Is It True That Happiness Comes From Within

Is It True That Happiness Comes From Within?

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The idea that happiness comes from within is not something that was introduced to us recently. Dozens of inspirational happiness quotes from different times mention that happiness is inside in one way or another. But what does it actually mean and is it really true what they all say? Let’s find out.

For many people, happiness requires being accomplished in at least one area of life; being in a loving relationship, being rich, and building a successful career are usually at the top of the list. While each person has their own values and priorities, it’s common to define happiness through these critical parts of life being “settled”.

On the other hand, scientists might argue that you need all of the levels from Maslow’s hierarchy of needs satisfied before you can be truly happy. Otherwise, there are plenty of things that physiologically are “more important” than finding happiness.

While both of these ways of thinking aren’t unreasonable, the biggest thing that is wrong here is that you always need “more” to be happy, which is a very sad concept to follow.

Even though it might motivate you to improve your life, it basically says that you can’t be happy unless you have this or that, and also a few other things on top of it.

But if that were true and happiness required a list of things first, how come there is so much evidence of people from different pathways and religions who find happiness in an ascetic lifestyle? How come the Buddhist monks who spend big chunks of time alone in silence appear to be happier than the rest of us? Why do minimalists who barely have anything at all publish books about true happiness?

All these people have different perspectives on life, which makes us question our own beliefs every time we see something like that. And it makes us wonder.

Can it be true that you don’t really need anything to be happy? Is it really within you, waiting for you to uncover it? Can you simply choose to be happy every day? And if that’s the case, where do you even start?

What does true happiness comes from within mean?

To understand what happiness means when it’s within, let’s first look into the basic definition of the word happiness. Here is what the Merriam-Webster dictionary tells us:

what happiness means: a state of wellbeing and contentment
Definition of happiness

We see that happiness is merely a state, which is something we can control most of the time.

In fact, the more you learn to be present and mindful of your behavior, the less your state can be affected by external events.

More and more these days, studies show that tools like mindfulness meditation can help you connect with your inner self, control your thoughts, and even control physical feelings, such as reducing actual pain in the body. The most extreme example of being in control was Thich Quang Duc, a Buddhist monk who set himself on fire while protesting in Vietnam and remained motionless and soundless in a state of meditation through the whole process of burning to death.

As morbid as it sounds, it’s a great example of how powerful the human mind is.

If one can be numb to an actual fire, how hard can it be to feel happy deliberately?

With that said, let’s now clarify what happiness from within means.

When happiness comes from within, it means that it comes from your joy-oriented mindset, and has nothing to do with your belongings or current life situation. While other things can contribute to happiness, none of them is required for you to feel happy every day. Happiness is a choice.

Mindset is the key to true happiness

If you decide to be a happy person and accept true happiness as your default state of being, nothing aside from you can change it. When something or someone is making you unhappy, it’s only because you let them, giving them the power to get in your head and affect your state.

There are several mindset pillars that can all define how happy you are at any point in life. Keeping a healthy mindset is a must if you want to lead a joyful, peaceful, and fulfilling life, in which you are at the wheel.

You are the one that possesses the keys to your being. You carry the passport to your own happiness.

Diane von Furstenberg

Now, let’s look at some key ideas that may help you understand where true happiness comes from.

Let go of the lack mentality

to find happiness within let go of the lack mentality

In order to find happiness within, you need to focus on the positive side of your life. Stop wasting your energy complaining about things you lack, and start paying attention to all the little things you already have that deserve your appreciation.

A big part of the positive mindset many successful people have in common is accepting abundance. You might not have everything you desire yet, but focusing on the things you are grateful for will raise your frequency and attract to you more things that are worth appreciating.

Put yourself on a strict mental diet by restraining yourself from whining, hating, judging, and criticizing both yourself and others. Fill the space in your mind that becomes vacant with gratitude, joy, mindful activities, and healthy productivity. Do it enough time, and being a positive person will soon become your natural state, which is at the core of finding happiness within.

Happiness comes from within, not from others

While other people can influence your state of happiness, you shouldn’t give away your power by relying on them completely. Even though it’s great to have lifetime-long friendships and healthy romantic relationships, don’t see them as an integral part of your wellbeing.

You are already whole, and happiness is already within you, so embrace it and let people in your life enhance and complement it.

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Happiness comes from giving, not getting

Only by giving are you able to receive more than you already have.

Jim Rohn

Giving gifts to people in my life is genuinely one of my favorite activities, as it brings me an enormous amount of joy every time. I especially love handing over unexpected gifts for no particular reason! I believe these are the most special as they aren’t given out of obligation.

The process of gifting is a powerful energy exchange between two people, and the joyful expression of a pleasant surprise makes everyone look lovely! If you don’t believe me, give a nice positive energy gift to one of your favorite people on a random day and see for yourself!

Numerous fun studies show us the benefits of giving on your health and happiness, so don’t hesitate the next time you come up with a random gift idea for someone you love.

It doesn’t have to be a material gift, of course. Even a kind word and a warm smile can go a long way. Find a way to make someone happier that makes you feel amazing, and do more of it!

Happiness comes from progress

If you don’t follow Tom Bilyeu on Youtube, listen to this and maybe start! He explains how happiness comes from continuous progress better than I ever could.

Happiness comes from progress – Motivational speech by Tom Bilyeu

There is no happiness in stagnation

Unhappy people often describe themselves as feeling lost or stuck in life.

The common reason for it is that they are indeed stuck in their neverending routine, reliving the same day over and over again, bored to death with their unexciting life.

That’s why self-development is so crucial for your happiness. If you don’t like the state you are in, a growth mindset empowers you to change it. There is always room for improvement, and if you commit to continuous self-improvement, approach it with joy and interest, and don’t push yourself into burnout, you always end up in a better place than before.

From a happiness perspective, getting unstuck might mean listening to your heart for once, finding a new path to explore, or trying new things until you find the ones that bring you joy.

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Happiness does not come with achievements

Thousands of people set New Year’s resolutions every year and promise themselves to be better next year. However, research shows that only a small percentage actually sticks to it.

Does it mean that most people are inevitably setting themselves up for unhappiness, by not achieving the stuff they wanted to?

Of course not.

While resolutions can be amazing motivation to make substantial changes in life, they should not be your ways to achieve happiness. Your life is already happening today, and you can’t postpone it until you accomplish something. It’s not like you can go back in time after you get what you want and enjoy all those years (I wish!).

Allow yourself to be happy in the process! Replace your “I’ll be happy when I get…” with “I am happy while I’m getting…”, and don’t waste another year waiting for better circumstances to experience joy.

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Celebrate the small victories

Are you giving yourself credit for all the small steps you already did? Are you celebrating the little achievements on the way to your big dream? Why on earth would you not?

Happiness comes from the simplest things. From enjoying life with all its ups and downs. Acknowledging the path you already covered and appreciating yourself for everything you managed to do by this point is important to give yourself continuous motivation to keep going.

Look back, note all the small victories you’ve had so far, and pat yourself on the back. I’m sure you deserve it!

Happiness comes in waves

As we are talking about feeling the happiness within, I decided to share this uplifting book, “Happiness Comes in Waves”.

I got it as a gift for myself last year and I love it so much! It’s a combination of inspirational quotes, positive stories, and impactful life lessons mixed with beautiful ocean-related photography.

If you enjoy giving presents as much as we discussed above, this book will make a wonderful gift for anyone. But be careful: chances are you won’t want to part with it!

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6 ways to find happiness within

With the growing popularity of mindfulness practice, more and more people are getting familiar with the concept of looking for happiness within.

people are looking for happiness within
Growing search interest for “happiness within”, according to Google trends

The idea that happiness is inside you feels like a big relief: you can finally stop pursuing countless goals and waiting for happiness to appear the moment you nail that next thing. Instead, you can let it all go, do what you actually love doing, stop chasing happiness, and realize it has always been there, within you.

If you have happiness inside, nothing can break you or put you down. You don’t need anyone’s permission to carve your own path. You aren’t dependent on external validation, as you already know deep inside that you are amazing. Whenever you need to attract some joy or uplift yourself, you can simply look inward.

The big part of becoming a happy person by default is to realize you already have everything you need in order to be happy, and you don’t need anything extra. Additional things and people can add to your happiness, but nothing can take it away, because you are the source of it.

Here are six tips to help you find happiness within yourself:

1. Embrace your inner power

The first step to reaching the source of happiness inside of you is to embrace your own power.

It’s hard to channel the energy of joy when you don’t think you are enough, when you underestimate yourself or diminish your greatness.

You can’t blame other people or circumstances for making you unhappy. Don’t give them that kind of power!

You need to trust yourself and take responsibility for your own happiness.

This can be achieved through self-work, using tools like positive affirmations and journaling. Here are some resources I have that can improve your self-belief and self-acceptance:

2. Love yourself enough to let yourself be happy

Tip to find happiness within. Love yourself enough to let yourself be happy

You are worthy of happiness! You deserve to have a joyful, positive life full of happy moments and amazing memories!

According to my research, about 1000 people type “do I deserve to be happy” into Google every month, and “I don’t deserve to be happy” another 1000 times. I’m sure there are even more questions like that with different wording asked from Google over and over again.

Isn’t it crazy? Where do we even get the idea that we don’t deserve happiness?

You don’t need to be better than you are now or do more than you do now in order to be worthy of happiness. (Read this again!) It is your birthright to be happy. Accept it. Agree with it. Fight for it. Love yourself enough to open your heart and welcome all the happiness that comes in.

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3. Get rid of limiting beliefs that block your happiness

There are so many lies we tell ourselves and believe in!

Sometimes you don’t even realize that those excuses you always use are reaffirming your inability to feel happy every day.

The most common limiting beliefs that block your happiness sound somewhat similar to this:

  • I am too … (old/young/late/tired/busy/introverted/etc)
  • I am not … enough (good/smart/savvy/rich/extroverted/courageous/etc)
  • This is just how I am.
  • I can’t be…/I can’t do…/I’ll never be…

Whenever you catch yourself thinking one of these lies or telling it to someone about yourself, stop and change it to the opposite. I am good enough. I can do it. I can change. I am powerful. I am perfectly capable.

All these limiting beliefs are the barriers inside your mind that keep you from finding happiness inside. It’s time to do a spring cleaning in your mind, get rid of all negative thoughts that don’t serve you anymore, and replace them with nice positive ideas that multiply your happiness!

Here are some inspirational quotes to change your perspective:

4. Appreciate what you already have

The easiest change you can do to your mindset today in order to feel happier is to adopt an attitude of gratitude.

We are so focused on the things we lack that we don’t stop to appreciate what we already have.

At the same time, we are so used to having all these things that we don’t realize how precious they are. We take everything for granted, while there are people who would kill for something you have.

When you start paying attention and showing appreciation for the little things, you’ll realize how blessed you actually are!

ways to find happiness within appreciate what you already have

How many staples in your life you are taking for granted?

Imagine you wake up tomorrow and there is no sun. Or no water. Your spouse doesn’t know who you are. Or you only have one arm.

Some of the things might be replaceable, while others aren’t. Still, we seem to appreciate a new pair of jeans more than a pair of healthy lungs that keep us alive.

Shake up your perspective! I have a free 7-day gratitude challenge if you choose to step into the feeling of gratefulness.

Feel gratitude for all that you have and all that’s yet to come! A good way to do it is to pick up a gratitude journal with prompts that will give you a few questions to think about every day.

Happiness comes much easier when you have many more things in your life to thank for than the ones to complain about. And you always do, if you pay attention to the bright side and note every little blessing.

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5. Quiet all the naysayers

As humans, we are social beings, and we are taught from the early days to do what other people tell us to. Be it a parent, a teacher, or a local priest, you were supposed to follow their guidance and obey their rules.

While it makes some sense when you are a tiny human and don’t know any better, many adults still value others’ opinions more than their own. This means you not only give away your power to make yourself happy, but you also believe the limitations others have that often have nothing to do with you.

You may have negative people in your life who always make you feel not good enough, no matter what you do. Or toxic friends who either don’t believe in you or just don’t want you to grow away from them. Often the limitations come from your closest friends or family members who think they have your best interest in mind.

If someone tells you something is impossible, maybe it is for them, but it doesn’t have to be for you. If they tell you that you aren’t capable, don’t hold a grudge. Prove them wrong! Use your own judgment, trust your instincts, always have hope, and follow your heart.

6. Make the road to happiness your own

Make the road to happiness your own

Happiness means something else to every person.

We are so used to seeing everyone’s “happy side” on Instagram that we tend to mix our own definition of happiness with everyone else’s.

And in order to find happiness within, you need to understand what happiness means to you.

If you don’t have a specific answer, try freewriting in a journal about the pictures that appear in your head when you imagine yourself happy. Or buy a happiness journal that can help you explore your inner self and get new ideas on what brings you joy.

You may see influencers posting happy pictures and think “This is it! This is what happiness looks like!” but you don’t realize:

a) how much work is behind one perfect picture sometimes;

b) not everything that looks like fun is actually fun;

c) what brings joy to another person is not necessarily your source of joy.

When you are trying to blindly copy someone else’s success, you might realize that you either hate doing it or don’t like it enough to put in the work required for success. Hop on a road of self-discovery and find something that floats your boat, cause that’s what will inevitably bring you happiness.

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So does happiness truly come from within?

Is it correct to say happiness comes from within? Yes, it is. Authentic happiness comes from choosing to be happy and not settling for anything less. It involves self-work, getting rid of deep limiting beliefs and toxic influences, and purifying your mindset to accept your inner power and find joy in everyday life.

Remember that external things, events, and people can only make you happier or miserable if you let them. Thus, be mindful of the energy you are letting in and who you allow into your inner circle.

You have the power source of happiness within yourself, so tap into it and never let go!

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