.

11. I am loved and protected by the powerful positive energy that always surrounds me.

12. There is a strong energetic barrier around me that prevents negative energy from reaching me.

13. I have the power to cleanse my own energy and release any blockages.

14. I am a magical being full of love and light.

15. I am showering in universal light that cleanses my energy and rejuvenates me.

16. I am transforming old energy that doesn’t serve me anymore into new loving healing energy.

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Affirmations for protection from a particular person

Affirmations for protection from a particular person

Generally, I recommend not basing any affirmations on negativity.

In this case, thinking about the person that may harm you (even with just continuous negativity) means attracting that person’s energy into your world, which is what we are trying to avoid. Instead, use more positive affirmations that by definition exclude any dangerous people from your world.

For example:

17. I am always surrounded by nice people who wish me well.

18. I only allow positive people into my life.

19. I am vibrating at a high frequency that only matches with good people and events.

20. I am always loved and respected.

But I understand that you may feel the need to affirm safety from a specific person to calm down your fears or worries. That’s why I included a few more specific affirmations below, even though it goes against my usual practice.

21. I am immune to the negative energy of others and don’t absorb it.

22. From now on, [person’s name] and I are on parallel roads. (This means that your paths can never cross but saying it directly would be a typical bad affirmation practice.)

23. I release all the fear and anxiety created by [person’s name]. [He/she] is out of my life and can’t harm me anymore.

24. I release all energetic attachments to [person’s name]. My energy is safe and free from any drains.

Positive affirmations for health and protection

Positive affirmations for health and protection

Your subconscious defines your actual reality. These days we see neuroscientists like Joe Dispenza proving the power of our mind in various studies. It gives us a clear understanding that positive affirmations that we carve into our subconscious over time always realize into the physical world. This includes being protected from external attacks and even healing from diseases!

25. I am strong and healthy.

26. I am protected from all viruses and bacteria.

27. Nothing external can harm me in any way.

28. I have a strong immune system that works well to protect my body.

29. I rely on a higher power to keep me safe and protected at all times.

30. My body is a healing machine and can regenerate fast.

31. I feel safe knowing that I’m fully protected.

32. I don’t allow anything negative to touch me physically or emotionally.

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Affirmations for spiritual protection

Affirmations for spiritual protection

33. I welcome the protective energy from higher sources into my life.

34. I allow universal intelligence to flow through me.

35. I am divinely protected from all the evil energy, nothing can harm me or my loved ones.

36. I am filled with high-frequency vibrations all the time.

37. I am always guided, guarded, and protected.

38. I trust the Universe to lead me through my life in the most secure way.

39. I am grateful for the divine protection that I can always feel around me.

40. I am in alignment with my true self.

Conclusion on protection and safety affirmations

These were my 40 positive affirmations for your safety and protection! Use them every day and whenever you might feel unsafe to shift your vibration into a higher frequency and stay safe.

Remember that you can choose to be protected and not allow anything bad to happen to you!

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