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Law Of Attraction Resources

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Wanna manifest an amazing life for yourself? Who doesn’t!

The Law Of Attraction is simple: like attracts like. Whatever you continuously talk and think about, whatever you aim to achieve, comes closer to you.

I’m absolutely sure that you can manifest everything you want into your life with the right mindset!

Below you’ll find lots of good resources for learning how to finally make your dream life a reality and some tools you may need in the process.

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Best Books About The Law Of Attraction

Workbooks & Planners For Manifestation

Workbooks and journals are amazing tools for manifesting as they help you make a habit out of it. By writing daily about your dreams, planning for them to happen, and doing simple mindset exercises, you’ll definitely attract what you desire sooner!

Affirmation Cards

These are the best sets of affirmation cards with powerful messages that you can randomly draw every day or add to your inspiration board. They are meant to inspire you, empower you, and keep your vibrations high for manifesting!

Vision Board Supplies

If you don’t have a vision board yet, don’t hesitate to create one!

By putting all your positive vibes, inner desires, and dreams into one place, you are creating a specific image of your future life.

Basically, you are saying to the Universe: here is a snapshot of what my life looks like a year from now (for example), let’s start implementing it!

There are many ways to make your vision board: be creative and make it look inspiring!

You can print your own photos and quotes, use beautiful postcards you may have received, cut motivational images from magazines, or use a ready-made vision board kit like the one you’ll find below.

You can also create your vision board online using Canva and images from Pinterest (this is what I do!). I have it as my desktop background and a printed version on my inspiration board. This way it’s in front of my eyes all day every day and I never lose my focus!

Manifestation Guides

If you are new to affirmations or they haven’t worked for you, read my guides on how to make the most of it!

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