66 Affirmations For Sexuality To Feel Confident And Magnetic

66 Affirmations For Sexuality To Feel Confident And Magnetic

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Contrary to some popular religious beliefs, sex is a natural part of human life. Having a healthy mindset about sex is very important for building strong relationships and a positive self-image. Below you’ll find a list of 66 positive affirmations for sexuality that will help you feel confident on all stages: from the seduction process to the peak moments in the bedroom.

How to gain sexual confidence in 4 steps

1. Build a general confidence first

Building sexual confidence is especially hard when you are a shy introvert with social anxiety. When talking to a new person is a challenge by itself, being confident while intimate will not come naturally.

First, work on your self-confidence with dedicated affirmations to build the foundation for healthy self-esteem. When you start seeing yourself as an interesting person worthy of engaging with, you’ll radiate the same vibe and other people start seeing you like this too.

If you don’t think you are worthy, why would anyone else think otherwise? Realize how beautiful you are inside and out and learn to love yourself unconditionally. You might not notice the shift in your own behavior but you’ll surely notice when people start approaching you more easily.

As soon as you become generally confident, building sexual confidence is just a matter of practice.

2. Use affirmations for sexuality

Use affirmations for sexuality

If you’ve never learned that sex is bad, you are lucky.

Between overprotective parents and religions that call it a sin, there are more than enough negative messages related to sexuality carved in our subconscious. Often you may not even realize that this is what’s holding you back.

Getting rid of toxic patterns that may already exist in your brain doesn’t happen overnight, but it’s possible. Affirming positive messages related to your sexual confidence will help build new positive neural connections and gradually replace the negative ones that hurt your sexual life.

Positive affirmations for sexuality from this page will help you become more sexually attractive and confident while intimate with your partner. You’ll be able to easily talk with your partner about your sexual preferences and approach the object(s) of your desire effortlessly. You’ll also look more confident while being around people you like.

Depending on your goals, this may lead to more attention and sexual energy sent your way from strangers or to a deeper intimate relationship with your significant other.

3. Experiment and polish your bedroom skills

This is pretty straightforward. The more you experiment in bed and get the hang of it, the more sexual confidence you’ll get.

Start by learning as much as you can about your own body so you can confidently guide your partner to get the most pleasurable experience.

Explore your preferences and your limitations so the process becomes effortless and enjoyable. You won’t need to overthink anything and question things until you get anxious and lose the mood. You’ll know what to do and what you want, you’ll just go with the flow and enjoy the process.

Of course, you can (and should) keep experimenting when you are with your partner. Uncover your common hidden desires and find things that work for you both.

Don’t be afraid to try new things, especially with the partner who you love and feel safe with. Repeating the activity until it feels natural is basically what skill is. And bedroom skills aren’t exceptions.

When you are confident in your skills and know your worth, there shouldn’t be any negative feelings anymore associated with sexuality.

4. Talk about your preferences and listen to your partner

The last bit of building sexual confidence is being able to talk freely with your partner.

Somehow sex has become a taboo topic in our society which is why so many people have trouble expressing their wishes in bed. Sadly, there is often shame involved that makes both partners feel awkward and anxious.

Positive affirmations for sexuality will help to get rid of shame but you also need to approach your bedroom life with both you and your partner in mind.

As there are two parties involved, the best outcome is when both are satisfied.

A common approach to sexual intercourse, especially for women, is trying to please a partner and forgetting about yourself. Some people think of it as “being a good wife”, for example. Imitating pleasure is one of the ways to achieve this but oftentimes they don’t even bother.

By neglecting your own satisfaction, you teach your partner to not care about you in bed. This may lead to various bad things starting from never getting any pleasure to looking for it outside the relationship.

The other side of this coin is when your only purpose is to get your own satisfaction and you don’t care about the other person. Your partner will likely not be amazed by your skills which may hurt your sexual confidence if it happens over and over again.

According to statistics, both infidelity and lack of physical intimacy are among the most common causes of divorces. I bet that if couples talked more openly about their intimate feelings and needs, these rates would be way lower.

To summarize, a healthy sexual relationship is one in which both parties are open and observant.

Here is the list of affirmations for healthy sexuality that will help you become more confident in your sexual life!

Affirmations for healthy sexuality

Affirmations for healthy sexuality

1. My sex life is regular and satisfying.

2. My body is healthy and functions perfectly to give and receive pleasure.

3. I am open-minded and curious about experimenting in bed.

4. I pay attention to my body’s needs and gently guide my partner to fulfill those desires.

5. I feel sexually attractive and powerful.

6. I prioritize my sexual life as it’s important for my health and stress relief.

7. Rejection from a potential partner doesn’t affect me in any way.

8. I explore my body with curiosity to achieve sexual wellness.

9. I frequently have intense peaks that satisfy my mind and my body.

Affirmations to be sexually confident

10. I am a sexy and attractive woman/man. When I feel it, others see it too.

11. I am always comfortable and confident in my sexual life.

12. My bed is a sanctuary where I feel loved, safe and satisfied.

13. I can be whoever I want in bed, and I love experimenting.

14. I can be open with my partner about things that enjoy or don’t.

15. I know what I want and I’m getting it regularly.

16. I can talk freely with my partner about my fears or insecurities.

17. I’m sexy and I know it!

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Positive affirmations for pleasure

Positive affirmations for pleasure

18. My sex life is exciting and full of pleasure.

19. The moments of pleasure I experience make me feel alive.

20. I deserve to receive sexual pleasure regularly.

21. I can fully relax and enjoy the experience.

22. I am naturally guiding my partner to give me peak pleasure.

23. I listen to my partner and always try to make the experience mutually satisfying.

24. Sexual pleasure is a gift I am happy to share.

25. I only choose partners who are kind and caring.

Sexual magnetism affirmations

26. I am a master of sexual attraction.

27. My eyes are magnetic.

28. I attract attention and interest effortlessly.

29. My sexual identity is attracting perfectly matching partners.

30. Potential partners see me as hot and gorgeous.

31. My sexuality is addictive and my partner always wants more.

32. I only engage in passionate relationships with healthy boundaries.

33. I embrace my sexuality and my sensuality.

Powerful seduction affirmations

Powerful seduction affirmations

34. I feel wild in bed and drive my partner wild as well.

35. My partner gets turned on every time he/she sees me.

36. I make the process of mutual sexual arousal fun and effortless.

37. I can be a tiger or a kitten in bed, and my behavior is natural and adaptive.

38. I am sexually generous and my partner is too.

39. I am in full control of my sexual desires and behaviors.

40. I am a sexual goddess/god.

41. My partner always wants more of me.

Affirmations to be sexually attractive

42. I am full of sexual energy that attracts the attention I want.

43. I am sexually active whether I have a regular partner or not.

44. People see me as sexy and attractive.

45. Everyone always notices whenever I enter the room.

46. I explore my sexuality whenever I have a chance.

47. I can easily attract a person I got my eyes on.

48. I deserve to feel good, satisfied, and sexy.

49. I am beautiful, sexy, and attractive just as I am.

50. I deserve love and affection.

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Sex affirmations to boost your sexual experience

Sex affirmations to boost your sexual experience

51. I deserve to have a regular healthy sexual experience.

52. I always enjoy bedtime with my partner.

53. My vibrant sexual life enhances my romantic relationship.

54. My partner expresses sexual interest to me all the time.

55. It’s natural for me to feel pleasure and satisfaction in bed.

56. Everyone would be envious if they knew about my sexual experiences.

57. My sex life is amazing and satisfying.

58. I never let my sexual life be boring and predictable; I love surprises and experiments.

Best affirmations for sexual energy attraction

59. I am overflowing with natural sexual energy.

60. I am vibrating with healthy sexual energy, and attracting the same.

61. I attract a matching partner, and he/she can’t get enough of me.

62. I am worthy of a loving and caring partner.

63. I continue to attract hot partners with my sexual energy.

64. I am irresistible and always attract the attention of my chosen partner.

65. My body is a sanctuary and every partner treats it accordingly.

66. I am grateful for my sexy body and all the sexual pleasure it experiences.

Final thoughts on affirmations for sexuality

These were 66 positive affirmations for becoming more sexually confident.

Commit to repeating them regularly and continue practicing your skills! You’ll need both mindset and experience to really feel confident when the time for intimacy comes.

We are born with animal instincts that pretty much tell us what to do in bed but nobody is born with sexual confidence. That’s good because you can work on it and improve your self-esteem, both in the bedroom and outside of it!

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