millionaire affirmations for success mindset

50+ Millionaire Affirmations To Develop A Success Mindset

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Millionaire affirmations are meant to reprogram your brain to develop a success-oriented mindset.

Instead of sticking to your negative beliefs about money that are holding you back, replace them with positive statements that will change your life!

You can combine these with financial affirmations or entrepreneur affirmations I posted earlier to cover all aspects of creating a positive mindset around money.

Here I curated a few lists of positive millionaire affirmations. Some will help you build confidence when you are just at the beginning of your journey while others will give you a necessary push when you get closer to your goals.

All of these statements are focused on developing a success mindset, so you will attract abundance in your life and eventually become financially free!

You don’t need to use all 50+ affirmations you find here at once. Read this first to learn how many affirmations you need to say daily to get the best results.

Affirmations to become a millionaire

  • My mind is laser-focused on hitting my first million-dollar mark
  • I can have what I want whenever I want
  • The abundance I’ve been dreaming of is in front of me right now
  • I accept financial miracles
  • I love the new, abundant life I’m creating for myself
  • I have the perfect blend of dedication and willpower to become a millionaire
  • I was born to make millions
  • I have the power to transform my life into a luxury
  • The universe is conspiring to make me the millionaire I aspire to be
  • The tasks I perform now are the puzzle pieces of my millionaire self
  • My dedication to work testifies to my millionaire potential
  • Becoming a millionaire will happen as long as I keep trying
  • I believe in my ability to transform my life from nothing to having everything
  • The best way to do something is simply begin

I AM millionaire affirmations

affirmations to become a millionaire
  • I am positive that my destiny is to become a millionaire
  • I am saying YES to new opportunities
  • I am turning my life around to become a prosperous million-dollar earner
  • I am worthy of the future full of prosperity
  • I am developing a comprehensive plan to achieve a multi-million status
  • I am highly motivated and productive
  • I am determined to fulfill my millionaire ambitions
  • I am the right candidate for the million-dollar opportunity
  • I am creating more opportunities for income growth
  • I am a money magnet
  • I am close to receiving my first million dollars
  • I am a millionaire

Millionaire mindset affirmations about success

millionaire mindset affirmations for success
  • I don’t need anyone’s permission to be successful
  • I didn’t come this far only to come this far
  • I have the confidence to level up my business into a million-dollar company
  • The progress I’m making is getting me closer to where I want to be
  • I turn failures into stepping stones towards the million-dollar status
  • I have the positive attitude of someone who just never quits
  • I don’t just seek opportunities, I create them
  • I have everything I need to create anything I want
  • My mind is prepared for the upcoming success of my business
  • I am worthy of success
  • Whatever I desire, I can turn into a reality
  • I have the guts to turn myself into a seven-figure income earner
  • I have what it takes to be a top earner in the industry

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Millionaire affirmations to attract wealth and prosperity

  • I consistently take any needed actions to increase my wealth
  • I attract the energy of prosperity
  • I invoke prosperity and wealth into my business
  • With every breath, I accept an allow more abundance
  • I give myself permission to prosper
  • Nothing can stop me from earning a seven-figure income
  • My income is constantly increasing. Money flows easily into my life.
  • I am inviting prosperity into my business
  • The more I give, the wealthier I become
  • I have millions of dollars sitting on my bank account now, waiting to be claimed by me
  • I constantly find abundance and prosperity everywhere I look
  • I am wealthy, I am a wealthy person, I attract wealth to me from all directions
  • I can afford whatever I want, whenever I want

Why millionaire affirmations are not working?

When you have been saying affirmations for ages and nothing seems to change in your life, chances are you are doing something wrong.

Positive affirmations are not just magic words. If it was that easy, everyone would be a millionaire by now!

becoming a millionaire is not a magic trick

Millionaire affirmations are merely a tool to help you develop a success mindset and become more open to abundance and opportunities. You need to believe they work, but you also need to work alongside them to achieve your financial goals.

If millionaire affirmations are not working for you, here are a few things that you may be doing wrong:

1. Your affirmations aren’t personal

If your positive affirmations are too general and don’t apply directly to your life, saying them won’t take you anywhere.

Everything matters: the wording, the numbers, the timeline, sometimes even the manner of speaking. If it’s not something you would ever say, it will always feel foreign to you and not natural. You may think it will change with time as you get used to it, but it won’t!

Could you imagine yourself saying this statement to your partner or friend? If it doesn’t feel like something that could come out of your mouth, consider changing the wording to whatever feels more natural.

Some statements I see online are way too complicated and long to be used as affirmations!

Another issue is that the affirmations you say don’t apply to your own life. I mean, don’t say “I am close to receiving my first million dollars” if you aren’t actually close. Don’t say “My business is growing every day” if you don’t have a business.

Work with what you have, even if it’s not much yet, and update your daily affirmations when your situation improves.

2. You feel like you are lying to yourself

This often happens when you are very far from your goal and start using present tense affirmations as someone suggested.

Saying blunt statements like “I am a millionaire” will work for someone who is close to reaching that mark, but will do more harm than good for someone who is just starting out from scratch.

First of all, you need to accept yourself as someone who is on their way to wealth and prosperity. That’s why my first set of affirmations above is for people who just decided they want to become a millionaire. It’s critical to build that self-believe first and to realize that everything in your life is possible.

Say this and see how it feels: “I believe in my ability to transform my life from nothing to having everything”.

Accepting affirmations like this one as truth are much easier than calling yourself a millionaire right away when you don’t even have a clear path yet.

All you need to do in the beginning is to get used to the idea of becoming a rich person. You may need a push of encouragement to believe you can achieve things and change your life situation for the better, that’s where some quotes for a growth mindset may come in handy.

Choose your affirmations wisely and don’t try to trick your brain saying things you resist to believe in.

3. You set unrealistic goals

If you are broke, don’t start with affirming a million dollars on day one. Maybe start with a $1000 per month in pure profit, and grow from there. If you don’t have a business to grow or career to develop, focus on getting it first. In this case, even earning your first 100 dollars is a good goal to start with.

Unless your relative suddenly dies and leaves you a fortune, or you win a lottery, there are not many legal ways to become a millionaire momentarily. And in most cases, people who didn’t build anything themselves have a hard time keeping the money. That’s why lottery winners go broke all the time.

setting unrealistic goals
Reaching for the sky

So you decided you want to be a millionaire.

Depending on where you are right now and what your strengths are, research the ways you can achieve your financial freedom. Choose a profitable business model that has proven to work for many people and ensure the niche is not too competitive. Always go with something you are interested in so you can keep going even if it doesn’t get profitable in the first year.

Learn from the experienced people who already have success in this field. How long did it take for them to get there? Remember that they may have had coaches and extra support so it can take longer for you. But if it’s something you enjoy doing, building a business around it is always worth the effort.

Set a realistic timeline and use the right millionaire affirmations that support your current goal!

4. You use negative words in your affirmations

I have four more or less specific rules on how to create affirmations that work. One of them is to not ever use negative words in your affirmations.

Some words are more powerful than others. It’s important what message you are carving into your subconscious mind every day. Does it include words like “struggle”, “poor”, “poverty”, “miserable”, “in debt” or “unhappy”? Or is it based on positive thoughts and feelings?

No matter your intention, saying negative words on a daily basis in connection with yourself is not a good idea.

You may think that there is a “not” or “never” in your statements so you are good to go.

Instead, your brain recognizes you and “unhappy” in the same sentence and creates a neural link. By repeating it every day you strengthen those bad links so you stay poor instead of rich, and miserable instead of happy.

using negative words in money affirmations

Fix your negative affirmations as soon as you realize you do this mistake!

  • “I will never be poor again” becomes -> “I am on my way to wellness and prosperity
  • “I will not live a miserable and unhappy life like my parents” becomes -> “I am building a happy and successful life for myself and my family”

They basically mean the same thing, but the difference is crazy when it comes to a message you are sending into your subconscious!

Final thoughts on using millionaire affirmations to create a success mindset

Becoming a millionaire is not a one-day task you can just quickly get over with.

Leaving a happy and fulfilled life is a decision only you can make for yourself. If you stick to it and don’t give up, you’ll have no choice but achieve all your goals!

Choose your millionaire affirmations carefully so they support you instead of holding you back. Follow my rules and steps, start small, and grow from there at your own pace.

step by step to becoming a millionaire
Step by step on the way to success

To sum up, here is my personal recipe for success:

  1. Set a realistic goal and the timeline for it
  2. Say millionaire affirmations daily together with happiness affirmations to keep you going and in a good mood
  3. Believe that you are worthy of a better life
  4. Put hard work and dedication into achieving your goals
  5. Never give up!