45 Positivity Prompts To Become Happier

45 Positivity Prompts To Become Happier

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Becoming happier is everyone’s desire. No matter where you are in life, there is always room for improvement. Keeping a positive mindset helps you see the best opportunities and navigate through the difficult parts easier. Below you’ll find a list of 45 positivity prompts for guided journaling that will bring you a positive vibe and help you stay there!

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If journaling is not a part of your daily routine, consider finding some room for it.

It only takes a few minutes of your time but it gives you clarity and improves your mood.

Studies show that even journaling two times per week about your feelings and thoughts helps reduce anxiety, handle stress better, and relax when overwhelmed. Depending on what you choose to write about, it can also help you see the world in a more positive light and get some motivation for improvement.

Positivity prompts I chose to include in this guide are all about your current life. From acknowledging the recent good memories to finding positive sides of yourself in the new light to taking a peek into the future better version of yourself, there is a lot of fun waiting for you!

One way to do this is to declare one day per week a “positive thinking day” and go through all the questions from the list. Whether you decide to sit and do it in one go or answer another one or two whenever you get a minute to spare, it’s your choice. In any case, this should keep you in a positive mood all day long.

Another way is to choose one question to answer right after you wake up to ensure the morning positivity boost that will keep you in the positive thinking mode for the rest of the day. Repeat every day!

How positive journaling helps you be happier

How positive journaling helps you be happier

If you are someone who is prone to negative thinking, positive journaling will help you gently rewire your brain into thinking more positively. By habitually finding the good both inside and outside, you learn to be more optimistic about life and look for solutions instead of focusing on the problems.

The more you focus on the good, the more good stuff you attract into your life!

Daily journaling is one of the most common writing exercises for positive thinking which you can do along with other little things that make you happier.

How to use positivity prompts for daily journaling

You can decide to keep a daily positivity journal and simply write down 3 to 5 good things that happened today. Or keep a general journal and use positivity prompts every once in a while. Or purchase a cool guided positivity journal and fill the dedicated page every day.

There is no right or wrong way to use positivity prompts. Try them out and use them as part of your journaling session in any way that makes sense for you.

The idea is to make you think more about the positive side of your life. It includes your dreams, goals, relationships, self-love, and all the other goodies that are part of who you are.

Whether you choose one day per week (similar to my concept of mindful Monday) to go through a bunch of these positivity-triggering questions or use one or two random questions from the list every day, it’s gonna be helpful for building your positive mindset!

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Best positivity journal to buy

If the concept of daily journaling is completely new to you or if you tried it and never knew what to write about, using a guided positivity journal may be the right choice for you.

I’ve seen plenty of cool mindfulness journals on Amazon that are worth considering!

Usually they have a beautiful colorful design, and uplifting quotes here and there along with the actual positivity prompts.

Read the reviews carefully to make sure it’s the right one for you. For example, some journals use profanity which is a turn-off for many, while others mention the Universe and energies a lot which can interfere with some religious views.

Here are intriguing positive journals I would consider:

Should you decide to become happier and dive into positive thinking, a journal like this will make the process much easier. You don’t even have to choose the prompts from any list every day, just open your journal on the next page and answer whatever it asks you!

45 Positivity prompts to become a happier person

I’ve divided all 45 journal prompts for positivity in three sections.

First is a more general one you can reach for every day as one of your usual activities for positive thinking. Next I have 10 deeper questions that might require a little bit more self-reflection in a quiet environment. Finally, the last 10 questions are great for a teenager who needs to be more optimistic about life.

These aren’t strict rules, of course. You can take whichever questions you like from any section no matter what age you are, and tune this practice for yourself in any way.

Just use these prompts regularly for your journaling session along with other mindfulness questions you may be using to ensure staying in the positive mindset!

25 inspiring journal prompts for positive thinking

25 inspiring journal prompts for positive thinking

1. What is your positive affirmation for today?

Here are some happy affirmations to choose from if you don’t have one for today yet!

2. What makes you happy? How can you do more of it?

3. What is your current life motto? What does it mean to you?

I have a bunch of my favorite mottos to live by to give you some inspiration for the answer!

4. What three things are the most important for you in life? Are you actually prioritizing them on a daily basis?

5. Let yourself dream a little. Close your eyes and imagine your perfect day.

How would it look like? Who you’d be with? What would you do and feel? Go into the details and try to live through the actual feelings as if you were in that day. Start with waking up and looking around. What do you see? What do you feel? What does your facial expression say?

6. If you had to create a realistic soundtrack for your current life, what would be the first song? Why? If you could change things around, what would you want your main song to be?

7. What one positive emotion you are feeling now, in this moment of being consciously optimistic?

8. When was the last time you tried something new? Review your bucket list or create one, and think about one activity you would love to cross off first!

9. What is missing in your life right now? Can you ever be happy without it? If not, what is one small step you can make today to achieve it?

10. If you could get anything right now, what would make you happy?

Don’t limit yourself, dream BIG!

11. Say or write ten positive statements starting with “I am…”.

You can use various positive affirmation collections I’ve created to get ideas on what to affirm. Don’t focus solely on appearance or character traits.

You can include anything from a simple “I am an amazing human being!” to “I am a magnet for innovative ideas.” (more creativity affirmations here) or “I am turning my life around to become a prosperous million-dollar earner” (millionaire affirmations here).

12. Which part of your life is going the best right now? How can you make it even better?

13. If someone made a “based on true story” movie about your life, what genre would it be? Who would you like to play you and why?

14. What do you like about the place you live in? Would you stay here forever or rather move somewhere else?

Imagine yourself living in your dream place. Where it is and how does it feel?

15. What is your one big goal for this year? How is it going at this point?

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16. What would you like to make more time for?

Choose something that makes you happier rather than more productive or busy.

17. When was the last time you made someone smile? What you can do today to make someone smile?

When you make others smile or laugh, both you and them receive a powerful dose of “happiness hormone” that gives you a boost of motivation for being the best version of yourself. It also affects your mood and life perception in a positive way.

For something as easy as a smile to be so powerful! That’s why I include this in my list of positive things to do every day to feel happier.

18. What was the last compliment you received? How did it make you feel?

19. Do you live a balanced life? How does your wheel of life balance look like?

20. Do you consider yourself a good friend? Why?

Whether you’d like to attract new good people into your life or keep your precious current relationships going forever, these positive friendship affirmations will help!

Also, here is a bunch of heartwarming gift ideas for a friend who is far away. Why not surprise someone you love with a little something to remember you by? Or do you need a holiday to tell them what they mean to you?

21. What was the most delicious thing you ate recently? What did you like about it? Was it sweetness? Juicyness? Texture? Temperature? How did you feel while eating it and afterward?

If you can’t easily answer this question, you might need to pay more attention to the food you eat. Mindful eating is one of the easiest mindfulness activities you can gradually add to your life to be more present and conscious about your choices and emotions.

22. Is there a nice person you haven’t talked to for ages? How do you feel about giving them a call/taking them out for a coffee?

23. Would you want to be friends with yourself? Why? (Or why not? What is missing? How can you change things around?)

24. If you could only do one thing today, what would make you the most satisfied with your productivity?

This answer usually gives you perspective about what you should focus on and prioritize before everything else.

25. Name 15 things you are grateful for at this very moment.

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10 deep positive journal prompts for adults

10 deep positive journal prompts for adults

1. What is the best thing that ever happened to you?

2. If you were to die tomorrow, would you have any regrets?

Is there anything you always wanted to do but never had time for? Is there something you could do or get started today to minimize future regrets? We only live once, find a way to make it happen!

3. Name five things you genuinely love about yourself.

Take your time! Don’t proceed to the next question until you answer this. If you are struggling and can’t see how awesome you are, here are some positive affirmations for you to work on self-love and self-esteem:

4. What encouraging message would you send to a younger/teenage you?

5. What amazing thing you are looking forward to?

6. Find one or two negative thinking patterns that are typical for you. How you can rewrite it into a positive belief?

Deep down we all have a ton of negativity-based views about the world. As you make the effort to gradually change it all into a more positive world perception, you’ll notice your life getting better and yourself naturally feeling happier.

7. If you are in a romantic relationship, name three good things about your partner. If you are single, name three things you would want to see in a perfect life partner.

8. Name 10 people who have positively affected your life.

This may be a current friend, a famous person, or a childhood impression. How exactly they influenced you? Did you notice a mindset change? Is there anything good that happened to you later because of it?

9. Do you have a perfect morning routine? Are you consistent with it? Would you like to add something?

In his book “The Miracle Morning”, Hal Elrod explains how you can completely transform your life by implementing a daily habit-based morning routine. His morning includes specific steps and activities that he considers crucial for everyone’s wellbeing, but you can tweak and personalize it all if you want to.

10. Describe a version of yourself that you wanna be a year from now.

As that future self, what do you do? What are you like? How do you spend your typical day? And what about a day off? Who are you friends with? What are you working towards? How do you see yourself and the world?

And, the most important question: what are 3 things you can start doing today to actually become that version of yourself?

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10 positive journaling prompts for teens

10 positive journaling prompts for teens

Teenagers generally see the world in a more vivid way than adults and experience all the emotions with a sense of youthful exuberance. As their view of the world is still forming, it’s very beneficial to gently implement some positive thinking patterns.

There are also mindfulness journals out there made specifically for teens (like this one). This may be a more fun way for younger people to practice positivity as opposed to writing in a blank notebook.

Here are a few positive writing prompts suitable for a teenager:

1. What is the most positive thing that happened recently?

2. What is one exciting thing you are looking forward to?

3. Name four positive character traits you see in yourself.

4. Has something bad happened to you recently? What good can come out of that?

5. Think about each of your close friends. Why do you enjoy their company?

What are the positive things you see in them that you are missing yourself? How can you improve these qualities in yourself? Are they really good friends who genuinely care about you? If you recognize someone as toxic, is there a way you could help them be more positive? Or maybe it’s better to minimize your communication and make new friends?

6. Which is your favorite season of the year? Why? What good feelings does it bring up?

7. How do you see yourself in 5-10 years as an adult?

Where you are, who is around you? What are you doing? What’s important to you and why?

8. What good memories do you have about this year? Who were you with, what did you do? Why is that day or moment special to you?

9. Other than entertainment, what positive meaning can technology bring into your life?

10. Who inspires you the most? Why? How can you be more like that person?

Final thoughts on using positivity prompts

These were all my 45 positive ideas for your next journaling session. I hope you loved them and will use a bunch of them as part of your mindfulness practice on a regular basis!

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