positive affirmations For Clear Skin

88 Positive Affirmations For Clear Skin

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Tired of struggling with skin imperfections? You need to change your attitude. By being in a constant negative thinking state and channeling this bad energy toward your skin, you’ll probably never see good results, no matter how expensive skin care products you try.

In this post, you’ll find 88 positive affirmations for clear skin that will help you shift your mindset into positive thinking and create a bright image of your beautiful skin in your subconscious.

Sadly, our appearances often influence how much we love ourselves. It’s important to practice self-acceptance to be a happier person and using positive affirmations is one of the ways to do it. They help you grow your self-esteem and become more confident while also manifesting your dream features, like clear skin or long hair.

Is manifesting clear skin with affirmations possible?

Anything in your life, including clear skin, can be manifested with positive affirmations. By repeating the affirmations regularly, you set the intention for cleansing your face and introduce the feeling of having clear and beautiful skin. Positive thinking puts you in the right mental state so when you eat healthy food and apply good quality products, nothing prevents your skin from getting clearer.

In any case, always keep a positive self-loving mindset!

If your self-esteem is not particularly high, consider picking up an inspiring deck of affirmation cards and draw one beautiful card daily to raise your mood and improve your confidence.

My favorite decks are I AM Everything and Affirmators!.

How to use positive affirmations for clear skin

How to use positive affirmations for clear skin

Simple 3-step approach to manifesting clear skin:

1. Choose a few skin care affirmations according to your problem

Below you’ll find 88 positive affirmations for clear skin. It’s doesn’t mean you need all of them! I have a clear strategy on how many affirmations you need at a time, you can read about it here.

First of all, clarify your intention. Clearly, your desire is to have beautiful skin, but what exactly is wrong with it? Is it dry, itchy, prone to acne, or breakouts? Do you want it to be smoother to the touch or just naturally look better on photos? By understanding your “why” you’ll be able to create a better affirmation message to manifest clear skin.

If your skin is not your only problem, you can totally combine a couple of different goals in one strong affirmation message and manifest a whole image of your beautiful self.

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2. Take good care of your skin with the right products

There is no one magical solution to any skin issue, as we all have different skin types and unique bodies to deal with. Another thing is that we may live in different areas and be exposed to a variety of factors, both external and internal, that contribute to our skin imperfections.

It’s very common to see both good and bad reviews for almost every skin product. Why? Because everyone’s skin is different and one person can get an awful breakout from the same magical cream that saved another person’s skin. With time and probably a lot of testing, you’ll learn more about your own skin and which products it needs to look clean and beautiful.

Some of the most popular skin care products available on Amazon:

Before applying any new products to your skin, read the reviews carefully to find out if it’s a good fit for your skin type. Then patch test it on a small hidden skin area to make sure you don’t have a personal reaction to any of the ingredients. If no bad reaction occurs, it should be safe to use it on your face or elsewhere.

A good practice is to introduce one skin product at a time so you’ll have a clear picture of which specific product made your skin better when you get your desired clear skin!

3. Visualize yourself with beautiful clear skin

This is a super important step!

Just saying affirmation words for the sake of saying will not do anything for your skin!

You need to convince your brain that what you are saying is true. It doesn’t mean lying to yourself: it means creating a clear picture of you in your brain that it will work forward to make a reality.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself with the result you expect: beautiful clear skin. Imagine that you go to your mirror, look at it and see your reflection with clear skin. You realize that you are smiling because that’s what you’ve been waiting for so long! Get closer, see your clear pores, touch and feel the silky smooth surface of your cheek. Let yourself get filled up with this positive feeling. Now say the positive affirmations you chose in step one!

You don’t have to do this visualization exercise every time, although it helps you feel more positive about your skin in the beginning stages of healing. The idea is to remember that sensation of how good it felt when you imagined yourself with clear skin. And every time your repeat your affirmations (here is how often you should do it), bring that feeling to the surface and relive it.

This will definitely help your skin cleanse!

Lastly, don’t say or even think negative words about your skin! Even if it’s in a really bad state right now. Forget about hating it and whining about it. Learn to love it and accept it for what it is now, while you are working on helping it heal and become beautiful!

Now, let’s see those 88 positive affirmations for clear skin!

Best affirmations for clear skin

Best affirmations for clear skin

1. I love my skin and I am grateful for its clarity.

2. I am comfortable in my own skin.

3. Day by day my skin becomes more radiant and glowing.

4. I take care of my skin regularly and it thanks me for it.

5. My skin is clean and smooth.

6. I am becoming more comfortable in my own skin day by day.

7. I enjoy moisturizing and exfoliating my skin because it makes me feel beautiful and clean.

8. My skin is smooth and radiant and adds to my attractiveness.

9. My makeup is always perfectly applied and enhances my natural beauty.

10. My skin is getting clearer every day.

11. I love my natural complexion.

12. My smooth and radiant skin adds to my attractiveness.

13. I choose to eat healthy and it shows in my youthful skin.

14. I take good care of my skin to keep it beautiful and clean.

15. I only eat food that enhances my skin and overall beauty.

16. My skin is clear, healthy, and radiant.

17. I always see the bright side of things and that brightness shows on my face.

I AM affirmations for clear skin

I am affirmations for clear skin

18. I am comfortable in my own skin and I radiate confidence.

19. I am so happy when I see myself in the mirror.

20. I am always thinking positive and this glowing shows on my skin.

21. I am grateful for my beautiful and vibrant skin.

22. I am committed to taking good care of my skin.

23. I am often complimented for my beautiful skin.

24. I am sending love and positive energy to my skin.

25. I am finding myself more confident each day.

26. I am thrilled that my skin is healthy and gorgeous.

27. I am happy that my skin cleanses itself so quickly.

Affirmations for getting rid of skin problems

Affirmations for getting rid of skin problems

Positive affirmations for healthy skin

28. I am excited to see my skin clean and healthy.

29. I love my skin and I appreciate how healthy it is.

30. Every day my skin becomes healthier and healthier.

31. I take good care of my skin and my skin is happy.

32. I’m healing my skin from the inside out.

33. I eat healthy food that is good for my skin.

34. With each breath, I release stress and my skin problems go away with it.

35. I admire my glowing, vibrant and healthy skin.

36. I exfoliate my skin regularly to maintain its magic.

37. Each breath feeds nurturing oxygen to the pores in my skin.

Affirmations for acne-free skin

38. I can clear up my skin with ease.

39. I am excited to see my skin clean and acne-free.

40. My skin clears up daily.

41. My beautiful skin is blemish-free.

42. I trust in the power of affirmations to help clear my skin.

43. My pores are healthy.

44. My skin is naturally healthy and unblemished.

45. I take pleasure in looking at my reflection.

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Affirmations for itchy skin

46. I am dedicated to making my skin feel good.

47. I am excited to feel my skin clean and calm.

48. My skin is transforming for the better.

49. My skin heals blemishes and irritations with ease and grace.

50. I only think positively about my skin.

51. I am nourishing my skin.

52. I am happy and calm and it shows on my skin too.

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Positive affirmations for flawless skin

53. Every night as I rest, my body nourishes my perfect skin.

54. My skin is glowing, even, and flawless.

55. My skin is soft and smooth to the touch.

56. I am blessed to have a clear and radiant complexion.

57. I cleanse my skin delicately.

58. My skin is flawless.

59. Everyone envies my clean and healthy skin.

60. I have a beautiful skin tone.

61. I am blessed to have perfect skin.

Affirmations for dry skin

62. I appreciate how clear and smooth my skin is.

63. My skin is nourished and moisturized.

64. My skin is smooth, soft, and healthy.

65. I am so happy when I touch my skin and feel how smooth it is.

66. I love the way my skin feels.

67. I drink enough water every day to keep my skin moisturized from the inside.

68. My skin has enough nutrients to be smooth and clean.

69. I am blessed to have skin as smooth as silk.

70. If my partner touches my skin, he(she) will be shocked at how smooth and nice it feels.

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Affirmations for skin rash

71. I am glad to finally see my skin clear and problem-free.

72. I love that my skin feels good and contented.

73. I know my skin is healing.

74. I take pride in my skin cleaning routine.

75. I’m letting go of my skin imperfections and welcome my new beautiful skin.

76. My clean well-nourished skin makes me feel great and confident.

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Positive affirmations for beautiful skin

Positive affirmations for beautiful skin

77. I love my skin and I take great care of it.

78. My skin has a gorgeous natural glow.

79. I’m at peace with my skin.

80. I feel rejuvenated and my skin does too.

81. I eat healthy food that nourishes my skin and enhances overall beauty.

82. My skin rewards me for the love I put into it.

83. The state of my skin reflects the tranquility of my mind.

84. My skin is worthy of love and appreciation.

85. I awake each day with a renewed glow on my face.

86. I love cleansing and caring for my skin.

87. My skin is beautiful.

88. I treat my skin with love.

Clear skin subliminal affirmations

If the concept of saying positive affirmations is very foreign to you, here are some subliminal affirmations you can passively listen to while sleeping:

Final thoughts on using positive affirmations for clear skin

These were my 88 affirmations for cleansing your skin! Stick to your healthy routines, keep a positive attitude, and you’ll manifest beautiful skin very soon!